Launching live – build your business with Livestream – Chris Ducker

Launching Live – how to build your business with Livestream, we talk to Chris Ducker who has built up his own business using Livestream.

Chris talks through some of the common issues that face business owners and brand builders when it comes to trying to establish yourself online.  We talk about which accounts you should use, how to act and how to promote the content.

We also look at how to avoid going live for the sake of it and creating a culture of value for your audience and your business.

How to follow up on other channels and how you can re-target your views through adverts to drive better conversions.

Chris will be going into far more detail as the keynote of Socialday, if you have not already booked your ticket buy one today HERE


Q&A with Amrit Singh – Livestream community

We had the privilege of chatting with Amrit Singh who has made a name for himself as one of the most watched Livestreamers on periscope, with his artistic talent it’s understandable.

Amrit tells us how he got started and gives us an insight into how he has built an engaged community, His Periscope broadcasts have reached over 2.5 million viewers worldwide and have been featured multiple times by Periscope, Twitter, Mashable, Huffington Post, Adweek, International Business Times and Sky News. Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube:

Amrit has worked with many blue chip companies around the world to deliver first class design, branding and social media solutions. Amrit is one of the top creative broadcasters on Periscope and is known for live streaming his art, travels and humanitarian work.

You can see Amrit in London on the 16th June, click here to book tickets

For now though get comfortable and enjoy the interview


Influencer Marketing – What you need to know

Episode 10 of the Social Day podcast is now live, we talk with Philip Brown, Head of Influencer Marketing at Come Round, a digital marketing agency.

Philip talks us through what his definition of Influencer marketing is, who makes and influencer and how SME’s can use them as part of a digital marketing campaign. We also talk about how you should measure results (some good tips for Instagram marketing and some tools for measuring reach)

We discuss how you should find influencers and approach them, what you should be looking out for during those first conversations with influencers who are working with your brand.

We really enjoyed talking to Philip, we first noticed his posts on LinkedIn, he is worth connecting with or following, he writes some great objective articles which are always balanced and well thought out.

Meet Dan Knowlton

This week we dropped down to KPS Digital Marketing to have a chat with Dan Knowlton about his session at the next SocialDay.  We also spent some time during this episode of “unplugged” talking about how Dan got started, who influences him and what are his best bits from 2016.

We also discuss Dan’s tips for businesses to help drive better engagement and how to analyse those all important results.

drop on to Dans profile for this exclusive interview.


Meet the Harry Hugo

Ever wanted to get a flavour for what the socialday speakers are really like, well now you can.  We have been busy going and meeting our speakers and finding out a bit more about them, first up you can hear from Harry Hugo

Check out his speaker profile and watch our 20 minute chat about how he founded the Goat Agency, the lessons he has learned and where he see’s Influencer marketing going.


AM Marketing talks to Social Day about digital marketing

Amy McManus owner of Kent Marketing and PR Business of the Year 2015, AM Marketing talks to us about digital marketing:

Amy thanks for talking with us, let’s start with what got you into digital marketing?
I used to work in marketing on the retail / promotions side and did a lot of new product launches for companies such as Holland and Barrett, Amazon and Harrods. Digital was really growing at this stage and I could see huge potential for the future. Digital has amazing targeting options and an incredible ability to measure return on investment. As a marketing professional, making my campaigns financially viable for my clients was key. When I first went solo as a marketing consultant, it was clear that digital marketing was a black art and I met a lot of clients that had been burnt by contracts they didn’t understand. I trained and became Google to offer my clients an additional service, but it quickly became the largest part of the business. Today we are a Google Partner agency. 🙂

What are the biggest challenges you face at the moment in trying to get value for your clients?
As with traditional forms of marketing, it’s the ability to get results with smaller budgets. I work with a lot of charities and small local businesses who often don’t have any marketing budget. It’s our job to make sure that whatever they spend on marketing, they make it back and then some. It is someone’s hard-earned money or charity donations from supporters, so it is really important to us. We treat it as though it is coming out of our own pocket. We therefore have to make sure that the marketing activities we recommend are the right option. This is why I introduced our 3 month probation period for all of our clients. If they do not see results after 3 months, they can cancel the contract. No fees or bad blood. It’s just to show our clients that we are as serious about helping their business as they are. It has to be financially viable for them and they have to be comfortable; that’s what we’re here for!

Which of the platforms do you prefer to work with? And why?
As a Google Partner, we’re specialists in Adwords,YouTube and Google Display Network platforms. My favourite platform is YouTube as you can get really creative with it. I get to use a lot of local freelancers and artists for videos, voice overs, music etc. and the finished result is always really fab to see. We also get great engagement with YouTube and can target advertising really precisely.
In terms of the classic social media platforms, I love Instagram. I like the fact that everyone has the same size space to work with so you’ve got to get creative! Photography is a big hobby of mine, so I love looking at people’s work, a lot of which is just on a mobile phone. Amazing what people can create on their phones nowadays.

What opportunities do you see in the emerging networks such as snapchat or the broadcast platforms such as periscope?
More brands are coming round to these platforms and realising the power live content has for your marketing. Broadcast platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat etc. allow companies to finally show a side of themselves that pre-produced materials and signed-off content never could. I’m a big believer in the power of ‘humanising’ your brand and live content allows this to a level never seen before. It gives the customer a reason to engage there and then, ‘be there or be square.’ It’s like having a VIP ticket to access all areas. The brand just has to make sure that it’s worth the customers’ effort!
Snapchat is a great way to target younger individuals (around 50% of users are aged 18-24). Due to the time constraint, again it encourages people to ‘be there or be square.’ If you’re not engaged, you may miss out on a deal, important information or the latest news.
We’re completely smothered by content and advertising every day, so live and time-restrictive content is going to make a huge impact.

What’s the most impressive digital campaign you have seen? (does not need to be one you worked on)
Aside for our own stuff… 😉
I like clever campaigns that aren’t necessarily massive, but make me sit up and take note.
Marmite ran a Christmas campaign on Facebook in November / December 2015 called Naughty or Nice. The idea behind it was to purchase personalised Marmite jars for your friends and family. If they were nice and loved Marmite, you personalised a ‘Nice’ jar for them. If they were naughty and hated Marmite, you bought the ‘Naughty’ jar. The advertising and purchase was exclusive to Facebook. It was a really great play on the classic ‘Love It or hate It’ campaign that we all know and love, but with seasonal focus for Christmas. I bought 5 jars…If you can market to a marketeer then you deserve the sale. 😀

If you were starting out all over again what advice would you give yourself?
1) You’ll be fine; it’s going to go well.
2) Don’t worry so much.
3) Take a step back and remember to enjoy your achievements.

Any pet hates or practices you see which drive you mad?
They all rest on the premises of fairness and honesty.
1) When people use confusing jargon as a sales technique. Scaring people into a contract is not on!
2) Promising results that cannot be achieved and a miss-management of expectations.
3) I also have a pet hate for long links left Facebook posts…messy!
4) Finally, when people ask for shares to enter a competition. It’s against Facebook terms and conditions, but people do it anyway!

Amy is holding a YouTube marketing workshop at social day on the 23rd March in London.

BLAB Queen: Interview with Hilary Steel

Why is blab a platform businesses should be adopting?

Blab is a live streaming platform where businesses can accelerate their ‘social’ interaction with their consumers. It is linked to your twitter profile meaning that part of your twitter strategy should be to feed your audience to your live streaming Blabs. As an industry expert, you can demonstrate your excellence in real time by hosting focused discussions and encouraging people to join you in one of the three remaining ‘hot seats’ that they platform offers. I don’t see Blab as a direct selling platform, it’s definitely about the engagement and relationship building, which can definitely be done at a super-fast pace. If you aren’t afraid of representing your brand in real time then Blab should, without a doubt, be included as part of your growth strategy.

You also run a business magazine and events portfolio for women in business, how do you engage with your readers? Any specific social networks that work better than others for you?

We actively use Social Media to engage with our audience as well as hosting events that increase the power of the network as a whole. For us it isn’t just about posting links and driving traffic to a certain webpage, it’s about listening to people and using what they tell us to ensure we provide the right content, both online and offline. Our readers are able to contact us directly, which maintains the personal feel to our whole business operation. Twitter, Facebook and Blab work the best for us. We have tried other platforms but we are directed by where our audience hangs out!

Have you embedded a social media strategy into your businesses to help them grow?, what are most important steps to take when considering a strategy for social media?

Having a plan for your social media activity is vital for two reasons, 1) so you have a clear vision about what it is you want to achieve and 2) you can measure your activity and find out what’s working and what isn’t. Our social media plan is as important as our business plan and it is a living plan, one that we regularly update and evaluate. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be clear!

Have you been impressed with a Social media campaign, which one and why?

We recently ran a campaign that directed our twitter followers to a specific series of live streaming business growth Blabs that we were hosting. The audience we reached was literally worldwide and as a result a new ‘branch’ of our business was created to meet the demand and needs of this new found audience.

Some of our readers are starting out, not only as Social media managers, but as start-ups, any tips to help them grow?

Again, start with a plan. If you feel as though you are fish out of water watch what other people are doing and get a feel for the various platforms. Not all suit all, and the only way you will know for sure is to test them out. I like to think of all social media networks as an extension to my offline marketing strategy and all activities are entwined and not stand alone processes.

Any pet hates or practices you see that drive you mad?

I personally am not a fan of auto direct messaging on Twitter. When I follow someone and then receive a message telling me to use a discount code to buy from them or telling me to like their Facebook page. A HUGE step in the building relationship process has been skipped and instead of engaging me, they have instantly alienated me.

We are launching a Raising Standards of Social Media campaign, anything you would like to see included in the charter?

Social Media isn’t an anonymous world, far from it. The only difference between engaging with people offline and online is that your online words will always be out there in the public domain. I think people should be made aware of the potential impact their online footprint can have on them further down the line. I think that creating a ‘best practices’ guide could help people maintain their online ‘persona’ in a positive light!

Hilary Steel is speaking about Blab on Social Day and has since launched a magazine called ‘the livestreamer’ – We can’t wait to hear about it!

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