Month: August 2016

Quick Tips To Improve Your Digital Presence

It is no secret that the future is digital, however so many businesses are still behind online. In this blog I’m going to give you some quick tips to help you improve your online presence.

Have a good website

A good website doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need is a simple website unless you’re selling online, and you must make sure that it is kept up to date. Make sure you out relevant images on your website and if you don’t have any photos of your own, find great stock images on Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.

Consider starting a blog on your website as this can help grow your traffic. Try to blog up to three times a week, but once a week is enough. This can can give help get links back to your website and can improve your Search Engine ranking,

Don’t spread yourself thin

Start small on Social Media and make sure you can handle one platform well. Unless you have a team or dedicated social media marketer create content for each platform, it’s best to keep to one or two platforms.

Reply to comments and questions

Many small businesses tend to forget or overlook comments or replies to their posts, which is completely the wrong thing to do!  Each time you reply to or like a comment (I’m getting scientific here!), a small shot of dopamine is released into the brain and the person experiences a feeling of euphoria, in similar ways to nicotine. People love it when brands mention them!

Unless a comment is spam, you should at least acknowledge it with a like. Make sure to set out times to reply to all comments and questions, and spread these out throughout the day. This keeps your profiles looking active. If you don’t have enough time for this, consider hiring a social media manager,

Sometimes, you will get disgruntled customers commenting on your picture, but don’t fret! Instead, try to resolve their issue. Try getting them to contact you privately and if they don’t, always act in a professional manner.

Schedule posts

Simetimes, we just don’t have time to post every day. We forget and our pages go stagnant. There is a way around this. We love Buffer as a scheduling tool, it’s super simple to use and is free for up to three profiles! There are other options available like Hootsuite and Meet Edgar. On each of these you can input RSS feeds of your own and your favourite blogs and schedule rhem to go out at the best times for your business!

Top tip: install the relevant toolbars for your desktop and mobile browser so you can schedule things quickly as you read them! 

Avoid tacky images

Social Media is very visual, images, videos and GIFs work very well. If you’re not a confident designer, websites like Canva can be really helpful for creating stunning content. Also, there are mobile apps like WordSwag and Typorama – just have a search on the App Store. Avoid using the cheesy stock images that are available, there are some beautiful ones too!

Keep the images you create consistent with your brand guidelines by using the right colours and fonts, and include your logo where possible. Make sure you have images that are the correct size for the platform.

Pin important announcements

On Twitter and Facebook, you can pin your important posts to the top of your profile. This means that everyone who visits your profile will see that post. This is a great way to get more eyeballs on certain pieces of content, advertising a competition and for company announcements.

Be a human!

The most important thing for you to do is be a human. Don’t talk like a robot or excessively use stock images, show off the real thing too. Your audience can tell the difference.

Write your posts in a way that matches your brands voice, how you would talk to your customer face to face. Social Media is all about conversations.

Snapchat just made it really easy to create your own GeoFilter!

Snapchat Geofilters are a great way to snap moments that include your special event whether it be personal or business, such as Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events or Special Occasions.

We shared a video recently showing you how to create a Snapchat Geofilter using Canva, well now you don’t even need to do that!

Snapchat has added a new feature where you can simply login and create and edit templated Geofilters!

Currently Snapchat has 3 categories for design your own: Birthdays, Celebrations and Weddings.

So how do you do it?


Go to geofilters.snapchat.com and login with your snapchat ID and password.

2. Choose – Create online (as seen on right ghostie in screen grab)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.22.48
3. Choose the type of event you’d like to create a Geofilter for (Birthdays, celebrations or weddings as per screen grab. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.22.55

4. Use the editor to design your snapchat Geofilter – No design skills necessary!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.23.14

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.27.42

5.Choose the date you wish your Geofilter to run from and to.

6. Choose your area, such as a venue or house where the event takes place. Remember the wider the SQFtage the higher the price. Generally for 1 venue for 24hrs it will be just $5!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.29.01

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.33.16

create your own GeoFilter

So there you go! What Geofilter will you be creating next?

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is still the most powerful Social Media platform available to marketers, allowing super targeted ads and also the ability to create highly engaging communities. It has the ability to generate £1000’s daily (with a matching budget) but can also generate revenue organically with more time input. Many businesses and marketers ruin the experience for others by posting spammy irrelevant content on their pages, and also in many groups. As with any Social Media platforms, there is an etiquette. In this blog post I will discuss what you should and shouldn’t be doing when marketing your business of Facebook.


Set up an account as a business

Thus violates Facebook’s Terms of Service and will result in an instant ban. Instead, give employees the relative permissions in the “Page Roles” section in your Page admin panel.

Just post sales posts

You should not just create posts that are advertising your products or services, this will only annoy your audience. Instead, post useful and valuable content your audience wants to see. Always aim to inform, educate or entertain your audience.

Spam Facebook Groups

This is one of the most annoying tactics that marketers use, and this actually stops people from engaging in groups. It’s a huge pet hate of mine. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING. You should never ever mindlessly share your posts into groups without actually engaging or worse still – posting completely irrelevant content into a group! There are better ways to market your business in Facebook groups and this is again by providing value and actually engaging with the group members. If you are going to post in Facebook groups, remember to actually engage in previous posts and don’t use the same copy and paste message, often there are people in multiple groups and will see your message many times.

Automate everything

Automation definitely has its place on Facebook, however every interaction with your audience should not be automated. Never use generic replies to your audience as this is impersonal and makes them feel like you don’t care about what they have to say. Keep your interactions personal by including names no replying directly to what the comment says. Make sure to include up-to-date posts showing what’s going on NOW in your business.

Use click bait headlines or articles

Click bait headlines are spammy looking headlines that entice you to click, like “you will NEVER believe what this girl did…” which doesn’t even state what users will find in the article. Usually these articles are used to generate clicks on pop up ads to get revenue. This is very bad practise and will often lose you your audience, plus Facebook now doesn’t show as much of it. 

Leave your companies “About” section blank

Often, I visit businesses Facebook Pages and their About section is completely empty. You cannot usually tell what a business does by its name and their posts, you have to tell people. Avoid using too must industry jargon as this could confuse potential customers if they are not up-to-date. 

Take ages to reply

Don’t take a long time to respond to your customers comments or queries, as most expect a reply within a few hours. Make sure to check your pages messages often, or even better – have the Pages Manager app downloaded on your phone. This means you can reply to your customers on the go. 

…Or ignore your customers

Customers will often comment on your posts either making conversation or with comments about your business. Make sure you reply to as many as possible. It’s SOCIAL Media remember?


Pay attention to data

Make sure to pay attention to what the analytics are telling you about your audience. See what post times and types of content work best by going into the Insights tab at the top of your page. In the same area, you can also see your audience demographics. This gives you a much greater insight into what’s working and what’s not in your Facebook marketing.

Compare pages with competitors

You should always keep an eye on competitors, and Facebook allows you to do that easily. Add competitors pages into your insights tab and you can compare some of their data with yours. This is also pretty fun if you’re competitive ????

Deliver great customer service

Great customer service goes a long way, and Tesco is definitely great at this. What started as a lighthearted complaint turned into a viral sensation after Rob from Tesco’s Customer Care team thought up a brilliant poem in reply to this customer. Many news outlets across the world covered this, this could be your chance for some press coverage!

Stay true to your brand

Even when you’re not sharing your own content, make sure you are still sharing content that is relevant to your brand and its mission. 

Take advantage of Facebook check-ins

This can be a great way to raise awareness of your event or your brick and mortar store. Encourage customers to check-in to your business in Facebook by offering them discounts or freebies when they’re in store. This means that their friends will see that they are at your shop which can encourage word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the most powerful form of advertising.

Ask people to join a group

If you have a group dedicated to your business on Facebook, never just invite people willy nilly as it will annoy the, and they may not be interested. Always ask first. Think small and engaged rather than large and empty. 

Add a “like” button on your blog or newsletter

To encourage potential customers to stay in contact and up to date with your business, place a like button onto your website with a reason for them to like your page. 

Tag other businesses in posts

When you are at an event, tag the businesses that are in the photos and videos as often as possible as this will show your content to their audience. This can work very well if you are sharing their content like a blog post or page on their website, and can even encourage industry leaders to engage with your page. Make sure not to post the same businesses multiple times in a short period as this can irritate them. 

Be a human!

Nobody likes talking to a robot! Show a human side the my our brand by giving an insight to behind the scenes and of your business and showing the people behind your brand. Participate in Internet challenges,take the odd selfie with a purpose, have fun with Social Media. People like to see the businesses they are working with or buying from. 

What do you want to know about Facebook marketing? Ask us in the comment box below!

Is Twitter testing a new mobile layout?

After Twitter’s stocks have been free falling for a little while, it seems they are trying to make amends with the investors and shareholders alike by testing a new page layout in their mobile app.

As you can see on the image above, they are taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book by including a typical response time. This is brilliant as they have also paired it with a larger call-to-action. It’s unknown whether they are going to allow different call-to-action’s like Facebook does, either way it’s a huge step forward for Twitter.

The next new part is the featured gallery, a feature that I absolutely adore. This means that instead of clicking the tab like your audience usually would, your latest photos are on display already and they can swipe to scroll through. This means that you will have to pay more attention to the images that you are uploading and make sure you are not recycling the same content too often.

Below the gallery is featured tweets, which is what I assume are chosen by the owner of the account, though I cannot clarify this. Featured Tweets are not your own, but are those that have tweeted you. More information to come on this as and when we get it, but this is definitely an exciting feature that could have a multitude of uses.

Last but not least, we have All Tweets which is your Twitter feed. This is all on the first large and is not split into tabs, so your most recent tweets are not what people are seeing first.

Have you seen this new layout in use on any profiles? It sure is exciting! We will keep you updated with these new features.

Content Ideas For Snapchat

Hmm, Snapchat… One of the newest must-have apps for marketers and business owners – but it’s difficult to come up with live, in-the-moment content ideas. Here we have come up with some great content ideas that your fans will love.

Tour of the office or place of work

Give your fans and followers a tour of your office, whether it’s home or an actual office. This can work really well for businesses like restaurants, cafes and clubs – but can also be awesome for more artisan products. Show us how your product is made or where you are conducting your services.

Quick questions

Do some quick fire answers in your snaps, one snap can be the question and the next the answer. Consider sending a snap to your followers (extra brownie points if you personalise each one) announcing the Q&A and asking if they have any questions. It’s a great way to engage your following.

Don’t have long winded answers though as people want to consume your content quickly, and snaps are limited to 10 seconds.

You can improve this further by creating a colourful snap with the question in text, and putting some fun doodles around it. Make sure to add these to your memories so you can add them to your story again at a later date.

Arrange a takeover with another influencer

First up, what is a Snapchat takeover? A Snapchat takeover is when you hand over your account to an influencer in your industry, usually for 24 hours, and this can really help you grow your audience. Usually, they will allow you to take over theirs at the same time.

Takeovers allow you to expand your audience and it can be promote in advance. These should always have a purpose, whether it’s your product launch or providing valuable tips to your audience.

If you’re promoting your event, consider handing it over to your speakers before the event and a trusted attendee during.

Product unboxing

Product unboxing has bencome a huge internet craze recently, people love them! I’m actually typing this as a friend of mine is watching a product unboxing video! Why not film yourself unboxing your new products? This gives people a feel of the magic when getting a new product (we all love unboxing stuff, it’s like Christmas!).

At the same time, set up a camera and record yourself at the same time so you can add it to your YouTube too.

Go behind the scenes

We love seeing people behind brands, especially on Snapchat. Showing off behinds the scenes at an event or during product creation can create a lot of buzz and can raise awareness of whats going on . Make sure you don’t post the same things across platforms and encourage people to follow you on Snapchat for exclusive content.

Share tips

My motto is always to provide value to your audience, and what better way to provide value than sharing tips with your followers? What I have found has worked well previously is sending a snap to your audience announcing your tips, and also at the end of your tips, sharing a creative doodle with a bit.ly link to a post with more elaborate tips. The reason you put a bit.ly link is because it’s shorter so people can remember it when they type it in, there are no clickable links in Snapchat. This also allows you to track your traffic coming from Snapchat.

And now a few wise words from Daniel Knowlton, Kent’s Snapchat King and also Social Day speaker!

Daniel Knowlton
My number 1 Snapchat tip is to make sure you are providing unique content. This sounds like a super simple tip right? However, there are still lots of businesses/brands sharing exactly the same content on all of their social media platforms. You need to give someone a reason to want to follow you on Snapchat as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

How are you differentiating your Snapchat content?

Here are some actionable examples you can use;

• Provide your audience with a backstage pass to events, networking groups, conferences, meetups etc. Make sure you are adding value, share what you have learnt, share your experiences and provide tips that others may find useful when they are part of similar experiences.

• Share tips from a new blog you are posting before it is posted anywhere else. I do this with the blogs I write for Social Media Examiner as my Snapchat audience can get the inside info before any of my other channels.

• Share your take on the latest industry updates, be bold with your opinions, don’t be scared to speak your mind. This will help place you as an industry expert.

• Give your audience an insight into your real personality, talk about your passion, be yourself and get creative. People buy from people, not corporate, dull brands.

• Ask genuine questions, Snapchat is a great platform to gain instant customer feedback.

I’d love to connect with you on Snapchat here – say hey and introduce yourself!

If you want to learn more about how you can use Snapchat for Business, check out our blog or see Dan’s Social Day workshop here.

How To Benefit Your Business With Twitter Marketing 

Twitter has a whopping 230 million users across the globe, and twitter is one of the most powerful online marketing tools that can help you grow your business nationally and internationally. However, this will only work if you use it correctly.

It’s no secret that many small business owners are unsure on how to leverage Twitter as part of their social strategy, many finding Twitter is more confusing than Facebook. Twitter can be used for marketing your products or services and also connecting with your customers and leads in a different way. Below we’ve compiled some actionable tips to help you get the most out of your Twitter account.

Engage your followers!

Twitter allows you to engage with your followers in real time, but in a unique way. You are limited with the amount of characters or content you can put in each tweet, but that just means you need to get creative with your language.

Respond to the tweets if those you follow and those that follow you. The more you engage with them, the more interested they will become in your product or service and the more likely they are to buy from you. Consumers like businesses that are easily accessible as should any issues arise, they know someone will be there to sort it out. If you’re always busy, it’s a good idea to hire a social media manager to reply to tweets in your company’s behalf.

Make sure you personalise your tweets and don’t send out the same generic tweets, this can seriously put people off your brand. It doesn’t hurt to add a little personalisation into it!

Keep an eye on competitors

This may sound odd, but follow your competitors on Twitter. If you truly want to be the best in your industry, you should watch what they are doing. Follow them on Twitter and see what’s working for their business, and what’s not working. Although every business is different, it can keep you from wasting time and making mistakes.

Chat with  the experts and influencers in your industry

Twitter has an amazing search function and also tons of hashtags for you to find influencers and experts in your industry. You should follow them and start engaging them on a regular basis. Not only does it help you build a rapport with them, it can open up doors for your business.

Use Twitter search to find customers, like-minded prospects and influencers that relate to your specific industry. Follow them and once you get them, start engaging them more regularly. This is important because it doesn’t only help you develop a long-term relationship with them, but it also opens the door for numerous business opportunities as well.

Use multimedia

Videos, images and GIFs get a lot more retweets, clicks and views than just plain text tweets. After lots of testing across various accounts I have found these to make a huge difference in each businesses strategy. Engagement increases massively when you add videos and GIFs, but you must make sure they are relevant to the tweet and to your brand.

Integrate Twitter with other platforms

Social media marketing works best when you use the platforms together. Are you running an awesome offer on Twitter. Let your Facebook fans and email list subscribers know! This means you will be be promoting your Twitter to people you already know are fans of your business.

Another great way to do this is by embedding a tweet into a blog post, as people do not need to leave your website to interact with the tweet, they can be retweeted etc right on your page!

The ways in which you can use Twitter to benefit your business is endless, but I have listed just a few for you to get started with.

Don’t forget, you can find us on Twitter and ask us any questions about Social Media, we’re always happy to help.


Twitter Etiquette – Do’s & Don’ts

Almost 70% of listed businesses own and a Twitter account to connect with their customers, however so many struggle with using it correctly. With a little bit of practice, and a good understanding of the do’s and don’ts, you can bring customers into your business in no time through Social Media. Below I will go through what you definitely should and shouldn’t be doing on Twitter.

Make Sure You Do…

1) Connect with people

Yes, Twitter is used to present your companies updates as well as relaying information about your products, however, it is best used by engaging with your potential customers. Use your account to retweet relevant content and also reply to it with your opinion. Joining conversations is what Twitter is all about, and quite often these conversations and help those “on the fence” turn into paying customers. Find relevant people in your industry by searching the hashtags you use, and then connect with these people. Twitter is a very interactive platform, and when use correctly – it can bring in many more leads. By doing this, you not only extend the reach of your account, you also build a more engaged following.

Cross promote your Twitter

Make sure you include a link of your company’s official website in the Bio section of your Twitter account, and that your website also has a link to your Twitter account. You can even embed your latest tweets here. This will encourage people to find out more about your business, and can make them become a more engaged member of your community.

Mix it up a little

Twitter doesn’t have to be all business you know, you can show your human side too! Reply to people, and join in on the daily hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #CharityTuesday, #WednesdayWisdom, #ThrowbackThursday and #FridayReads. This can extend your reach and also help you mix your content up a little bit.

Repost old content

Have you not shared one of your blogs in a while? Don’t worry, Twitter is a little different to Facebook andyou can actually tweet out the shame content more regularly. This is because a tweet lives in your timeline for roughly 10 mins, so not many people will always see your tweets and will rarely see the same tweet twice.


Make sure you don’t…

Tweet with no thought put in

Make sure you think about what you most before you do. Although you a free to post whatever you want on your personal account (within reason, try to avoid politics or religion), but tweets on your company profile must be within your brand guidelines and convey your message. Implement a professional tone in your tweets and keep them relevant to the industry.

Be negative

Avoid getting involved in arguments on Twitter, or any Social Media platform for that matter. If you are being provoked or attacked, it’s usually best to ignore it as it can often get out of hand. Make sure you check whether you were in the right and try to resolve it not in the public eye.

Randomly Tag

Make sure you DO NOT randomly tag people in your posts, unless you feel it is truly relevant to them or their business. This will only annoy people and can often lose you followers and potential customers. Feel free to send people your latest blogs if they’re relevant, just don’t randomly tag lots of businesses hoping to get replies.

Tweet sporadically

You must be consistent with your tweets. You do not want a potential customer to land on your timeline and see that there have been n otweets for a few months. Keep your account up-to-date with fresh content, and also make sure to update your cover photo – especially if you have placed a time sensitive offer in there. Make sure you post at least 2-3 times per week, and make sure to update your pinned tweets too.

How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular ways to market, and is among the most effective digital platforms. Twitter, when used correctly, can be one of the biggest sources of traffic to your website. The platform is very in-the-moment, and tweets are broken down by location, topic and more by the use of hashtags. But how do you market a business and increase website traffic with twitter? I’ve compiled some tips for you to get started!

Fill out your profile

Pretty much every big website has a Twitter account, and most of them see Twitter as an important platform in the social media marketing strategy. Make sure you fill out all areas of your profile, and make sure to put a link to your website in the correct area. Many people who click on to your profile will click through to your website.

Include links in your tweets

Add a link to your tweet with some text to encourage people to click it. For instance, you may have a great blog post to share or maybe a page on your website, briefly describe what the page is about. Remember, you are limited to 140 characters. Make sure you offer value and also share content from several other websites – you don’t want to keep blowing your own trumpet.

Be targeted

Why are you on Social Media? What goals do you have? Until you have your goals, you can’t make a proper plan for Twitter. For instance; do you want more sales? do you want more traffic in general? do you want more mailing list sign ups?
Each goal requires it’s own strategy, so make sure to only share things that align with your business’ goals.

Use hashtags

A hashtag is a clickable link in your tweet that helps people find topics or areas that they’re interested in. It allows your tweets to be seen by a much wider audience and can rank on Google.

RiteTag has an awesome browser extension that tells you how popular each hashtag you want to use is, so it gives you an idea on whether it’s competitive or whether there is no point using it.This can really help you increase website traffic with Twitter by giving you great stats about each hashtag.

Hashtagify is great for finding hashtags that are related to the ones they use. They are displayed in a great spider diagram which I like to screenshot, print and pop on a corkboard to refer back to. I usually check them through Rite Tag afterwards to make sure they do get views.

Hashtagify.me example
Don’t spam your tweet with a link and lots of hashtags, use a MAXIMUM of three per tweet avoid looking spammy. Also, there is no need to use the same hashtag twice in a tweet.

Use Twitter’s Multimedia Options

Twitter originally began as just texts, no images. However, in recent years they have included images, video and GIFs in tweets. These can make much more of an impact than standard text alone, and if you combine them – you can create a more engaged audience.

Make sure you share relevant images, videos and GIFs and don’t go too off-brand. It’s all well and good being humorous, but make sure any jokes are morally and politically correct (unless that’s the way your brand wants to go).

Provide value

This is my biggest pet peeve on Twitter, way too often I see businesses just promoting their products or services without providing actual value to their audience – no wonder the engagement is so low. Instead, to increase your website traffic with Twitter – you should be posting content that your audience wants to see. Consider sharing articles about the industry and updates, any news that is relevant, humorous videos that are relevant etc – this list is endless. Get creative with the content you share, and make it relevant to your audience.
Make sure to include non-businessy tweets every now and then to add a human touch to your brand too

Reply to other tweets

Use the searchbox at the top of Twitter and search for variations of questions and phrases related to your industry. For instance, for my side business I would search for “favourite mustang” “best hemi engine” “american cars UK” and see if people have asked any questions I can answer.
Always reply to tweets that mention you, and thank people for retweeting you. This can encourage people to click through to your profile and again, through to your website.
Overall, Twitter is still one of my favourite platforms for driving traffic to my website, and by using my tips above – you will see increases in traffic too.

How To Grow Your Following On Snapchat

You may not know this, but when Snapchat first came about – it was not exactly impressive. It was a simple idea, the though of self-destructing messages was all part of the fun. However, the app was very inefficient and would eat up your CPU even when you weren’t using it. Then, Facebook offered to buy Snapchat for $3 BILLION – and the CEO turned him down. Everyone thought he was crazy for a little while as it wasn’t exactly excelling, but since Snapchat 2.0 was released and the lenses arrived, that’s when Snapchat really blew up.
Snapchat is one of the most important social media platforms for YOU and your brand to be on, and is still being overlooked by so many business owners. Many of you aren’t using it because you aren’t aware how it works, or you’re worried you’re snapping to an empty audience. Well let me tell you something, Snapchat marketing works, and it works very well. The issue is, on things like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, there is a newsfeed and people can actually share their content with their followers. On the other hand with Snapchat, you cannot do this. So how is it you go about growing your audience on Snapchat?

How can I grow my audience if nobody can share my content?

It’s actually quite a simple answer. Promote your Snapchat on other Social Media platforms, and in person where possible. However, you need to give your audience an incentive to actually follow you. You can’t just post follow me on Snapchat with no real reason all the time, you have to show people what they’re missing out on and make them want to see more.

Share Snapchat content on Social Media

You can actually save your favourite snaps by clicking save to memories then going to memories > edit and send > My Snap > Export Snap!

Once you have done this, upload it to other Social Media platforms giving people a reason why they should follow you. Are you giving out awesome tips in your industry? Let everyone know in the caption along with a link to your Snapchat account! This will give your audience a taste of what they missing and will be more motivated to find out more.

There are countless amounts of celebrities and brands on Snapchat, and they are doing it very well. Gary Vaynerchuk lets people see behind the scenes of his day and also shares valuable tips and motivational pieces.

Include a Snapcode on business cards

Pop your Snapcode onto the back of your business card and ask people to follow you along with why they should follow you. I don’t mean give them out willy-nilly, but to those who are genuinely interested in your product or service. This encourages potential customers to turn into paying customers after seeing your brand and it’s personality on Snapchat.

Have a sign instore

Many stores and restaurants are now displaying their Snapcode instore along with an offer which works very well when trying to grow your audience.

It will get people engaging with the app whilst on your premises, and can make them more likely to take a snap in your store and share it with their friends.

For extra points, ask them to send you a snap with them and your product!

Why Snapchat is Worth the Promotion

Now, is Snapchat actually worth it?


Snapchat has one of the highest engagement rates on Social Media so you can expect approximately 90% of your followers to actually watch your story. This is crazy numbers!

Although analytics are hard to track (there are no links allowed in Snapchat) – it’s a fantastic way to keep your brand in peoples minds and also for your audience to connect with you on a more personal level.


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