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BLAB Queen: Interview with Hilary Steel

Why is blab a platform businesses should be adopting?

Blab is a live streaming platform where businesses can accelerate their ‘social’ interaction with their consumers. It is linked to your twitter profile meaning that part of your twitter strategy should be to feed your audience to your live streaming Blabs. As an industry expert, you can demonstrate your excellence in real time by hosting focused discussions and encouraging people to join you in one of the three remaining ‘hot seats’ that they platform offers. I don’t see Blab as a direct selling platform, it’s definitely about the engagement and relationship building, which can definitely be done at a super-fast pace. If you aren’t afraid of representing your brand in real time then Blab should, without a doubt, be included as part of your growth strategy.

You also run a business magazine and events portfolio for women in business, how do you engage with your readers? Any specific social networks that work better than others for you?

We actively use Social Media to engage with our audience as well as hosting events that increase the power of the network as a whole. For us it isn’t just about posting links and driving traffic to a certain webpage, it’s about listening to people and using what they tell us to ensure we provide the right content, both online and offline. Our readers are able to contact us directly, which maintains the personal feel to our whole business operation. Twitter, Facebook and Blab work the best for us. We have tried other platforms but we are directed by where our audience hangs out!

Have you embedded a social media strategy into your businesses to help them grow?, what are most important steps to take when considering a strategy for social media?

Having a plan for your social media activity is vital for two reasons, 1) so you have a clear vision about what it is you want to achieve and 2) you can measure your activity and find out what’s working and what isn’t. Our social media plan is as important as our business plan and it is a living plan, one that we regularly update and evaluate. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be clear!

Have you been impressed with a Social media campaign, which one and why?

We recently ran a campaign that directed our twitter followers to a specific series of live streaming business growth Blabs that we were hosting. The audience we reached was literally worldwide and as a result a new ‘branch’ of our business was created to meet the demand and needs of this new found audience.

Some of our readers are starting out, not only as Social media managers, but as start-ups, any tips to help them grow?

Again, start with a plan. If you feel as though you are fish out of water watch what other people are doing and get a feel for the various platforms. Not all suit all, and the only way you will know for sure is to test them out. I like to think of all social media networks as an extension to my offline marketing strategy and all activities are entwined and not stand alone processes.

Any pet hates or practices you see that drive you mad?

I personally am not a fan of auto direct messaging on Twitter. When I follow someone and then receive a message telling me to use a discount code to buy from them or telling me to like their Facebook page. A HUGE step in the building relationship process has been skipped and instead of engaging me, they have instantly alienated me.

We are launching a Raising Standards of Social Media campaign, anything you would like to see included in the charter?

Social Media isn’t an anonymous world, far from it. The only difference between engaging with people offline and online is that your online words will always be out there in the public domain. I think people should be made aware of the potential impact their online footprint can have on them further down the line. I think that creating a ‘best practices’ guide could help people maintain their online ‘persona’ in a positive light!

Hilary Steel is speaking about Blab on Social Day and has since launched a magazine called ‘the livestreamer’ – We can’t wait to hear about it!

Some Top Potential Uses for Live Video Apps

Live video apps have taken the world by storm. What’s really made them so interesting though is not so much what they’re doing right now, as the incredible potential that they hold. People are really only just scratching the surface right now of what can be done with these apps and this means there’s a ton of potential out there for you to tap into.

Here are some of the top uses for live videos that could really change the world:

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Concerts and Events

Didn’t manage to get tickets for that event that you were so excited about? Using an app like Periscope this need not matter: you can simply use your phone to watch that event through the eyes of someone else who did make it there. The same goes for comedy shows, plays and more.

Better yet, you can use the app to see the event through the eyes of many people. Imagine being able to watch your favorite band play from multiple positions in the stadium? Or how about

Security and Armed Forces

Live video apps could completely change the way that we handle security. Imagine if you have 5 guards on duty, each at a different point around the venue. There’s no reason that you can get each of them to film what they’re seeing, thereby allowing their colleagues to provide automatic backup when it’s needed.


Imagine how television could be enhanced through live streaming. You could watch live TV while also having a secondary view of the same event through an app. This is something that broadcasting companies could make great use of!

Virtual Tourism

Meerkat describes its app as being the ‘closest thing to teleportation’. With that then, the mind begins to wonder regarding all the amazing things you could see through the platform. Imagine being able to check out the pyramids in Giza, or being able to see the Grand Canyon. Better yet, imagine getting to see life through the eyes of someone who works in the Eiffel Tower – and imagine the promotional benefit this could have for tourism companies.

Of course tourism isn’t the same as just watching a video, but this is where apps like Periscope are truly able to come into their own. You can ask the person filming to direct the camera at points of interest and you can chat to strangers in bars – just as though you were there in person!

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