Month: January 2016

The Do’s and Don’t of Twitter Marketing

Nearly 70% of businesses use Twitter for Business in order to keep in touch with clients and market their products and services. Not every business though, is using Twitter effectively. In this post I have put together a few do’s and don’ts to help you get off the ground and use your twitter account as effectively as possible.


Be social!

It can be irresistible to simply upload a load of promotional tweets through a scheduling tool and leave Twitter at that, but that won’t get you any real engagement and this strategy adds no value to an audience. Engagement comes from reaching out to people, joining in conversation, asking questions and being present. It’s really important that you remember this when you start using Twitter for business. It’s like walking in to a big room and saying hey i’m here look what I sell – and hoping for the best. Whereas you could walk into the room as start talking to people, asking out about them and building relationships. Try and treat your social networking strategy like you would treat your ‘real world’ strategy and you’ll almost instantly see results and feel less alone on Twitter.


Don’t just share your own content, share others posts and retweet interesting content from people in your network, show that you are able to collaborate. You’ll also find people more willing to share your tweets if you make an effort to share theirs.

Be You!

This may be a business Twitter account but that doesn’t mean you have to be straight laced and inhuman. Instead of simply posting your business or promotional tweets, try to show the lighthearted side of your business. What happens in the print room? or where have the team visited today? People build relationships with real people and not a logo. Remember this when you are planning your content. Show people you are real, and that you are ready to strike up a conversation with them.

Be Consistent

Try to ensure you use twitter regularly, simply posting a heap of tweets one week and then being nowhere to be seen the next show’s you aren’t dedicated to your followers. A simple way to do this is to schedule your posts a week in advance using Hootsuite and ensure you use your smartphone Twitter app to interact with people when they engage with you.


Be Too Random

Before you start posting on twitter, try to have a strategy of in place, even if it’s just a small idea of what you will do. If you are too random, it’s hard to measure your success. You will also find you may post irrelevant content, or share information for the sake of having content on your feed. Also be sure not to tweet about politics or religion from your business account (unless the nature of your business) This can really alienate people if they have a different belief. It can be so easy to simple retweet something from a political party, and this is fine when it’s from your personal account. The best way to put a plan together is to brainstorm content ideas and schedule them in advance and be clear on the type of content your business account should retweet or re-share.

Be Negative

If you are aggravated with a companies customer service try and resist the urge to publicly argue with them over Twitter, especially using your business account, this can seen very negative to your followers and they vibe you want to be giving is a positive one! Similarly if someone is upset with your company and they begin to court you negatively in public, simply deal with it swiftly and publicly rather that deleting them, turn the conversation into a positive one something along the lines of: ‘Sorry to hear that! We would really love to make this right with you. Please DM me now and I will make this a priority’ – This way you are publicly showing you have great customer service.

Be Too Salesy

Try not to be a sleazy sales person who simply tweets out offers and services all day! To say ‘I have this for sale – get it now’ all day long is adding no value and it comes off as a bit desperate! Try instead to answer questions and provide case studies and use the soft social selling technique of offering value and help, this way people will be super warmed up to you when it comes to making a buying decision.

Some Top Potential Uses for Live Video Apps

Live video apps have taken the world by storm. What’s really made them so interesting though is not so much what they’re doing right now, as the incredible potential that they hold. People are really only just scratching the surface right now of what can be done with these apps and this means there’s a ton of potential out there for you to tap into.

Here are some of the top uses for live videos that could really change the world:

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Concerts and Events

Didn’t manage to get tickets for that event that you were so excited about? Using an app like Periscope this need not matter: you can simply use your phone to watch that event through the eyes of someone else who did make it there. The same goes for comedy shows, plays and more.

Better yet, you can use the app to see the event through the eyes of many people. Imagine being able to watch your favorite band play from multiple positions in the stadium? Or how about

Security and Armed Forces

Live video apps could completely change the way that we handle security. Imagine if you have 5 guards on duty, each at a different point around the venue. There’s no reason that you can get each of them to film what they’re seeing, thereby allowing their colleagues to provide automatic backup when it’s needed.


Imagine how television could be enhanced through live streaming. You could watch live TV while also having a secondary view of the same event through an app. This is something that broadcasting companies could make great use of!

Virtual Tourism

Meerkat describes its app as being the ‘closest thing to teleportation’. With that then, the mind begins to wonder regarding all the amazing things you could see through the platform. Imagine being able to check out the pyramids in Giza, or being able to see the Grand Canyon. Better yet, imagine getting to see life through the eyes of someone who works in the Eiffel Tower – and imagine the promotional benefit this could have for tourism companies.

Of course tourism isn’t the same as just watching a video, but this is where apps like Periscope are truly able to come into their own. You can ask the person filming to direct the camera at points of interest and you can chat to strangers in bars – just as though you were there in person!


Digital Mums Co-Founder and Head of Marketing to join Expert Panel!

Kathryn Tyler Digital MumsWe are delighted to be joined by Digital Mums Co-Founder, Kathryn Tyler, and Head of Marketing, Richard Miranda on the Expert Panel at Social Day on 23rd March.

For anyone who is not familiar with Digital Mums, it supports mums in finding exciting new careers they can do from home by upskilling them with in-demand digital marketing skills and matching them with businesses who need their help.

Digital Mums is excelling in not only promoting its own brand through social media but training up talented professionals to become experts in the world of digital media.

Richard Miranda www.socialday.co.ukThrough its 20 week training programme, Digital Mums ensures that its graduates finish the course with a firm understanding on how to create, implement and maintain a social media strategy. In order to train up experts in this field, Digital Mums has has become a leader in providing current, up-to-date advice and strategies for social media in this ever-changing industry.

Previous to Digital Mums, Kathryn ran Hackney Social, an east London social media agency.  Read more about Kathryn here. Richard Miranda has been driving brand awareness for Digital Mums for the last two years from the start up phase to working with 200+ students and businesses.  Read more about Richard here.


New speaker for Social Day!

Katya VarbanovaWith just over two months to go before the next Social Day event on 23rd March in London, we are very excited to announce a new speaker for the Social Day programme.

Katya Varbanova, who joined us on the expert panel of our November event, will be speaking on how to build an engaged social media community for your brand.

Founder of Peri10k, which is swiftly becoming  one of the most influential close-knit Periscope communities for changemakers and thought leaders, Katya recognises the importance of collaboration and networking via social media and is passionate about helping businesses to spread their message online.

Katya has experienced tremendous success throughout her professional life so far, including working side by side with the Managing Director of one of the biggest UK banks at the age of just 23. Katya will also be sharing her tips on how to use the power of building relationships through social. Read more about Katya here.

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