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Social Media Marketing Festival

Our Mission'

at SocialDay is to create the best event experience for all those who work in and around Social Media Marketing.

Are you a marketer? do you work for a brand or agency? Are you a creator or influencer?

Do you use or want to use Social Media Marketing to grow your brand, drive engagement and develop relationships with those you are trying to reach? Do you already understand Social Media Marketing but are looking for advanced strategies, case studies, creative ideas, connections and advice to give you the edge? Perhaps you want to geek out over the latest industry developments and platform updates.
Now in its 6th Year SocialDay has become known as one of the worlds must-attend marketing events.

This year 2021 SocialDay is a REAL, IN PERSON EVENT!

SocialDay Festival is in person!

Any questions? Email Info@SocialDay.co.uk

Having directors in the business who have worked in media and launched conferences and awards in many sectors, the instincts kicked in and we began creating the event we wanted to attend.

SocialDay covers cutting edge topics around social media marketing looking at: advertising, creativity, case studies, analytics and more and we continue to drive the agenda by bringing in sessions that appeal to you. We do this by still actively working in social media marketing and surveying the industry at least once a year, finding out what areas today’s marketers and businesses need to know about.

To keep this event all about the delegates we put in place a strict no selling policy, which our speakers all embrace. Our delegates create a unique atmosphere at SocialDay which is vibrant, fun and engaging.

The Networking is Legendary

Many digital marketing events exist, very few are able to trend on Social Media year after year, we are pleased to say we are more often than not in the top 5 on any given event, which shows that the content we put together is hitting the spot for delegates.
The networking is legendary, and I think most delegates will agree that this “social” experience is a large draw in itself for attendance, it’s so good you’ll often find our speakers sticking around for it (they are normally first at the bar).









Excellent Networking

Some say that the SocialDay networking and drinks receptions are as important to them as the sessions themselves. Speaker and delegates alike get the chance to unwind and discuss the day, make new friends and long term business acquaintances in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Great Feedback

The programme has been pulled together and we have some fantastic sessions planned and some equally good parties planned for the evenings as we take the event up to 3 days for the 3rd year running.
Check out some of the delegate feedback from last year in this video, and make sure you book your ticket. If you have any questions drop us a line, we’re only too happy to help.

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