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Announcing our official media partner

We are delighted to announce the official media partner for SocialDay social media marketing festival in 2018 will be WeRSM (wersm.com)


WeRSM is our first port of call for the latest news, views and interviews from fellow professionals from the world of Social Media Marketing. Some of the many delegates and speakers have been featured on the their podcast series and the articles are well written and are always a good reflection of the industry. We know how hard it is to continually keep up with the pace of change in Social Media Marketing, with a fantastic network of journalists and guest writers WeRSM manage to keep up with the latest innovation within our industry. It is also refreshing to find a media outlet that understands that its audience are largely experienced in marketing and social media and the content that produced is pitched at the correct level.    

You can check out these three amazing ladies for starters all of whom have a connection with SocialDay in one form or another, Lucy Hall – Co Founder of SocialDay, Kirstie Smith past delegate and Victoria Taylor previous speaker:

Sharing many of the core values we are delighted to have WerSM onboard as a media partner as its a news and information site we actually use, make sure you are getting the latest insights and industry opinion by checking out the website wersm.com

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