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Tiny’s top 10 tips for attending events

Tips for event attendance

Industry events are great, it might be your first event helping you to get a better understanding of the market or you may be influential in your sector and a seasoned delegate. Events are a great way for you to catch up, keep a check on what is happening and make new contacts.  
Whatever you reason I thought I would share some of the ways that we maximise event attendance for the conferences that we attend and some of the feedback we give to SocialDayUK delegates.

You have just booked your ticket, but don’t wait until the event to start getting the most out of your ticket. If you are taking a few days out of work this is an investment, these tips will help you get the most out of the event, don’t just rock up and listen, immerse yourself into the event and who knows what it may bring. We have had some great success stories, guests getting new jobs, picking up new clients and being invited back to speak the following year.



Pre Event


  1.  Pre-event networking – Meet delegates attending the event, most conferences have a social media group (ours is SocialDay Community) These are a great way to talk to other delegates, meet speakers and start to plan your event.


  1. Plan your sessions, a full programme will usually be available prior to the event, you can always contact the organisers to request one. Our event has two tracks running on workshop day, and many events run multiple tracks, plan what you want to see and save time deliberating and choosing on the day. Have a look at floor plans, note how long it takes to walk and factor in those refreshment breaks.  


  1. To help decide which sessions you want to see, check out some of the speaker’s videos, many will have sessions recorded and available.  It’s a good way to get a flavour of what the presentation style is, remember though each event is different and each audience is different a good speaker will tailor content to that audience.


At the Event


  1. Registration – Walking in and grabbing your badge, all the staff will be on hand to register you, if you have any questions now’s the time to get them out, organisers will be on hand and you’ll get a quicker response


  1. After you grab your badge (depending if your on time) usually coffee and networking will take place, look around and if you don’t know anyone it can be daunting, you’ll see old friends chuckling, professional networkers walking the floor, DO NOT revert to type and start scanning your mobile phone pretending to be busy or flicking through the conference programme (you’ve already planned the day) get out and meet some new connections, business and life are about relationships! Be brave!


  1. Introductions – It’s not always easy to meet new people in a conference environment, but people on their own generally feel the same way and are most likely glad that someone has reached out.


Make life easy, be natural, be yourself, but know what you want to say.  Break the ice, say good morning ask what sessions they are looking forward too, don’t bang on about yourself, if asked then give them a quick overview of what you do, but be prepared to listen to them too!


At SocialDay we have plenty of opportunity to network, refreshment breaks, lunch (and yes we actually provide food) and our networking parties (strange but most delegates seem extremely social after a few drinks)   


The Main Event


  1. We run a social media marketing event, naturally, our guests like to share lots of the content and jump on the #socialdayuk.  Some prefer to take notes, we record all sessions so you can watch them back over and over again, many events also do this. Don’t just take notes, try active listening, pull a list of questions you want to be answered together, most sessions will have time for a Q&A, and most speakers will also stick around at an event, so it’s good to have some questions you want answering when you meet a speaker rather than small talk, think of it as real value.  


  1. Content – pull all the amazing tips you have been interested enough to jot down in your notebook into an article, blog post or review and share it across your own social networks.  Top tip, dress it up as a review and you’ll get conference organisers share it post-event and no doubt for marketing the next event, we certainly do.


  1. Put your out of office on – If its urgent people will get in touch with you, don’t ruin your own experience by getting stressed out working during the sessions.




  1. – Follow up with those connections you’ve made, arrange a call or just connect. You have made plenty of new connections, don’t just file business cards, actively reach out and continue to develop your network.  Even in social media it’s the human aspect that counts the most.


We hope these tips help, if you have any questions about SocialDay please drop us a line.

Is it worth me attending SocialDay?

We all put a lot of thought into which events we attend, let’s face it it can be a minefield with so many events going on at any given time looking for the right event can be mindblowing, is it value for money, will I learn anything, who will I meet, so why should I bother with SocialDay?

If you work in or around social media marketing then this event is for you! In fact, it’s been built and designed for you.  Going back a few years Lucy our co-founder had been working in social media management and wanted to find an event that gave her some insight and practical help in her role.  Disappointingly she could not find one, most events were full of cheap tactics, 10 steps to success or just covered the basics, she got all that (as do you). What she craved was an event that showed her what other marketers are doing, she wanted the Social Networks to attend and tell her what was new (rather than seeing the same old press releases that get shared or the internet getting angry with the latest changes). she wanted an event that gives you an opportunity to talk directly to the social networks, your peers and learn some things you actually did not know!

SocialDay was born!!!

Fast forward and we now have an event that covers 3 days, and over 40 topics, we produced a survey last year to find out what the key issues for our guests were and here are some of the common themes:

  • We know what we should be doing, the issue is getting the client to implement
  • Our brand guidelines are stopping us from being creative
  • Algorithms and reach, I just can’t keep up
  • Worried about the effectiveness of Influencer Campaigns
  • Need support with strategy
  • We know we need to do more Social Media, and integrate better with traditional media
  • I’d like to know what the future of social media holds
  • How do I scale my agency
  • I would like to hear from people who have done this stuff, not just talk about it from someone else’s book for a living
  • How to  build communities, and keep them

All of our delegates are working with clients or for companies and are actively performing in the role of Social Media Marketer (apart from the aspiring students who we welcome)

This is not an event that is covering the basics, our guests know how to use these excellent marketing tools, in fact, most of out delegates could talk at other events on the topic, if your looking for the basics then this is not for you.

Where else can you get 3 days of training from some of the most successful individuals and companies in Social Media Marketing:

  • Bruce Daisley – Head of TWITTER EMEA
  • Dean Johnson – Head of Innovation, BrandWidth
  • Ed Couchman – Head of Agencies – FACEBOOK
  • Jana Damanhouri – Head of Social JUNGLE CREATIONS (VT and Twisted)
  • Sean King – CEO – SevernC3
  • Lisa Jenkins – Editor – Social Media Examiner
  • Adam Barnett – Client Services Director, ITN Productions
  • Florie-Anne Virgile – Chief Operating Officer, Citizen Press UK
  • Andrew & Pete – Global Content speakers (SMMW18)
  • Lee Wilcox – CEO – On the Tools
  • Victoria Taylor – Founder Untwisted Media
  • Samantha Kelly – The Tweeting Goddess
  • Kevin Gibbons – Managing Director, BlueGlass
  • Authentic Alex – Official top contributor on LinkedIn
  • Daniel Knowlton – Co-Founder KPS Digital Marketing
  • William Bonidido – McDonalds Social Media Editor
  • Sarah Jones – Head of Media, Birmingham University
  • Katie King – Artificial Intelligence, Author and speaker
  • Nic McCarthy – Chief Creative Officer, Seven
  • Teresa Heath Waring – Founder THW
  • Harry Hugo – Co-Founder The Goat Agency)
  • Dominic McGregor – Co-Founder and COO-Social Chain
  • Lukasz Zelezny – Director of organic growth uSswitch, Zoopler and Prime Location
  • Robert Craven – Author, Grow your digital agency
  • Dominic McGregor – COO – Social Chain
  • Qasim ‘Cas’ Majid – Founder – Wow Zone
  • Craig Fox – Influencer
  • Mark Williams – LinkedIn Trainer

The full programme will be announced shortly (sessions can be viewed here), we still have more fantastic sessions to announce!

All events are an investment, both in time out of the office and the cost of attendance, the killer question is will you see a return on that investment?

We think so, but don’t take our word for it! You can find several independent reviews here at the bottom of the page, also check out the twitter #SocialDayUK and you will see what delegates have had to say about the quality of the sessions in real time at the previous events. For the cost of a ticket, you will be hard pressed to find this level of training, at the price point of the ticket for this three-day festival!

If you want 3 days of training from some of the worlds biggest brands, you want to interact with those running the worlds biggest social networks, meet like-minded individuals and listen to cutting-edge debates, book your SocialDay ticket today.

We hope to see you on the 30th May – 1st June

How to convince your boss that you need attend SocialDay

Do you want to come to SocialDayUK but you need to convince your line manager that taking some time out of the office is a good idea? Also… you need them to cover the cost. Our delegates are usually senior marketers in agencies and brands, or founders (luckily you founders can make up your own minds, but not everyone has that ability)

Convincing your boss that:

The conference is worth attending.
You should have the time off to attend.
The cost is an investment in you.



This can often be a tricky subject to address, we are all busy, it’s never a good time to be out the office with client pressures and business demands, however, if you put the case across you could also be heading to join your peers on the 30th May – 1st June.
Let’s start with some of the top reasons your boss should let you come to SocialDayUK

  • The Content – SocialDay gives you access to sessions and topics that you might not normally get to see. It might be not just listening to the Head of Twitter in the UK, but we also have a wide variety of case studies, hear from your peers about what worked and lessons that were learned along the way!
  • Professional Development (CPD) – For 2018 we have CPD accreditation meaning that those hours you spend attending will all count to your CPD, we will even print you off a certificate for your records.
  • Cost – The cost of training varies from place to place, given the quality of our speakers and a whole day of interactive workshops you’ll be hard-pressed to find 3 days training with CPD and the variety of topics we are covering for a similar price!
  • We record all sessions – We have all been to an event, and in the next team meeting we need to report back what we took away. Fear not, at SocialDay we record all sessions so you can watch back and relive the presentations, workshops and keynotes over and over again.
  • Networking – Regardless of working within an agency or brand the legendary networking at SocailDay often leads to not just new friends, or clients, suppliers some of our delegates have even found employment! If you are currently looking to attract the best talent to your business then the quality of delegates is second to none!
  • Location – The event is in Central London, if you already based in the city then it’s extremely easy to get to the venue, being in central London WC1. If you are based outside London, then we have a morning dedicated to registration on the 30th May meaning you don’t have to get here the night before (unless you want to) and being central you are close to a wide variety of hotels of all budgets.
  • Speakers – We have sourced all the speakers, they are the key people who “work” in the industry, they have clients and understand your challenges, they have come to SocialDay to share what they have learned, what you won’t find is someone who just talks for a living! We have the social networks and case studies from McDonald’s, Jungle Creations, McVities, Coca-Cola to name a few.
  • Lunch – We like our friends in the audience to be focused on the sessions, not sat in the auditorium with a rumbling stomach wondering where the nearest food outlet is, so we provide lunch on the full days and coffee and tea in the breaks, leaving you free to network and one less receipt your accounts team needs to worry about.

How do I approach asking?

In reality, asking to attend a conference will mean a few common things for the individual who will sign off your expenses and authorise the 3 days as a work trip?

  1. Additional cost
  2. Time off
  3. What is the benefit to the organisation?

Put yourself in their shoes, structure the case for attending and maximise your chance of attending by highlighting the relevant sessions, the full program can be found here:

  • Structure your proposition, start with Impact on workflow – how your time will be covered?
  • Content – what is relevant to your business/department? what will you be able to implement on your return?
  • What is the cost of the trip? (make it easy for them to see the value, against 3 days of training)
  • Who are the keynote speakers and why is it important to hear what they are saying? (Twitter, Facebook, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Live Stream, competitor case studies)
  • Audience – who is attending, who could you be networking with, how will this impact the business?
  • How will the event help deliver current and future KPI’s?

In practice it’s always better to get some dedicated time to sit down and talk through event attendance, it’s never a good idea to tack it on to the end of another meeting or ask when your boss is on the way to a pressing meeting. Make time, be prepared to follow up, put a good case together.
Most good bosses and HR teams have a budget to invest in staff, more often than not it gets overlooked simply because we are all very busy and in this day and age your development may not be at the top of the to-do list!

Once you have approval, spend some time to circulate to key stakeholders in the team what you took away from the event, what you can implement, it will make future trips easier to obtain as the value can be seen, you have put what you’ve learnt into action.
We look forward to seeing you at SocialDay!

Book your ticket today:

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