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23 free tools to help your Social SEO

Cody Stallard is an Online Marketing & SEO enthusiast for SMEs. Having spent 13 months in South Korea teaching English, and building a creative organisation, Cody is now working as the Community Manager for The Wholesale Forums (The UK’s leading networking community & independent advice forum for trade buyers and suppliers). He talks us through his top tools for search engine optimisation.

The tools have been split into 3 areas

  • Link Building
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research


Link Building:

Check my Links – Google Chrome Extension – This tool will check your webpages for any broken links. Link

Domain Hunter+ – Chrome Extension – Similar to Check My Links, though also shows you if any of the broken links domains
are available for registration.

LinkMiner – Chrome Extention – Exactly the same as the above two broken link checkers, however this tool is even more helpful when targeting your competition as it shows how many links are pointing to the broken ones.

Open Site Explorer – Moz tool – A nifty creation by Moz, allows you to see who links to your site, and who links to your competitors. This tool also shows you broken and old links on your webpages. (N.B, This is a limited tool – you will need to purchase for more features)

Disavow Links Tool – Google Tool – If your site is being affected by low quality or bad spammy links you have no control over you can use to this tool to tell Google to not take those links into consideration when reviewing your site.

SkyRocket – SkyRocket shows you pages that have already linked to content similar to your chosen topic. You can then use one of the above tools to check for broken links.

Buzzsumo – This is a great little tool that allows you to find content that performs the highest for any topic or competitor. If you want to find out whether or not a piece on FREE SEO Tools has been created, how well it did, and who published it, then this is the tool to
go for.

SEOquake – Chrome and Firefox Extension – This tool shows you metrics such as domain age, number of backlinks and much more. You can use this whilst on Google (Or Firefox) search results as well.



Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics – For those that are serious about their SEO, CTR, Traffic etc.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer – I’ve not used this one myself, however this tools adds filters to your GA account to block/ remove a ton of well-known spam referral websites from your main domain.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test – We should all know this one. Keep your site mobile friendly otherwise Google will rank your site lower!

Google Search Console – This has a ton of tools provided by Google that helps show you any issues with your site, security issues, indexed pages, submit new content for crawling, and what sites link to yours and so much more If you want to monitor and maintain the your site’s
presence, then this is something for you.

Google PageSpeed Insights – If you didn’t already know, Google uses your site’s speed as a ranking factor, and if it’s not up to scratch then that’ll be affected. This tool tells you if your site is fast or slow as well as showing you suggestions for improvements.

Sitemap Validators – There thousands of sites, tools and plugins out there today that can you with making sure you have valid sitemaps – which then need to be submitted to Google – however here’s a link to some that Google has suggested, but not tested. https://code.google.com/archive/p/sitemapgenerators/wikis/SitemapGenerators.wiki

Open SEO Stats – Google Chrome Extension – This tools shows web rank, SEO stats of other sites, such as Alexa ranking, Indexed pages, Page, Speed and so much more.

Panguin Tool – We’ve all been there, resulted in a penalty from Google Panda and, or Penguin. This tool hooks up to your Analytics account and shows you if your traffic dropped at the same time as a Google update. Very handy for getting a better idea of what each update does and impact.

WooRank – Google Chrome Extension – This tool analyses your webpages and let’s you know if your site is optimised for mobiles, how fast it loads, and if any title tags are too long. You can use this analyse your competitors sites too.



Keyword Research:

Google Keyword Planner – A tool built into AdWords that allows you to grab a bunch of keywords by using your website URL or a particular topic. Use this tool to get monthly search estimates, and bids for a keyword.

Google Correlate – Google correlate shows keywords that get search for together, which is useful if you’re looking to target more thorough keywords or run different targeted campaigns.

Google Trends – Got what you think is a great keyword? Why not see at what point it’s the most popular by using this tool. You’ll be able to tell whether it is seasonal, therefore helping you to create content ready for that season.

Seed Keywords – This tool allows you to create a scenario, in which you will ask what would people search for, therefore giving you a list of real keywords in a real scenario.

Wordtracker Scout – Google Chrome Extension – Another free Chrome extension that allows you to pick out keywords from a piece of
content all with the click of a button.

SEO Mofo – You’ve created your piece of content, but have no idea how it’s going to look in Google. In order to make sure you title and description is all readable within the word viewable limit on Google this tool gives you a preview of what it will look like.


Article contributed by Cody Stallard if you would like to contribute to SocialDay drop us a line

Visual Social Media Toolkit: The tools that make social media image and video creation easy

Social media marketing is tough, you need to be present, you need to be creative, you need to be strategic. So then how is it possible to do all of this when perhaps as either business owners and marketers our time is limited and all of these things are different skill sets? TOOLS of course!

Over the last few years as social media has become a mainstay in marketing the tools for managing social media have become more and more sophisticated. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are the norm in a social media managers life now as being able to batch schedule to free up time for engagement is key to a successful, consistent social media strategy.

There are more impressive tools out there for image and video creation too, if you haven’t heard of Canva yet… where have you even been? – Canva is a visual social media tool where you can create fantastic images for your social media profiles without the need for a designer or photoshop skills.

These tools above are more or less staples of a social media managers business tool kit. How did we even manage before Canva and Buffer? I suppose there was Pic Monkey... Actually Pic Monkey is also pretty good, having had a major update recently, also you can’t really crop with Canva (or at least I haven’t worked out how to) with Canva you can crop and create transparent PNG images, with Canva you can but you have to pay for that, not much mind you but I always think it’s best to have a few tools in your bag. For cutting your images out onto a transparent background normally you’d have to use photoshop or pay a designer to batch crop your products, well no more is that the case, there’s 2 tools I use to cut out busy backgrounds and they are clipping magic and background bonanza. Both have a free version and both have a paid version and you are talking a few small pounds per month and the tool literally evaporates your backgrounds in a click of a switch.

Adobe not wanting to be left out of the easy templated image creation space launched Adobe Spark, it’s free, it’s fantastic and it’s very easy to use. Again no photoshop skills required, perfect for your blog headers, facebook and twitter images. All cropped to the right size for each social network. Actually Spark has even more to offer than the Canva’s and Pic Monkey because it also offers a video creation template (well several actually) you can upload or use the free stock images and video provided to create some great videos with text overlay and music, you can also easily record your voice over the top with a click of a button. They also include story templates which takes the planning out of the videos slightly, meaning if you have a creative video / slideshow idea then it’s easy just to populate the story very quickly. It’s also worth mentioning that Buffer have an Image creation tool too called Pablo (awesome name, I know) It’s very easy to batch create images and you can schedule them straight out though buffer.


Then there’s the image apps for your phone, i’ve personally been in love with Wordswag App for a long time now, it so easy to use and to create attractive images within seconds from your phone. There is an issue though, now that so many people are using it some of the designs do look a bit samey.. so it’s okay to have the tools but I think you still have to think creatively in terms of the images you create.. have you seen someone else using the same images and fonts? if so try to change it up a bit. Typorama is also a staple on my iPhone, it’s practically the same as wordswag, in fact the free images library they use is the same (pixabay) but the font are different. With both you have the ability to upload your logo to make your images look branded. It’s worth sticking to a design type or colour scheme for all of your brands content this way you’ll become instantly recognisable over time to clients and potential customers on social media. Some other similar tools I have on my phone for this reason are PicsArt, Photocandy and of course Canva (There you go Canva…. is that enough of a shout out for you).

Not only have the image creation tools exploded over the past couple of year but video tools are also getting more and more sophisticated. The more we use our smartphones to create the more there became a need for post production video tools that we can use easily on our phone, not only that but many of us don’t want to be on screen and so there are tools that make it really simple to create video (literally drag and drop) with stock image and animation just like Adobe Spark I mentioned earlier. These include web tools like Biteable, Biteable is one of my personal favourites it’s free or low cost (I would get the paid version to remove the Biteable branding literally £100 for the year). They have heaps of animation and footage available that you can drag drop and edit easily. Then there’s Animoto, again Animoto is a great tool for creating drag and drop animation.


The video apps for your smartphone are so easy to use, so easy that it even makes video creation fun! Now you can be creative without needing the technical skills to see your stories instantly come to life! Tools like Ripl are fantastic for creating templated short video for social media. Like Typorama (I mentioned earlier) there is Videorama which literally does the same thing but for video. If you are an iPhone user i recommend that you use iMovie the app for post iPhone video production, it’s so easy to use and it’s free! Perfect for editing short pre recorded video.

Gifs are trendy again, remember myspace? it used to be bursting with fun and colourful animated gifs! Well, they are back! Since the major social networks started to accept Gifs we’ve all gone gif mad. If you aren’t in on the Gif action, then download the Giphy cam app or Gif X, these tools enable you to create fun and eye catching images right from your phone that you can embed in blogs and share on social media. Oh again, they are so simple to use.






Avatars of yourself are a fun way to show your personality without having to show your face, BitMoji is wonderful for creating your own avatar to share on social media or to add to your Canva images and so on. It’s actually owned by Snapchat and so integrated seamlessly. This app is available for your phone or even as a Chrome extension. You can even dress up in different outfits depending on the way you feel. Get the keyboard extension too so you can reply to social media massages with a simple avatar that gives a visual representation of how you are feeling. Emoji Me is also top for this, you can literally create an emoji that looks exactly like you wrinkles and all!

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