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Katya Varbanova – Speaker, Consultant, the Mastermind Behind #Peri10k and the Shareathon™


Katya Varbanova

Katya is an Entrepreneur and Live Streaming Strategist who is passionate about connecting changemakers and thought leaders online, helping them to spread their message and working with them to grow their businesses through the power of Live Video. 
Thanks to her collaborative principles and networking formulas, Katya has experienced tremendous success throughout her professional life. She started a membership business from scratch growing it to 60 paying members in 60 days, allowing her to quit her 9-5 job at the age of 24.
Katya loves teaching other entrepreneurs and SMEs how to bring more clients through Live Streaming and collaboration. She is known for bringing ‘spanking accountability’ on the table by helping people drop their excuses and owning their magical powers. 
Today Katya continues to grow one of the most influential Live Streaming communities for changemakers and thought leaders – Peri10k – and she has the pleasure of building her vision full time. 
Katya is a speaker on the topic of collaboration and building communities of devoted fans. When not working or Periscoping, she enjoys playing tennis, playing the piano and watching movies.  

Twitter & Periscope: @lunchepreneurs


David Shaw – Entrepreneur, digital marketing specialist & Social Day speaker!

David Shaw Social Day 2015David is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Virally, a content marketing tool to get you more downloads of your ebooks and whitepapers.

He is also a whizz on all things digital, technology and how we can create amazing experiences and believes that sales, marketing and technology are all becoming one. To get the best out of all of this, David encourages businesses to win the mind of the customer and put them at the centre of their businesses.

David is a father of one amazing little boy who and lives with his partner of 13 years in Broadstairs, Kent. He is also a passionate Spurs fan!

Check out David’s website for invaluable blog posts and podcasts about helping you to get the best of digital marketing and technology and see him share his exclusive insights at Social Day on 9th November.

Twitter & Periscope: @Davidmarkshaw

Website: http://davidmarkshaw.com/

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