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50 Social Media Marketing Tips from Businesses, Experts and Advocates

Overwhelm is sometimes what we get when looking for social media marketing tips for business, where do we look? why does everyone have a differing opinion? what works and what doesn’t?
Here’s a collaborative post with heaps of great social media tips all in one place from the real people using social media every day! Not just the experts. With a mix of tips from business owners, social media users, experts, marketeers and advocates this list is the ultimate!

And true to our social media roots we asked these guys on Social Media and every single one of them is collaborative and hugely generous with their advice for you. First I asked people on Anchor (The new audio / radio style social network) you’ll be able to listen to the responses! Then Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So in no particular order we bring you 50 social media marketing tips for real businesses from real businesses:

1. Lisa Nichols: Know your audience! – Work out who your target audience is first

2. Mike Russell: Use If This Then That (IFTTT) – And use the Twitter search option to interact

3. Adam Green: Create value for your followers – by creating value you create attention

4. Inga Deksne: Clarity, Consistency and Curiosity

5. Rob Lawrence: Being consistent and posting little and often

6. Mark Longbottom: Locate, Listen and Engage the people you want to talk to

7. Elvira Tynan: Engagement is Key

8. The Enthusiast: Be useful to your audience

9. Alex Ighalo: less is more.

10. Lisa: Remember to keep it personal and engaging

11. Luc Benyon: Choose the channels where your audience are most active

12. Luc Benyon: Play to your strengths

13. Paula Thornton: Keep it SMART

14. Gemma Lloyd: Most importantly be social!

15. Liam Batch: Choose carefully which platforms best suit your business.

16. Susanne Wakefield: It’s a balance, be professional and approachable.

17. Susanne Wakefield: Be yourself!

18. Morgan J. Ingram: Formulate your own Hashtag!

19. Loredana Baranga: Be consistent and persistent.

Think about what you are going to post and plan your Social Media presence ahead.
Always keep in mind that your posts should be 80% about your target audience and 20% about your company, your products or services – in other words Serve. Serve. Serve.
Create ENGAGEMENT with the 3 Q’s:
Ask your followers Questions: ask for their opinion, feedback, pick their brain
Use Quotes relevant to your industry
Use Quandaries
Find Loredana here

20. Richard Howes: Demonstrate interest in someone you’ve just followed by engaging with one of their earlier Tweets—@Bridger Howes Limited

21. AftonNegrea.com Keep on top of your relationships with Close (App).

22. Susie Gasparovic – Be real, honest and authentic.

Instagram: susie_g_consulting/

23. Mike Delgado: Listen, use monitoring tools and join Linkedin communities.

24. Big Dave: Start small to avoid overwhelm.

25. Don DiBrita: Make sure that your social media plan includes your offline customers.

26. Kyla Sims: Use Flipboard.com to find relevant content to share with your audience.

27. SocialSocial: Know your target audience.

28. Victoria Hill: Quality not quantity.

29. SocialSocial: Social media is not advertising or broadcasting.

30. Nikki Cochrane: Always be adding value.

31. Rachel Mostyn: Listen and join the conversation.

32. Don’t just speak, listen first.

33. elevateitnow: Patience and measurement.

elevateitnow on Instagram

34. Lisa Nichols: Post content that elicits a REACTION.

35. Lisa Nichols: Re-purpose your content NATIVELY 4 each platform.

36. Ali Meehan: Don’t automate responses.

37. Lisa Nichols: Use a content calendar.

38. Ali Meehan: Twitter is just networking online.Use same rules you would in person 2 person situation

39. Susie Ellis: Your Facebook main image is clickable!

40. Lucy Hall: Use phone apps to create quick visual content easily

41. Katya Varbanova: Integrate livestream into your social media marketing strategy.

42. Lucy Hall: Give your audience a choice as to how they consume your content.

43. LocaliseApp:Join in with local twitter chat conversations using hashtags

44. Steve Harris: Leverage video content

45. Sarah Butler: Organic reach on Facebook is tough for SME’s but the ad platform is great for targeting so trial some ads.

46. Vintagevibe: Show your audience a little of the real you.

47. Grant Cunningham: Keep the fun in social media!

48. Sarah Butler: Be consistent with your branding on your social media platforms.

49. SocialDay: Don’t argue with negative comments, politely move them to a private forum and discuss there.

50. Katya Varbanova: Use crowdfire to send automated welcome messages to your Twitter followers when they follow you, but be sure to engage with real human interaction after this.
Katya on facebook

There it is! 50 social media tips from some amazing collaborative people and businesses from all over the world! Enjoy! And don’t forget to follow the ones you like the most.

What tips would you add to this post?

We’ll do a part 2 soon.

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