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Is it worth me attending SocialDay?

We all put a lot of thought into which events we attend, let’s face it it can be a minefield with so many events going on at any given time looking for the right event can be mindblowing, is it value for money, will I learn anything, who will I meet, so why should I bother with SocialDay?

If you work in or around social media marketing then this event is for you! In fact, it’s been built and designed for you.  Going back a few years Lucy our co-founder had been working in social media management and wanted to find an event that gave her some insight and practical help in her role.  Disappointingly she could not find one, most events were full of cheap tactics, 10 steps to success or just covered the basics, she got all that (as do you). What she craved was an event that showed her what other marketers are doing, she wanted the Social Networks to attend and tell her what was new (rather than seeing the same old press releases that get shared or the internet getting angry with the latest changes). she wanted an event that gives you an opportunity to talk directly to the social networks, your peers and learn some things you actually did not know!

SocialDay was born!!!

Fast forward and we now have an event that covers 3 days, and over 40 topics, we produced a survey last year to find out what the key issues for our guests were and here are some of the common themes:

  • We know what we should be doing, the issue is getting the client to implement
  • Our brand guidelines are stopping us from being creative
  • Algorithms and reach, I just can’t keep up
  • Worried about the effectiveness of Influencer Campaigns
  • Need support with strategy
  • We know we need to do more Social Media, and integrate better with traditional media
  • I’d like to know what the future of social media holds
  • How do I scale my agency
  • I would like to hear from people who have done this stuff, not just talk about it from someone else’s book for a living
  • How to  build communities, and keep them

All of our delegates are working with clients or for companies and are actively performing in the role of Social Media Marketer (apart from the aspiring students who we welcome)

This is not an event that is covering the basics, our guests know how to use these excellent marketing tools, in fact, most of out delegates could talk at other events on the topic, if your looking for the basics then this is not for you.

Where else can you get 3 days of training from some of the most successful individuals and companies in Social Media Marketing:

  • Bruce Daisley – Head of TWITTER EMEA
  • Dean Johnson – Head of Innovation, BrandWidth
  • Ed Couchman – Head of Agencies – FACEBOOK
  • Jana Damanhouri – Head of Social JUNGLE CREATIONS (VT and Twisted)
  • Sean King – CEO – SevernC3
  • Lisa Jenkins – Editor – Social Media Examiner
  • Adam Barnett – Client Services Director, ITN Productions
  • Florie-Anne Virgile – Chief Operating Officer, Citizen Press UK
  • Andrew & Pete – Global Content speakers (SMMW18)
  • Lee Wilcox – CEO – On the Tools
  • Victoria Taylor – Founder Untwisted Media
  • Samantha Kelly – The Tweeting Goddess
  • Kevin Gibbons – Managing Director, BlueGlass
  • Authentic Alex – Official top contributor on LinkedIn
  • Daniel Knowlton – Co-Founder KPS Digital Marketing
  • William Bonidido – McDonalds Social Media Editor
  • Sarah Jones – Head of Media, Birmingham University
  • Katie King – Artificial Intelligence, Author and speaker
  • Nic McCarthy – Chief Creative Officer, Seven
  • Teresa Heath Waring – Founder THW
  • Harry Hugo – Co-Founder The Goat Agency)
  • Dominic McGregor – Co-Founder and COO-Social Chain
  • Lukasz Zelezny – Director of organic growth uSswitch, Zoopler and Prime Location
  • Robert Craven – Author, Grow your digital agency
  • Dominic McGregor – COO – Social Chain
  • Qasim ‘Cas’ Majid – Founder – Wow Zone
  • Craig Fox – Influencer
  • Mark Williams – LinkedIn Trainer

The full programme will be announced shortly (sessions can be viewed here), we still have more fantastic sessions to announce!

All events are an investment, both in time out of the office and the cost of attendance, the killer question is will you see a return on that investment?

We think so, but don’t take our word for it! You can find several independent reviews here at the bottom of the page, also check out the twitter #SocialDayUK and you will see what delegates have had to say about the quality of the sessions in real time at the previous events. For the cost of a ticket, you will be hard pressed to find this level of training, at the price point of the ticket for this three-day festival!

If you want 3 days of training from some of the worlds biggest brands, you want to interact with those running the worlds biggest social networks, meet like-minded individuals and listen to cutting-edge debates, book your SocialDay ticket today.

We hope to see you on the 30th May – 1st June

Keynote speaker – Facebook’s Ed Couchman

Ed Couchman is Director of Agency Partnerships, for Facebook UK. In this role, Ed is responsible for building meaningful and sustainable relationships within the media and advertising community and for ensuring that Facebook deliver best-in-class service levels and ideas to their clients. He works with partners to determine how their output can better reflect current consumer behavior, protect reach and heighten relevance. With a background in television, he also works closely alongside broadcasters to ensure they are using Facebook’s tools to create immersive experiences that will bring audiences closer to their favourite programmes.

We are delighted to have Ed join the event as a keynote speaker and talk through some of the many insights he has that can help you and your clients maximise Facebook for business.

Ed joined Facebook from Channel 4, where his five year tenure was marked by incredible growth and innovation. His responsibilities including driving commercialization of C4’s VoD service 4oD across multiple platforms and devices. This included being part of the team that secured the landmark deal to broadcast all of C4’s output on You Tube.


He began his career at Reed Business Information and has also been part of Ad2-one, Ad Link, and Associated New Media where he headed the display sales team across The Daily Mail, This is London and Metro.co.uk. Ed has two young daughters and suffers the pain and anguish of supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers.

You can see Ed and our other speakers live at SocialDay on the 31st May to 1st June 2017, to get your ticket for 3 days of amazing content from over 30 speakers CLICK HERE

Enhance your Facebook ads (and make them work)

Enhance your Facebook ads (and make them work)

Facebook advertising is becoming increasingly popular, and with the vast amount of advertising options out there today this can become difficult to master as well on top of everything else. What many new marketers are finding hard is creating compelling Facebook ads that actually convert and deliver results. In this article Cody Stallard talks us through how to make your Facebook Adverts work! Cody is an Online Marketing & SEO enthusiast for SMEs.  Cody is now working as the Community Manager for The Wholesale Forums (The UK’s leading networking community & independent advice forum for trade buyers and suppliers). 

Generating results is what any marketer should be focusing on. And, if you’re not generating results then you need to create an audit and find what the issue is. It is estimated that around 90% of marketers use Facebook ads, which is such a huge percentage, however do they all generate the results they want? Hmmm.

I’m going to help you today with just some of the mistakes made when using Facebook Ads and how to improve them.


Bidding (amount and option)

You can’t just throw money at something and expect it to work. Unfortunately it’s not that easy; otherwise everyone would be doing this and getting amazing results every time. Sure, you can throw money at Google Ads and Facebook ads, and get great traffic, however you may also get a tremendous amount of bounce backs from your site, and no converting customers.

However, if your ads are not generating enough impressions or clicks then you will need to take a look at your bidding section and make some improvements here.

There are only two areas you need to look at.

The first is ‘Bid amount’, and the second is ‘When you are charged’.


Let’s look at your Bid amount.

I can probably guarantee that many of you will have clicked the ‘Automatic’ option for ‘Bid amount’, after all Facebook will help you get more clicks at the best price…

That’s not true. Obviously any advertising tools will want to charge you more because they’ll get more money in the long run by promising results. You then end up generating little to no results this way.

Unless you’re generating a terrific amount of results using the automatic option I’d suggest selecting the ‘Manual’ option.

Once you’ve done this you can decide how much you want to pay per click. However, take into account the suggested bid. Sometimes you may not generate great results even though you had bid within the suggested amount. It may be worth it to bid a little higher than suggested.

The second area to look at is when you are charged. There is an option to pay per click, or impression. These two you can really play around with. It’s all about what works for you. It’s always best to try two different ads using both options as a test to see what works well.

If you are still generating very low results there could be a number of areas you need to look at elsewhere, for example your targeting may be too precise, meaning you’re focusing on such a niche area.  This is what we’ll look at in the Targeting section.



Targeting is one that many of us get wrong once in a while. By targeting who you feel is more suited to your niche can end up meaning you’re targeting pretty much no one. Or people that aren’t really interested in what it is you have to offer.

What you don’t want – this goes the same if you use AdWords – is people clicking on your ad for the pure sake of it and not converting. You’ll end up losing money instead of making it.

To target your ads correctly you need to take a look at who your customers are and what they want.

You can find these demographics – such as Age, Gender, Location, and Language & Interests – via your Facebook Insights (Audience Insights) & Google Analytics.


Once you’ve analysed who your audience are you should be able to fill in the following details without hesitation.


This is just some of the basic information you can gather from Facebook Insights, however to find more information about your audience, use Facebook Audience Insights, which allows you to input various information about your desired target audience to provide yo u with useful demographics to help decide who you should be targeting.


For example, take a look at the images below. Anything before the ages 25 and after 54 generates low results. We should filter these from our target audience in our ad settings.




You can also find out what other pages your audiences have ‘liked’ or are most relevant, thus helping you find their interests and knowing who and what to target.


You can access Audience Insights this by logging into your Business Manager, click the three lines next to ‘Business Manager’, go to ‘All tools’ and then Audience Insights.


Okay, you’ve found out about your target audience, however I mentioned earlier that if you’re still not generating the results you want this may be down to your targeting. Try to loosen up a bit in this section.


Great Quality Ads

Just like AdWords your ads need to be the best. You need to ensure they stand out from the rest of the crowd, especially your competitors. This all lies down to how your ad looks and what keywords and copy you’re using.

Facebook is a very visual social network, and its no wonder when you consider 350 million new photos are added to Facebook each day.

Just by taking a look at what others are doing, saying and using in their ads can help determine what is good quality and what is bad.

For example, have you seen a Facebook ad that has no creative in it? Maybe you have some really nice images you could use that are visually appealing…

Perhaps the creative used is low resolution.

What type of ads and what style is being used the most? Perhaps switch this up a bit and have an ad that is different to the norm. We all love to see something different from the rest, and this alone will be refreshing enough to get some clicks coming.

Can you include a call-to-action within the image? Can you remove a lot of text from your ad?

Too much text makes the ad ugly, and this can also limit your Facebook reach. Did you know it takes 2 seconds for a reader to look/ click on your ad? 1.5 seconds is dedicated to visuals, 0.5 is dedicated to your copy.

When focusing on your copy, you can use the data found earlier on about your customers and target audience to write compelling copy to encourage them to click on your ad.

What is it they want, and that you can offer?

Here are Facebook’s ad guidelines for you to follow.


It’s best to note that of April 2016 Facebook changed its 20% rule for pictures in its ads. What this means now is you can use as much text as you like, but it may be limited to who it can reach.

Split Testing Ads


Split testing otherwise known as A/B Testing allows you to analyze any underperforming ads. Just as you would do with Google AdWords, testing 2 variations of the same ad will ensure you get the results you want. What is great is you can split test your Facebook posts and ads.

When you do split testing ads you will need to take a look at the underperforming ad to determine what may have gone wrong and which ad provided the best results according to your goals.

For example, Advert A may be similar to Advert B, but with a different creative. If advert A is the best performing ad you can infer that the image on advert B was the fault as to why that one did not perform well.

Remember, Facebook is a platform that focuses on visuals, and the right appealing visual attracts the right customers. However, there are other factors as to why the ad may not be delivering the best results. The ad copy could be to blame too.

Also, take into account that even though one ad may have provided great results this time, it doesn’t mean it’s going to provide the same results the next time you use it.


What to look for in A/B testing

1) When posting, you need to focus on what the purpose is and what you expect to gain. Answering any questions determines what you share and how you do it.


2) You don’t need to change much in your split test ads; only focus on changing one or two elements so you have a better idea of what created the engagement.

You can see from the above image that the copy has changed for ad B, meaning that the copy is being tested.


3) Test images, headlines, copy and CTA.


4) Experiment with Audience targeting. As mentioned previously throughout this article being too niche in your audience targeting can result in little to no results. No, results, no conversion.


5) Track your results. I tend to use Bit.ly due to its tracking element, and it’s free to use.



It is all trial and error; however if you’re following the tips and advice throughout this article, focus on targeting your audience, and split testing your ads you should have a much better understanding of what should work for you.


Join the Livestream challenge

Are you livestreaming yet?

For many it’s hard to get going, you don’t know what you should say, have the fear that no one will watch and worse still if they do, laugh at you. Believe me, I know how you feel, I also know you are not alone. Many of the fantastic speakers we have and even some of our more confident delegates share the same anxieties when it comes to going live.

Our co-founder Lucy Hall wanted to get back into Livestream and found it hard, strange given she was one of the first regularly using periscope daily when it first came out. What changed? Quite simply life did, after giving birth to a second daughter and feeling unconfident it became harder and harder to get back in front of the camera.

To keep accountable Lucy set up a private group “the 14-day Livestream challenge”  and began the second phase of her Livestream journey. What has been remarkable is how many of us feel the same, we want to go live but don’t have the confidence.  This group is completely free, the only thing you will get is accountability and support.

If you want to build up the confidence to go live, and become consistent at it, take up the 14-day challenge

Beginner Livestreaming tips:

Sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction! Here are a few tips to get you going, everyone has a style, embrace it.

  • For the first few broadcasts, think about what you want to say, to help yourself out make your first broadcast an introduction, tell everyone who you are, why you are livestreaming and what you hope to get out of it.
  • Don’t get hung up on numbers, focus on your story as people will also watch it after.
  • Engage with people who join in, acknowledge them and ask questions as well as answer them.
  • Be yourself
  • Enjoy it
  • Give people warning and let them know in advance if you are going to do it regularly, pick the same time if you can.
  • Make sure you have a good signal, nothing worse than a bad WiFi connection to interrupt your flow

We look forward to seeing you live!

Introducing Facebook Marketplace – Sell Products In App!

Facebook was originally intended for friends to keep in touch, but with the rise of buy & sell groups appearing on the social network and after their addition of “for sale” type posts, they have added a new feature to make selling easier! Behold, Facebook Marketplace. 

As over 450 million people visit these buy and sell groups each month, Facebook saw it as an opportunity to improve and expand the experience. Facebook Marketplace is a convenient way to discover products in your area and buy & sell with your local community. Currently, it includes search by name, location and category – it’s never been easier for people to buy & sell on Facebook. 

To visit Marketplace, just tap on the shop icon where the Messenger button used to be and start exploring.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace instantly shows you the products that are for sale in your local area. For this to use you will need to have your Location Services turned on. If you’d like to search for something specific, use the search option at the top and filter by location, category and price.


Marketplace allows people to message the seller directly 100% seamlessly, which can do wonders for small local businesses. Facebook marketplace can work exceptionally well for those with handmade products, and your customers will be local too!


Here is how you post an item for sale:

  1. Take a photo of your item, or add it from your camera roll
  2. Enter a product name, description and price
  3. Confirm your location and select a category
  4. Post


Super duper easy peasy! Now your product is listed, people in yoru area will see it their marketplace and will message you if they want to buy it. You are also able to post to the Marketplace and your local Buy & Sell group at the same time. To find these, search “Buy & Sell [Your Town]” or “For Sale In [Your Town]”

Head over to the Your Items section to see your previous transactions and to delete any sold products.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to reach local customers for free, and very easily. If you aren’t listing your most popular products on the Marketplace, you are making a mistake. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or to shoot us a Tweet at @Social_Day

This has now been released in most countries. 

Top Tips For Using Video On Facebook

Facebook is pushing videos now more than ever, and live videos are included too. Not only do videos allow you to reach more people on Facebook, it is by far the most engaging type of content. Videos are more likely to get likes, comments and shares. If you aren’t using videos in your Facebook marketing strategy, you are making a huge mistake!

You can create good enough videos with your smartphone, they don’t have to be perfect all of the time. Invest in a smartphone with a good camera (or a digital camera), a microphone and a tripod suitable for the device you’re using.

Use Live Video

Live video gives you a way to interact with your audience in real-time and it gives them a real insight to your business. It is the best way to show off your authentic self. You have the option to livestream from your personal or business page – see which one works best for you.  Here at Social Day, we highly recommend that you implement live video into your strategy. Each live video is available forever on your page unless you delete it, and can be a reused.

Have Good Lighting

Try to light your face with natural light, as this will be more flattering and makes the video look much better. Consider investing in a lighting kit (I recommend a fluorescent light) if you are going to use video regularly.

Use Subtitles In Your Video

Quite often, it can be difficult for your audience to watch videos while they’re on the go as they don’t always have headphones. A way to get around this is by adding captions to your video. If your business is global, it would be a good idea to provide videos with subtitles in other languages and target them to the specific countries you operate in. This can increase engagement with overseas prospects hugely.

Create A Great Thumbnail

A thumbnail can be the difference between a watch or a skip. In previous experiments, I have found it best to use a shot of the video with people in it compared to text. However, if you don’t want to use an image from your video, you can always create your own with some like Canva and add it in.

Don’t Just Be Businessy

You don’t have to be all about business on Facebook, people like to see the real people behind the business. Why not join in with all the latest challenges, or just do a fun off-the-wall video. Maybe you’re out team building, film it and upload it! People want to work with people, not a Facebook Page. Have a little fun!

Include Your Call-To-Action

The point of a business video is to raise awareness of your business. Make sure you include a call-to-action in your videos as this is what will make sales. Send them to a relevant landing page. For instance, if your video is about circuit training, send them to a landing page with a free taster session.

Create Something That Is Highly Shareable

Videos are highly shareable pieces of content, and they can make your brand see thousands. Inspirational videos and those that are entertaining or informative are more likely to be shared than a general sales message – people share things to make themselves look good, they don’t want to help you.


Facebook just launched live video in messenger called Instant Video.

Facebook just launched live video in messenger!

The updates just keep rolling out for Facebook this year! Facebook just launched live video in messenger called Instant video! Another great feature Facebook should be applauded for.

Here’s what the team Facebook had to say:

‘we simply expect to have that ability in real-time, all the time. With Instant Video, you can bring your conversations to life in the most authentic way — seamlessly and instantly. It’s perfect for sharing quick moments with friends who aren’t right by your side or making your conversations richer by seeing each other face-to-face when you are messaging’

According to Facebook, here’s how it works:

‘First make sure that both you and your friend have the latest version of Messenger for either iOS or Android. Then, while both of you are viewing an open Messenger conversation, tap on the video icon in the top right corner to start sharing real-time video. Audio is off by default because sometimes you just need to see something, not hear it — but sound can easily be turned on if you choose. Your video will float over the active text conversation that you can continue while viewing the video. Your friend can watch your video stream and share a video back if they decide.’

instant video

Sounds awesome right?

Obviously this is a great fun feature for friends to keep in touch in real time with live video. But what are the uses for business? I can think of a few. Watch this space for our ideas for businesses using instant video in Facebook messenger.

How will you be using this new update?

Get the full story here.

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is still the most powerful Social Media platform available to marketers, allowing super targeted ads and also the ability to create highly engaging communities. It has the ability to generate £1000’s daily (with a matching budget) but can also generate revenue organically with more time input. Many businesses and marketers ruin the experience for others by posting spammy irrelevant content on their pages, and also in many groups. As with any Social Media platforms, there is an etiquette. In this blog post I will discuss what you should and shouldn’t be doing when marketing your business of Facebook.


Set up an account as a business

Thus violates Facebook’s Terms of Service and will result in an instant ban. Instead, give employees the relative permissions in the “Page Roles” section in your Page admin panel.

Just post sales posts

You should not just create posts that are advertising your products or services, this will only annoy your audience. Instead, post useful and valuable content your audience wants to see. Always aim to inform, educate or entertain your audience.

Spam Facebook Groups

This is one of the most annoying tactics that marketers use, and this actually stops people from engaging in groups. It’s a huge pet hate of mine. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING. You should never ever mindlessly share your posts into groups without actually engaging or worse still – posting completely irrelevant content into a group! There are better ways to market your business in Facebook groups and this is again by providing value and actually engaging with the group members. If you are going to post in Facebook groups, remember to actually engage in previous posts and don’t use the same copy and paste message, often there are people in multiple groups and will see your message many times.

Automate everything

Automation definitely has its place on Facebook, however every interaction with your audience should not be automated. Never use generic replies to your audience as this is impersonal and makes them feel like you don’t care about what they have to say. Keep your interactions personal by including names no replying directly to what the comment says. Make sure to include up-to-date posts showing what’s going on NOW in your business.

Use click bait headlines or articles

Click bait headlines are spammy looking headlines that entice you to click, like “you will NEVER believe what this girl did…” which doesn’t even state what users will find in the article. Usually these articles are used to generate clicks on pop up ads to get revenue. This is very bad practise and will often lose you your audience, plus Facebook now doesn’t show as much of it. 

Leave your companies “About” section blank

Often, I visit businesses Facebook Pages and their About section is completely empty. You cannot usually tell what a business does by its name and their posts, you have to tell people. Avoid using too must industry jargon as this could confuse potential customers if they are not up-to-date. 

Take ages to reply

Don’t take a long time to respond to your customers comments or queries, as most expect a reply within a few hours. Make sure to check your pages messages often, or even better – have the Pages Manager app downloaded on your phone. This means you can reply to your customers on the go. 

…Or ignore your customers

Customers will often comment on your posts either making conversation or with comments about your business. Make sure you reply to as many as possible. It’s SOCIAL Media remember?


Pay attention to data

Make sure to pay attention to what the analytics are telling you about your audience. See what post times and types of content work best by going into the Insights tab at the top of your page. In the same area, you can also see your audience demographics. This gives you a much greater insight into what’s working and what’s not in your Facebook marketing.

Compare pages with competitors

You should always keep an eye on competitors, and Facebook allows you to do that easily. Add competitors pages into your insights tab and you can compare some of their data with yours. This is also pretty fun if you’re competitive ????

Deliver great customer service

Great customer service goes a long way, and Tesco is definitely great at this. What started as a lighthearted complaint turned into a viral sensation after Rob from Tesco’s Customer Care team thought up a brilliant poem in reply to this customer. Many news outlets across the world covered this, this could be your chance for some press coverage!

Stay true to your brand

Even when you’re not sharing your own content, make sure you are still sharing content that is relevant to your brand and its mission. 

Take advantage of Facebook check-ins

This can be a great way to raise awareness of your event or your brick and mortar store. Encourage customers to check-in to your business in Facebook by offering them discounts or freebies when they’re in store. This means that their friends will see that they are at your shop which can encourage word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the most powerful form of advertising.

Ask people to join a group

If you have a group dedicated to your business on Facebook, never just invite people willy nilly as it will annoy the, and they may not be interested. Always ask first. Think small and engaged rather than large and empty. 

Add a “like” button on your blog or newsletter

To encourage potential customers to stay in contact and up to date with your business, place a like button onto your website with a reason for them to like your page. 

Tag other businesses in posts

When you are at an event, tag the businesses that are in the photos and videos as often as possible as this will show your content to their audience. This can work very well if you are sharing their content like a blog post or page on their website, and can even encourage industry leaders to engage with your page. Make sure not to post the same businesses multiple times in a short period as this can irritate them. 

Be a human!

Nobody likes talking to a robot! Show a human side the my our brand by giving an insight to behind the scenes and of your business and showing the people behind your brand. Participate in Internet challenges,take the odd selfie with a purpose, have fun with Social Media. People like to see the businesses they are working with or buying from. 

What do you want to know about Facebook marketing? Ask us in the comment box below!

Why is Live Video More Powerful Than Regular Video?

Video is by far the most popular type of content on the web, Facebook even predicts that most of our newsfeed will be video soon. Instead of reading long blog posts, it’s much easier to digest to information in a video.

Many people are simply too busy to read 1000+ words, yet they can watch your video whilst they are doing other things. Live broadcasts are the same thing. Viewers can have your live broadcast open in one tab and continue to work in the others, and can view it again and again if needed.

But why is live video so much more powerful than just general video content? I did some digging around to find out!

It’s real time and real life

This is what most viewers love, the fact that it’s real time and it’s real life. A live video can not be edited to look pristine and perfect, and so gives viewers are more raw look into your day. Video’s that are recorded, edited and posted up often look to rehearsed and fake which can really put off an audience. Also, the great thing about live videos is that your audience can interact with you in real time and see your body language and expressions, thus enabling them to get to know you better.

You can engage your audience in a live broadcast

Thanks to the amazing livestream platforms we have, our viewers can comment, like and ask questions during the broadcast which allows you to engage with your audience in a much different way. You can answer questions live, have a chat, and even get valuable feedback.

You can create a community

When you livestream to your audience, they feel like they are directly talking to you (which of course, they are!) and thus feel more of a connection with you and your brand. You can create communities when you livestream as often the same people will come online and watch you. You could create groups for your viewers to have a chat in! Gary Vaynerchuk has an awesome community on his livestreams, all you need to do is check out his comments on every stream.

Gather virtual attendees for an event

Some people cannot make events, but often still want to see what’s going on due to Fear Of Missing Out. When you livestream your event, you make your audience feel like they are there with you whereas a prerecorded video doesn’t have the same kind of effect.

Livestreaming is easier than recording and uploading

To connect with your audience on livestream, all you need to do is grab your smartphone and press a couple of buttons, and instantly you’re in front of your audience. This is a much quicker way of producing video content as you don’t need to worry about staring at a screen for hours editing the video to make it look perfect.

Want to stream and upload on a mountain? Go for it!

At a cool race track? Stream it!

Livestream is meant to be raw and imperfect. Plus, you can also save the livestream and use it on different platforms.

Livestreaming can benefit your business is countless different ways, all you need to do is try!




How To Use Livestreaming For Your Business

Livestreaming is a fantastic way to grow your audience, it’s no surprise why it has skyrocketed the Social Media world in 2016. I have been on a livestreaming journey after joining Peri10k, and haven’t looked back since. Whether you’re streaming from Periscope or Facebook Live, live video is so popular because it brings the world together in a more personal way.  From Facebook Live to Periscope, the technology world is focused on live video because it brings us together around ideas, events, and the people that matter most to us.

Livestreaming has brought me new opportunities, I’ve met new people and have expanded my audience way quicker than in any other form of Social Media Marketing. In this blog we will be looking at why you should be livestreaming and how you can implement it into your business.

Why Should You Livestream?

Livestreaming allows you to connect with your audience

LivestreamiIng works so well because it allows people to get to know the person behind the brand. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a full time business owner, you can easily meet like-minded people who are interested in what you have to say or sell.  

Livestreaming engages and grows your audience much quicker

My first ever live stream achieved over 230 unique views and 2 enquiries – and this was when I had no experience. Whether you’re streaming on Facebook, Periscope or on Blab, you can grow your audience quickly and easily, and they will also be more likely to crawl out from under their rocks and engage with your content.

Livestreaming Uses Your Business Time Wisely

So you’re already Tweeting, Facebook and Snapping – you have time to livestream! We all know that it can take a while to see results from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc – it’s more of a marathon that a sprint. Livestreaming can often yield results much quicker.

Livestreaming Provides Value To Your Audience

There is nothing more important than providing value to your audience when marketing on Social Media – you should never just sell, sell, sell. Instead, livestreaming allows your audience to interact with you in real time and they can ask you questions – whilst getting an instant reply. By allowing your customers behind the scenes into your business, they get to see what you’re about, your expertise, and maybe even have a giggle at the same time.

You Can Build Relationships With Your Audience

Building relationships is crucial in your social media marketing strategy, and livestream is a fun way to do this! Livestreaming allows your audience to see your expression and body language, and get to know you as a person. By being yourself you can connect with your customers on a much more personal level, plus you can get to know their pain points a little better. Not only is it marketing, but it’s also very helpful market research for your business.

Livestreaming Can Deliver a Consistent Message

When you livestream consistently, you can deliver a constant message for your brand in unique ways. You should never say the same things over to deliver the same message, instead, find new and creative ways to deliver it. You should deliver visual consistency as well as consistency with your content.

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

There are thousands of people who have made money through creating silly videos (like putting your phone in a blender!) and also livestreaming gigs, there is a place for everyone online. You do not need to be a celebrity to be a popular livestreamer, you just need to let your personality shine through and make sure to follow up with any potential leads.

Okay, so now we’ve gone through some of the reasons you should be livestreaming, let’s look at the ways you can livestream for your business!

How To Use Livestreaming For Your Business

Host A Q&A

This is something that we are implementing here at Social Day. Simply gather questions from your audience about your topic of expertise, and let everyone know when you will be live! We recommend taking questions while you are live on air too as you will likely reach more of an audience.

Stream Live Events

Are you going to an awesome event in your industry? Why not livestream you walking around and giving everyone a tour of what’s going on? This can be fantastic as many people can’t make industry events and will help them see what’s going on, and why they should be there! AND, if somebody in your audience is there – you could even meet up with them!

Interview Industry Thought Leaders

These can be extremely popular with your audience as they will often have questions for the thought leader themselves. Simply create a relationship with a thought leader and ask them when the time is right, it’s as simple as that! You can even get your audience involved and generate buzz around the event by announcing it ahead of time.

Behind The Scenes In Your Business

Do you have an awesome team you want everyone to meet? Get them to join you on livestream! Show your audience what goes on in the office on a Friday afternoon, or maybe what’s going on on the factory floor. The funnier it is, the more likely it is to go viral.

Host Live Mini-Courses

Teach your audience to do something relevant in your industry. Are you a baker? Teach everyone how to bake awesome cupcakes – live so they can follow along with you. Or maybe you’re a personal trainer – you can teach everyone your workout for the day!

Stream A Product Launch

Product launches are seen as VIP events, and so if you share this experience with your audience they will feel more of a connection with your brand.

Livestream You Working

Do you have a visually appealing job? Whether you’re an artist or not, it can be fairly simply for some businesses to make their work more visually appealing. Livestream a cool project you’re working on (check permission with client where needed) and show everyone how it’s done. This can be great for showing off how good you are, and depending on how creative it can go viral.

Join In With Social Media Challenges

There is pretty much always a social media challenge going on, whether it’s the ice bucket challenge or painting on 100 layers of nailvarnish, there are so many different ones! See if your team will join in too, as a team of 5 can be livestreamed daily for each weekday!

Do Special Announcements

Have you got something awesome coming up in your business? This is a great opportunity to livestream! Instead of doing the typical announcement post, announce the livestream to generate buzz and livestream the actual announcement.
There are so many ways for you to use livestream for your business, these are just a few of them. On the 18th August in Maidstone, we have myself, Britt Wyatt (She Who Bakes) and Lucy Hall in Maidstone to teach you how to use livestreaming for your business, click here to find out more!

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