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Guide to pitching and closing – without ending up in the news

In other Social Media news, this time less about the Facebook algorithm and more about the plight of “Elle Darby” blogger and influencer and her request to stay in “Paul Stenson” Dublin hotel.  After reading several articles and many posts commenting on how Paul did not understand “modern marketing” and equally posts condemning Elle for being “entitled” I think many miss the point here.

Fundamentally the issue is with the way the whole opportunity was presented, no matter how you dress it up Influencers are “selling” a service regardless of the transaction being in exchange for a hotel room or for money. It’s an exchange and when you go in cold, you’re selling.   

Having cut my teeth in media as a salesperson, selling some of the hardest products in B2B and consumer, the fundamental flaw in the whole process was the opening, straight in for the kill, she opened with a close.  At no point was the lead qualified and what surprises me most is that more Hotels have not come out claiming they were sent the same message as to me the lack of thought and attention stinks of a cut and paste job.

I personally think the Hotel owner is just as bad, in the world of Social Media Marketing all to often people forget to sell, marketing any product has one goal and its a sale in some form or another, it might be a cash transaction or it might be data.  

She is young, she is not a salesperson, she will learn from it, but how should she have gone about it.

Here are our tips on understanding the sales process:








1) Qualify your prospect – If you are looking to reach out to anyone, as an influencer or as a potential client, do your homework.  A little research rather than just blind messaging will pay dividends.  In this case, she may have worked out not only what type of character she was dealing with but the Hotel was really hot on social. This would have changed the approach, or made her think and move on! Ultimately we qualify the prospect to see if we have a chance of converting, will this be win/win for both parties?

2) Make contact – Once you have established you might have an opportunity you have to make contact, many ways to do this, but remember this is the first impression.  How many times have you been on LinkedIn accepted a connection to find 30 seconds later a spam proposal in your messages? It’s a balance, no one suddenly wants a best friend out of the blue either.  Let’s start with making the right impression before you get into a pitch and offer your service lets see if it’s needed. “Hey, I am Elle a UK vlogger, do you work with Influencers? I am interested to know? If so I am heading to Dublin in the near future and would love to discuss an opportunity that might benefit us both, hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you.” my personal preference would be to pick up the “dog and bone” and give them a call. Why? saves me the bother of typing an email if they’re not, also it gives me an idea of what they are doing as we can have a discussion about it, even if the outcome is not one I want.

3) Presentation – Pulling all your benefits into a pitch document, make it easy for the other party to see why they should be using you.  Your reach, who your audience is. This is also an excellent place to pop in any case studies or similar opportunities that you have worked on, show what was in the partnership and why it worked for both of you.

4) Handle those objections – Despite it being rather public, Paul’s response was an objection, you need to break down the issues and address them individually, it’s all part of the negotiation. Your aim is to change the person’s mind, don’t take it personally, its business you might not get the outcome you want but they buyer has outlined the reasons they are not buying from you, address these issues, don’t fall at the first hurdle.

5) Close the deal – The art of closing, it amazes me how many people do the pitch and then pitch, and pitch again, most humans find it hard to ask for the deal, the close. Why? Because we fear rejection. Go for the trial close “is that something that would interest you?” if not handle the objections and try again.  What I love about closes are the amount of them, here are some of my favourite.

Let’s look at some closes as if you were asking someone out:


  • The Assumptive Close – Where shall we go on our date?
  • The Direct-Question Close – Will you go out with me?
  • The Reverse Close – Any reason why you would not go out with me?
  • The Alternative Close – My place or yours?









Many ways to pitch and close, you do though need to understand the process to avoid ending up all over the news!

Social Media and Sales are intrinsically linked as with all sales and marketing, you can know all the algorithm hacks in the world, but if you can’t ask to close your not going to make a sale.

What is the Future of Livestream for brands?

Do you encourage the brands/clients you work with currently to use Livestream?

While most in social media value the boost Livestream can add to organic reach and the added engagement, can it work effectively as a constant in any given media campaign, are brands switched on to the idea? Sure we have seen plenty of amazing one-offs and special Livestreams and we have some of these great case studies featured during the event.

Our panel of experts will be discussing what the future of Livestream is for marketing, how and why brands should be adopting this as a core component in any campaign and the shift that brands need to make towards becoming broadcasters. They will share with you personal experience of things that have worked and lessons learned.

The panel will be hosted on 31/05/18 (on day two of the event)

The Panelists:

  • Nic McCarthy – Chief Creative Officer, SevenC3
  • Kevin Gibbons – Managing Director, BlueGlass
  • Adam Barnett – Client Services Director, ITN Productions
  • Julian March – Managing Director, Media, Games, Video and Entertainment

Charing the panel debate will be:

  • Florie-Anne Virgile, Chief Operating Officer, Citizen Press UK

The panel is in association with our friends at the Content Marketing Association

We are delighted to bring such a wealth of knowledge to Socialday wish such a wide range of expertise from content marketers to media owners.

What about you!

At all of the Socialday panel debates, you will have the chance to join in with the session, we have microphones ready for you to have your say and put your burning questions to the panel. We actively encourage you to be part of the debate.

All sessions including panel debates are recorded at social day and with two streams running if you decided to go to one session you can catch up in your own time after the event. (We record the keynotes as well!) If you have not already booked your ticket get it here:

If you want to see more of our articles on Livestream you can find them in our backstage area!

Keynote speaker – Facebook’s Ed Couchman

Ed Couchman is Director of Agency Partnerships, for Facebook UK. In this role, Ed is responsible for building meaningful and sustainable relationships within the media and advertising community and for ensuring that Facebook deliver best-in-class service levels and ideas to their clients. He works with partners to determine how their output can better reflect current consumer behavior, protect reach and heighten relevance. With a background in television, he also works closely alongside broadcasters to ensure they are using Facebook’s tools to create immersive experiences that will bring audiences closer to their favourite programmes.

We are delighted to have Ed join the event as a keynote speaker and talk through some of the many insights he has that can help you and your clients maximise Facebook for business.

Ed joined Facebook from Channel 4, where his five year tenure was marked by incredible growth and innovation. His responsibilities including driving commercialization of C4’s VoD service 4oD across multiple platforms and devices. This included being part of the team that secured the landmark deal to broadcast all of C4’s output on You Tube.


He began his career at Reed Business Information and has also been part of Ad2-one, Ad Link, and Associated New Media where he headed the display sales team across The Daily Mail, This is London and Metro.co.uk. Ed has two young daughters and suffers the pain and anguish of supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers.

You can see Ed and our other speakers live at SocialDay on the 31st May to 1st June 2017, to get your ticket for 3 days of amazing content from over 30 speakers CLICK HERE

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