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Join the Livestream challenge

Are you livestreaming yet?

For many it’s hard to get going, you don’t know what you should say, have the fear that no one will watch and worse still if they do, laugh at you. Believe me, I know how you feel, I also know you are not alone. Many of the fantastic speakers we have and even some of our more confident delegates share the same anxieties when it comes to going live.

Our co-founder Lucy Hall wanted to get back into Livestream and found it hard, strange given she was one of the first regularly using periscope daily when it first came out. What changed? Quite simply life did, after giving birth to a second daughter and feeling unconfident it became harder and harder to get back in front of the camera.

To keep accountable Lucy set up a private group “the 14-day Livestream challenge”  and began the second phase of her Livestream journey. What has been remarkable is how many of us feel the same, we want to go live but don’t have the confidence.  This group is completely free, the only thing you will get is accountability and support.

If you want to build up the confidence to go live, and become consistent at it, take up the 14-day challenge

Beginner Livestreaming tips:

Sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction! Here are a few tips to get you going, everyone has a style, embrace it.

  • For the first few broadcasts, think about what you want to say, to help yourself out make your first broadcast an introduction, tell everyone who you are, why you are livestreaming and what you hope to get out of it.
  • Don’t get hung up on numbers, focus on your story as people will also watch it after.
  • Engage with people who join in, acknowledge them and ask questions as well as answer them.
  • Be yourself
  • Enjoy it
  • Give people warning and let them know in advance if you are going to do it regularly, pick the same time if you can.
  • Make sure you have a good signal, nothing worse than a bad WiFi connection to interrupt your flow

We look forward to seeing you live!

Call for social media speakers

No surprise but the question we get asked most often is “How can I speak at SocialDay?”

For the last few events, we have sourced our speakers by going out to events, talking to well-informed individuals and looking at who is active in the topics that we want to cover.  Our last event is not even a week old and already we are beginning to organise the 2018 event. This is still our primary way to build our programme. However, for the first time, we are giving you an opportunity to pitch your session ideas and let us know that you want to talk at SocialDay.

We are looking for speakers in a few areas:

  • Case Studies – have you worked on a project or with a client, had great success, done something that broke the mould or learned lessons you want to share that will add value?
  • WorkshopsWorkshops will last up to 60 minutes and must provide delegates with actionable advice, we are looking at a variety of topics from platform specific, content creation and tutorials.
  • Panel Participants – Want to get involved and share your knowledge but not sure about a talk, then why not get involved with the panel debates? We ask the audience questions and the panel answers them, simple.

Could you provide a keynote session? If so why not let us know that you are interested in getting involved?

Our delegates will understand the basics of Social Media Marketing and are looking for content and sessions that give them the edge. The audience in the main is made up of marketers, freelancers and business owners who are looking to see examples of what can improve results and drive new thinking.


The next steps would be to send us an email outlining your session idea. We only need a few paragraphs at this stage, to include:

  1. Session Title
  2. Brief outline of the Session
  3. Why this should be included in the programme 
  4. What you think delegates will get out of this
  5. How you intend to present

please send this over to stuart@avvisomedia.com deadline for applications is the end of September.

Successful applications will be invited to have either a face to face/Skype interview with the SocialDay team to flesh out the session in more depth.

We will still be actively seeking speakers from our programme, so look out for us at other events!

Thank you!

ContentCal sponsors SocialDay

We are delighted to announce that ContentCal has sponsored SocialDay, this is a tool that we at Socialday subscribed to and use for our own marketing, so we know it’s good. We are proud to have such a great content management tool aligned with us.

ContentCal is a simple and intuitive way to manage social media content, removing the need for the numerous painful Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Emails – allowing teams to maximise efficiency by planning, approving and publishing content in a familiar and intuitive calendar interface.

Having previously been a social media agency, we saw first-hand what an efficiency and productivity drain it is to plan and organise a content calendar, especially when there’s a number of stakeholders that need to collaborate on, or approve this content. We couldn’t find the right technology to support this process and help our agency grow, so we built ContentCal.

Since launching ContentCal to market in December 2016, we’re now used by over a thousand companies ranging from the likes of Sky and Odeon, to agencies like Dentsu Aegis through to Micro and SME businesses.

“The approval process of content is so much simpler using ContentCal. What could take a few days now takes far less time. Our improved workflow using ContentCal has both saved time and impressed clients.” – Lloyd Palmer

Go checkout out the website here:, they have a few different options for all sizes of social media account management


Launching live – build your business with Livestream – Chris Ducker

Launching Live – how to build your business with Livestream, we talk to Chris Ducker who has built up his own business using Livestream.

Chris talks through some of the common issues that face business owners and brand builders when it comes to trying to establish yourself online.  We talk about which accounts you should use, how to act and how to promote the content.

We also look at how to avoid going live for the sake of it and creating a culture of value for your audience and your business.

How to follow up on other channels and how you can re-target your views through adverts to drive better conversions.

Chris will be going into far more detail as the keynote of Socialday, if you have not already booked your ticket buy one today HERE


From satisfaction to advocacy: Using video to foster brand champions and take customer loyalty to the next level

Online retailers not only need to stand out from a sea of other e-commerce outlets to win an initial purchase, but to continue to do so again and again. In the third of a three-part series, Mark Blair, VP of EMEA at Brightcove explains how video content can be used by today’s e-tailers to help build and retain loyal brand advocates.


In the first two parts of this series, we explored how brands can use video to sustain shoppers’ interest, boost sales, enrich the customer experience and turn browsers into buyers. But once you’ve convinced your viewers to make the first purchase, how do you keep them coming back for more?
Video’s value certainly doesn’t end at the point of purchase – by learning how to automate, personalise and target video content, then analyse the results, you can move beyond simply satisfying customers to fostering true brand loyalty. Here’s how these elements work in practice and why they are so important for e-commerce success:


Building satisfied, loyal customers by staying one-step ahead

One of the surest ways to build brand loyalty is to make customers feel like you know them – because you do! By piecing together a kind of “digital body language” to discern where their interests lie, and paying attention to the preferences they demonstrate when interacting with your brand, you can tailor content to engage customers more successfully. These insights provide an essential understanding of the buyer’s journey, opening up your ability to welcome, remind, reward, retarget, and win them back with automated messaging.


Using historical and real-time engagement metrics, for example, you can set up marketing automation logic that will determine the next likely interaction the viewer will have with your brand. You can then direct your customer to this interaction by cueing up your video marketing platform to serve the most contextually relevant content.

Creating a personalised brand experience

Pairing personalisation with video, you can boost current video efforts while markedly increasing the affinity customers feel towards your brand. Using hyper-personalised videos, for example, which insert information – such as a person’s name – into the content, can be a great way of catching your customer’s attention. Similarly, consider adding dynamic CTAs to your video content – these smart CTAs are fed by everything you know about individuals and their interactions with your brand, ensuring you are serving different prompts based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.
Aside from personalising the videos themselves, there is also a lot of value in personalising the web content around them. Video-rich websites have a lot to offer customers, but it can be difficult to present all the options that would most appeal to each consumer. With website personalisation, for example, the CMS will react to the visitor’s viewing history and preferences to show the products of most interest – similar to how Amazon’s recommendation engine works. The more videos your customer watches, the more accurate the content and buying suggestions will be, and the better the chance at conversion.

Fostering brand champions

As you continue to take care of your customers with personalised video experiences, you encourage them to become increasingly dedicated and vocal brand advocates.


According to Nielsen, 83% of shoppers place the most trust in the recommendations of friends and family, and 66% of consumers trust the opinions of other consumers online – so if your video marketing efforts leave customers happy enough to talk to others about you, the benefits are clear.


Encourage this kind of behaviour by integrating user-generated video into your social campaigns –giving customers an easy way to share their love of your brand and allowing them to feel part of its story.


With our own research showing that eight in ten (79%) social video viewers agree that video is the easiest way to get to know a brand online, user-generated video can be a powerful advocacy tool, and goes a long way to making your brand more approachable and engaging. It delights other advocates while also stimulating interest from those just beginning the buyer’s journey in the awareness stage.

Top online retailers know e-commerce success is determined by a seamless, frictionless, and enjoyable user experience. Video is now a vital part of any marketer’s strategy and leveraged throughout the buyer’s journey it can reap truly tangible business results.
For e-tailers, it creates an easier and more engaging online shopping experience, engages existing customers and prospects, builds brand loyalty and, ultimately, can create brand advocates who will help you drive sales again and again.

you can view part one here – unlocking the value of video

and part two here  –  Beyond Awareness – the growing role of video

How do you create content that is not boring?

Social Day talk exclusively to Andrew and Pete about content for Social Media Marketing, we look at how often you should produce content.  Especially content that is not boring

Get an insight into how the guys plan their own content each week and hear about how you can make your own content interesting, even if your business is a little bit well, dull.

You can see this award winning pair speak at SocialDay London on 16th June you can find out more about the guys here


Andrew and Pete will take you through how to create really awesome content (even if the subject is a bit, well, dull) Fresh from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and Social Day Birmingham, this award-winning partnership will help you and your clients get engagement and traction when it comes down to the nitty gritty, your content.  You can have the best strategy in the world, you can execute it perfectly but if your contents dull, well its dull and will not be shared!


Andrew and Pete run the content marketing company called – ‘Andrew and Pete’, where they help businesses create share-worthy content that builds brands people love. They are international speakers, authors, and consultants with a fun and engaging style.

They are regular contributors for Social Media Examiner, speakers at Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego and have been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and Huffington Post. They also won Digital and Social Media Company of the Year at Newcastle Business Awards and were finalists for The Entrepreneur of The Year Award at Living North Awards.

Book your ticket to see this dynamic duo supercharge your content – click here 

Convincing the boss to pay for you to come to Social Day

So you are a Social Media professional, a marketer or someone in your organisation who has been given the task of looking after client accounts or your own company Social Media channels. You want to come to Social Day but need to convince the boss to let you put the ticket on the company or get time off to let you attend.

Staying on top of the current trends, understanding the challenges and looking at where future of social media is going is integral to doing your job effectively.  Social Day offers insight from over 15 speakers, in the format of workshops, presentations and panel debates.  A chance to network and discuss the issues with other delegates who are as passionate about social media as you are.
We understand that convincing the powers that be to take a day out of the office for an event is often difficult, in fact getting you to come out of the office for anything other than annual leave is difficult.  Your dedicated and hard working so why should you take a day out?
1) This event is in London, no matter where in the city you live or where in the country you are, it’s easy to get to! no flights abroad to pop on expenses.
2) Speakers – Workshops and sessions that are run by some of the biggest names in the industry including the Head of Twitter EMEA.
3) Content – Keeping current is challenging in a fast paced market, our programme has been designed to bring some of the key issues to life, Influencer Marketing, Livestream, Video content and Virtual Reality to name a few.
4) Network – no other event offers you the chance to network with so many like-minded social media specialists. We have created ample opportunities throughout the day and have set up drinks reception for after where you can meet new contacts.
5) Video – It’s hard to digest a whole day’s content, that’s why within the cost of the ticket we record every session so you can watch at a later date. When the boss asks what did you get from the event, you can show them!
6) Cost – look at the cost of a days training, you could spend anywhere from £300 to £1500! (which is often not recorded for you to watch back) For less than £150 you get access to some of the brightest minds in Social Media who are going to give you actionable advice on the day!
The full programme can be found here – look out for further announcements!

Q&A with Amrit Singh – Livestream community

We had the privilege of chatting with Amrit Singh who has made a name for himself as one of the most watched Livestreamers on periscope, with his artistic talent it’s understandable.

Amrit tells us how he got started and gives us an insight into how he has built an engaged community, His Periscope broadcasts have reached over 2.5 million viewers worldwide and have been featured multiple times by Periscope, Twitter, Mashable, Huffington Post, Adweek, International Business Times and Sky News. Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube:

Amrit has worked with many blue chip companies around the world to deliver first class design, branding and social media solutions. Amrit is one of the top creative broadcasters on Periscope and is known for live streaming his art, travels and humanitarian work.

You can see Amrit in London on the 16th June, click here to book tickets

For now though get comfortable and enjoy the interview


SME guide to Influencer Marketing

Short and sweet for you guys… small and medium business guide to influencer marketing.
Influencer marketing is a hot topic in business and marketing right now more so in the big brand space though. Big brands have big budgets and can afford the world’s best influencer agencies to bag some exposure via the world’s biggest influencer audiences. But how does this relate to you the SME?

Big brands are using influencers to reach targeted and mass communities and getting results, but how can the smaller businesses use influencers to tap into new audiences, increase brand awareness and get more business, without the big budgets? Who are your influencers? Where do you go to find influencers? And how do you build a relationship with them that is mutually beneficial?. In this post all will be revealed.

Think small and influential

With large influencer posts costing a small fortune, how is it possible for a small business with limited budget able to tap into influencer audiences? The answer is in micro influencers. A micro influencer is a person who has influence within a niche or that has a small but influential audience or community. To define an influencer: It’s someone who influences someone to either take action or to make a purchasing decision and influencing someone to making a purchase decision is what you ultimately want to achieve.

How to find a micro influencer

Micro influencers are everywhere, you’ll find them in the form of bloggers, local papers or journalists, Instagram users, they even host twitter chats and so on. A micro influencer doesn’t have millions or even tens of thousands of followers but a smaller base community. Your influencer will normally vlog or write about their niche and share articles and information through social media that is industry specific. Local bloggers will write about local activities and businesses. You can spot micro influencers easily on social media because they have great engagement. In fact you’ll often see some (so called) influencers with 100k plus twitter followers with no retweets, replies or likes.. These people are not influencers, people are not talking to them. This is a really easy way to spot if someone holds a bit of clout within an area. In fact it’s even easier to spot micro influencers for b2b, this is because you can see if they consistently talk about their industry and you can see if people are listening. Look at their blogs at the shares (if this is available) are their articles getting shared?

Tools for finding influencers

There are many tools you can use to find and connect with new influencers in your niche. including these popular services:

Followerwonk – Twitter specific.. Find, Analyse, and Optimise for Social Growth – free for 1 profile
Buzzsumo – Analyse what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Find the key influencers to promote your content – from $79 per month
Klout – Has had a heap of criticism as it’s easily gamed by so called influencers, but it’s a great starting point. Also you can see if someone really has influence by checking on their engagement. On the flip-side it’s a great way to check on your impact (used with a pinch of salt)
Reaching out to influencers

Once you’ve established who your influencers are you’ll want to connect with them through social media. I would not recommend connecting and then asking for a share, a post about you or an email out to their list right away. This would be considered a bit rude and also remember these influencers have spent years building a solid community or audience, why would they just give you access to something that has been carefully built and nurtured? The key is to build relationships. Start by connecting and sharing their content with your own community. Share the influencers videos or articles and tag them in via twitter, for example: ‘a great insight on _____ by @Tagthemhere linktoarticle.co’ don’t do it everyday to the same person but show you are interested in their content. When they share a post, join the conversation and respond. If you have written a piece of content that may be of interest to your influencer you could reply to one of their posts and say: ‘thank you for the great information once again, I wrote something similar from a different angle, what do you think?’ or ‘great piece, we actually have a solution to the problem you mentioned in your post have you seen it before?’ – I wouldn’t start doing this until you have some relationship established through social media. You could also write a blog or create a video in response to one of their articles or even mentioning them, this is a great technique for getting industry specific influencers attention.

Building a relationship

Influencers are human beings, all different, all complex. So different approaches will be necessary for each. A good way to get to know your influencer would be to invite them for lunch (on you, of course 😉) once you have their full attention DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS! Have a 2 way conversation about your industry (be careful not to whinge about competitors or the industry) keep it positive and upbeat, discuss how you can collaborate or help each other. Offer them something of value if not monetary, perhaps you have a product you could give them for free. They key is to be targeted with your influencer so that they want to share your product, service or insight with their community, because it is highly relevant and useful.

Nurturing your influencer

Treat your influencer like you would a customer. What can you do for them? What solutions do you have for them or their communities that would add value? Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about you and what you can get from them. Build the relationship, nurture your influencer, this way they’ll begin to respect you and share your thoughts and more with their communities.

Finally, nothing is guaranteed. You can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do. So test the water, do they respond to you? Are they accessible? You have a business to run so don’t invest too heavily in courting your influencer until you see they are open to a dialogue.

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