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How to convince your boss that you need attend SocialDay

Do you want to come to SocialDayUK but you need to convince your line manager that taking some time out of the office is a good idea? Also… you need them to cover the cost. Our delegates are usually senior marketers in agencies and brands, or founders (luckily you founders can make up your own minds, but not everyone has that ability)

Convincing your boss that:

The conference is worth attending.
You should have the time off to attend.
The cost is an investment in you.



This can often be a tricky subject to address, we are all busy, it’s never a good time to be out the office with client pressures and business demands, however, if you put the case across you could also be heading to join your peers on the 30th May – 1st June.
Let’s start with some of the top reasons your boss should let you come to SocialDayUK

  • The Content – SocialDay gives you access to sessions and topics that you might not normally get to see. It might be not just listening to the Head of Twitter in the UK, but we also have a wide variety of case studies, hear from your peers about what worked and lessons that were learned along the way!
  • Professional Development (CPD) – For 2018 we have CPD accreditation meaning that those hours you spend attending will all count to your CPD, we will even print you off a certificate for your records.
  • Cost – The cost of training varies from place to place, given the quality of our speakers and a whole day of interactive workshops you’ll be hard-pressed to find 3 days training with CPD and the variety of topics we are covering for a similar price!
  • We record all sessions – We have all been to an event, and in the next team meeting we need to report back what we took away. Fear not, at SocialDay we record all sessions so you can watch back and relive the presentations, workshops and keynotes over and over again.
  • Networking – Regardless of working within an agency or brand the legendary networking at SocailDay often leads to not just new friends, or clients, suppliers some of our delegates have even found employment! If you are currently looking to attract the best talent to your business then the quality of delegates is second to none!
  • Location – The event is in Central London, if you already based in the city then it’s extremely easy to get to the venue, being in central London WC1. If you are based outside London, then we have a morning dedicated to registration on the 30th May meaning you don’t have to get here the night before (unless you want to) and being central you are close to a wide variety of hotels of all budgets.
  • Speakers – We have sourced all the speakers, they are the key people who “work” in the industry, they have clients and understand your challenges, they have come to SocialDay to share what they have learned, what you won’t find is someone who just talks for a living! We have the social networks and case studies from McDonald’s, Jungle Creations, McVities, Coca-Cola to name a few.
  • Lunch – We like our friends in the audience to be focused on the sessions, not sat in the auditorium with a rumbling stomach wondering where the nearest food outlet is, so we provide lunch on the full days and coffee and tea in the breaks, leaving you free to network and one less receipt your accounts team needs to worry about.

How do I approach asking?

In reality, asking to attend a conference will mean a few common things for the individual who will sign off your expenses and authorise the 3 days as a work trip?

  1. Additional cost
  2. Time off
  3. What is the benefit to the organisation?

Put yourself in their shoes, structure the case for attending and maximise your chance of attending by highlighting the relevant sessions, the full program can be found here:

  • Structure your proposition, start with Impact on workflow – how your time will be covered?
  • Content – what is relevant to your business/department? what will you be able to implement on your return?
  • What is the cost of the trip? (make it easy for them to see the value, against 3 days of training)
  • Who are the keynote speakers and why is it important to hear what they are saying? (Twitter, Facebook, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Live Stream, competitor case studies)
  • Audience – who is attending, who could you be networking with, how will this impact the business?
  • How will the event help deliver current and future KPI’s?

In practice it’s always better to get some dedicated time to sit down and talk through event attendance, it’s never a good idea to tack it on to the end of another meeting or ask when your boss is on the way to a pressing meeting. Make time, be prepared to follow up, put a good case together.
Most good bosses and HR teams have a budget to invest in staff, more often than not it gets overlooked simply because we are all very busy and in this day and age your development may not be at the top of the to-do list!

Once you have approval, spend some time to circulate to key stakeholders in the team what you took away from the event, what you can implement, it will make future trips easier to obtain as the value can be seen, you have put what you’ve learnt into action.
We look forward to seeing you at SocialDay!

Book your ticket today:

Picture Imperfect – Law surrounding social media pictures and video


Picture Imperfect

With the festive season in full swing, it’s the time of year to let your hair down and enjoy the festivities. Partygoers beware though, as wild behaviour is very likely to be recorded for posterity and posted on social media for the world to enjoy!  But are people allowed to record and share your more embarrassing moments without your permission and what does the law have to say?

Sarah Garner, solicitor at DAS Law, looks at the rules surrounding social media photos and videos…


If photos and/or videos taken without my knowledge or consent, who owns the images?

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 provides that the author of a photograph is the person who creates it.  The person who takes the photograph/video will own the copyright unless the photo/video was created by a person in the course of their employment.  In this case the copyright will be owned by the employer.


Can I have photos removed from social media or stop them being shared?

In UK law there is generally no right to privacy where an image/video is taken in a public place.  In a case involving Naomi Campbell, the court determined that the publication of photographs taken in public would only be prevented if they were obviously private, or were offensive in some other way.  This would include a person being caused humiliation or severe embarrassment.

Most social media companies have policies in place that although the creator of the photo/video is the owner, once they are uploaded you are granting a licence to that social media company to use or allow others to use that photo/video.

Due to the lack of privacy laws the courts are generally relying upon decisions in previous cases for their findings. Publication of photographs can be prevented if they were commissioned to be taken but were then used for an unauthorised purpose.

The author of the photo/video would need to delete the photo/video from their social media account for it to be removed.  However, if the photo/video has been shared by another user it is unlikely that it can be removed.

Can I insist they are permanently deleted and how do I go about this?

Being able to get photos/videos removed from social media is highly unlikely especially if the photo/video has already been viewed/shared.  The legal recourses available to prevent or remove photos/videos are a court injunction, a court order for return or destruction, or damages by way of financial compensation.

Most social media companies will block or remove photos/videos that breach their policies regarding containing offensive material or images but this would be at the discretion of the particular social media company.  You can however report any image or video for them to consider if it breaches their policies.



Oh what a day! Social Day Birmingham… 27th April 2017 was a day not to be missed if you work in social media or you run a business where you are responsible for the content and social media. Why? because we got together and learnt, we networked, we created and we laughed. And if you didn’t make it don’t worry, i’ve put together a roundup to give you a flavour (just a flavour… you should have been there!) of what went on…. So I want you to grab a cup of tea and relax, soak it up and imagine what it’s like to be part of something so special..

Social Day Birmingham kicked off with Julia Bramble, Julia talked about the importance of human interaction in a digital world. She threw colourful paper around the room exclaiming it was just like the content people share on social media… colourful rubbish. Julia asked us to think about the content we create and to remember the importance of just making more in depth connections with our customers.

Next up came Daniel Knowlton. To kick off his talk Daniel ran a giveaway asking the audience to post up a tweet with a selfie on social media, the winner was to take away 2 emoji cushions and bottle of bubbly, this got everyone creating content and interacting straight away. Daniel then took the topic of Influencer marketing and flipped it, telling the audience how they could become influencers online in their own right by creating incredible content, giving away valuable information for free that actually helps people. Daniel has used this strategy in his business to become on of the top influential digital marketers in the world.

Desi Dobreva talked about how to really use instagram for business sharing her top tools and ideas for growing a following. Desi explained that using hashtags in Instagram posts should be a key strategy. She also talked about the importance of branding in Instagram and social media. A great Instagram feed should be instantly recognisable as your own brand, in your own brand colours and style. To do this Desi explained that you should stick to certain colours and if possible stay away from the selfies! Again make sure you are posting consistently and using the stories and livestream capabilities available in the Instagram App.

After the break we heard from Cas Majid. Cas took us through his 8 steps to social media strategy success. Before he began his step by step talk he reminded us that with social media there are no silver bullets and that everything is different based on the objective of each company. Cas took us though his social media strategy beginning with: Start with the end in mind meaning that we need to have a goal to work towards, you can’t have a strategy without an objective. He then said before jump in we should analyse the platforms to see what fits in best with our objectives. Cas discussed the importance of social listening, curating and creating content and how being consistent is really important. He touched on social media post timing, looking at trends and things happening in the calendar and media as well assesing our values. Lastly Cas discussed the importance of mesaurement and testing.

Victoria Taylor was up next. Victoria spoke about the importance of customer experience. But first she explained what customer experience is: Victoria explained that customer experience is the product of an interaction between a business and a customer over the duration of their relationship, this interaction is made up of three parts:

1.) The customer journey

2.) The business touch-points a customer interacts with

3.) The environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience

Victoria asked up to think about experiences as mini moments

“All of these elements are mini experiences that someone has with you… you are only as good as the last ‘moment’ that you had with someone, so how do you make each moment memorable every single time? Victoria gave the audience a practical exercise asking them to create a mini moment about their best moment from social day and post it on social media. The 2 winners will receive a copy of Brian Solis book. 

Lucy Hall (yeah that’s me) then came to the front to discuss tools, including visual, video and content creation tools such as Canva, PicMonkey, Bitmoji, Wordswag, PicsArt, Clips, Biteable, Animoto, iMovie, Giffy. Then tools for instagram: Planoly, Tagomatic, Layout. Boomerang. Scheduling tools included: Buffer, Hootsuite, SmarterQueue, Sprout Social, AgoraPulse. We then discussed analytics and passed over the to the audience to give their own tool suggestions which included: SEM Rush… (Stay tuned for a full list of tools discussed during social day – there were lots!)

After lunch we welcomed Andrew and Pete with an energetic performance about content, called ‘contents a beach’ – Equipped with beach balls. They explained the importance of being different and asked the audience to stop creating boring content. They asked us to put more effort into a post after working out that they spent a week on a social media examiner post so why don’t they do the same for their own blog? And since they took the time to create they have seen their business and clients business grow.

Next up came a really powerful testimonial for livestream from the inspirational Mr A Singh (Amrit Singh) Amrit told his livestream story showing how he was also able to use social media and livestream for good with his humanitarian efforts. He also managed to grow a business, He gave his tips for success.

Mike Hacker (Also known as Hax) took us through how to create great video using your mobile phone.. wow this was cool, mike did all his talking through video showing real life examples of how to improve your production including and this tip is good! – ‘Remember to clean your phone camera lenses”… it smudges you know? And if you stand further away from your smartphone the sound quality deteriorates so ensure you use a lapel mic. Some great takeways here, it was like having 2 Hax’s for our money in the room! We were seeing double…

Abdul Shakur discussed social selling and explained that relationships are key, that making your content and message all about the customer is best and reinforced the fact that education, help and nurture will often lead to the sale.

Then came the panel session, all the speakers got together at the top to answer the audiences burning questions. Here are some of the top tweets about that!

So there you have it… It’s not over though, it’s not. I don’t hear any fat lady singing. See you in London. 😉

Q&A with Amrit Singh – Livestream community

We had the privilege of chatting with Amrit Singh who has made a name for himself as one of the most watched Livestreamers on periscope, with his artistic talent it’s understandable.

Amrit tells us how he got started and gives us an insight into how he has built an engaged community, His Periscope broadcasts have reached over 2.5 million viewers worldwide and have been featured multiple times by Periscope, Twitter, Mashable, Huffington Post, Adweek, International Business Times and Sky News. Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube:

Amrit has worked with many blue chip companies around the world to deliver first class design, branding and social media solutions. Amrit is one of the top creative broadcasters on Periscope and is known for live streaming his art, travels and humanitarian work.

You can see Amrit in London on the 16th June, click here to book tickets

For now though get comfortable and enjoy the interview


How to Use Facebook Ads – with a happy ending!

A while ago we ran a survey asking our facebook group members what the topic they most wanted support with and Facebook Ads came out on top of the pile. To help bridge the knowledge gap we have put the full Facebook Ads session from the last Social Day event. Not only does Julia Bramble deliver loads of great actionable advice on how to use Facebook Ads she delivers it in a style that is truly unique and original

Julia took storytelling to a whole new level and turned her Facebook ads workshop into a pantomime, with plenty of audience participation. It’s one of my favourite speaker sessions as it was so engaging on the day and listening bak to it for the podcast it really worked so well. It was full of excellent advice and they way that it was brought to life in a story really helped the key points stick.

Julia will be the keynote speaker for the next event in Birmingham on the 27th April at Edgbaston Cricket Ground with a brand new topic. you can book tickets for Birmingham here

At all of our events we record all the sessions and as part of the ticket price delegates get access to these videos on demand, if you have not already registered for the Social Media training hub then follow this link you will get all of the previous event videos and tonnes of great how-to articles and guides.

Julia also has a course available and if you get in touch with her mentioning Social Day she will be giving a special discount to our delegates and listeners, www.facebook.com/BrambleBuzzSocialMedia/?pnref=lhc

So please listen below or find us on SoundCloud or the apple podcasts and make sure you subscribe!

How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular ways to market, and is among the most effective digital platforms. Twitter, when used correctly, can be one of the biggest sources of traffic to your website. The platform is very in-the-moment, and tweets are broken down by location, topic and more by the use of hashtags. But how do you market a business and increase website traffic with twitter? I’ve compiled some tips for you to get started!

Fill out your profile

Pretty much every big website has a Twitter account, and most of them see Twitter as an important platform in the social media marketing strategy. Make sure you fill out all areas of your profile, and make sure to put a link to your website in the correct area. Many people who click on to your profile will click through to your website.

Include links in your tweets

Add a link to your tweet with some text to encourage people to click it. For instance, you may have a great blog post to share or maybe a page on your website, briefly describe what the page is about. Remember, you are limited to 140 characters. Make sure you offer value and also share content from several other websites – you don’t want to keep blowing your own trumpet.

Be targeted

Why are you on Social Media? What goals do you have? Until you have your goals, you can’t make a proper plan for Twitter. For instance; do you want more sales? do you want more traffic in general? do you want more mailing list sign ups?
Each goal requires it’s own strategy, so make sure to only share things that align with your business’ goals.

Use hashtags

A hashtag is a clickable link in your tweet that helps people find topics or areas that they’re interested in. It allows your tweets to be seen by a much wider audience and can rank on Google.

RiteTag has an awesome browser extension that tells you how popular each hashtag you want to use is, so it gives you an idea on whether it’s competitive or whether there is no point using it.This can really help you increase website traffic with Twitter by giving you great stats about each hashtag.

Hashtagify is great for finding hashtags that are related to the ones they use. They are displayed in a great spider diagram which I like to screenshot, print and pop on a corkboard to refer back to. I usually check them through Rite Tag afterwards to make sure they do get views.

Hashtagify.me example
Don’t spam your tweet with a link and lots of hashtags, use a MAXIMUM of three per tweet avoid looking spammy. Also, there is no need to use the same hashtag twice in a tweet.

Use Twitter’s Multimedia Options

Twitter originally began as just texts, no images. However, in recent years they have included images, video and GIFs in tweets. These can make much more of an impact than standard text alone, and if you combine them – you can create a more engaged audience.

Make sure you share relevant images, videos and GIFs and don’t go too off-brand. It’s all well and good being humorous, but make sure any jokes are morally and politically correct (unless that’s the way your brand wants to go).

Provide value

This is my biggest pet peeve on Twitter, way too often I see businesses just promoting their products or services without providing actual value to their audience – no wonder the engagement is so low. Instead, to increase your website traffic with Twitter – you should be posting content that your audience wants to see. Consider sharing articles about the industry and updates, any news that is relevant, humorous videos that are relevant etc – this list is endless. Get creative with the content you share, and make it relevant to your audience.
Make sure to include non-businessy tweets every now and then to add a human touch to your brand too

Reply to other tweets

Use the searchbox at the top of Twitter and search for variations of questions and phrases related to your industry. For instance, for my side business I would search for “favourite mustang” “best hemi engine” “american cars UK” and see if people have asked any questions I can answer.
Always reply to tweets that mention you, and thank people for retweeting you. This can encourage people to click through to your profile and again, through to your website.
Overall, Twitter is still one of my favourite platforms for driving traffic to my website, and by using my tips above – you will see increases in traffic too.

A Guide To Facebook For Business

Facebook is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) marketing platform in the world, and it is SO underrated and underused. Although it does have a complicated algorithm that is constantly changing, it just means you have to post the content that your audience wants to see. Although it is pretty difficult to get a decent amount of reach (how many people see your posts) organically, with targeted adverts you can increase your reach for an affordable amount.

In this blog post, I’m going to guide you on how to use Facebook effectively for your small business.

Create A Great Cover Photo

The timeline photo on your Facebook page is the main image (apart from your profile picture) that people see when they go onto your page or see a link to it. Your cover photo can speak a thousand words and more, you just have to be a little creative. Your timeline cover photo is one of the main images people see when they see a link to your page or click on it. A cover photo is a great way to show the world who you are and what your business is about. Try to use all the space and clearly SHOW your audience what you do, although writing is allowed. Try to showcase your latest offers or upcoming events.

Use an image to show your audience what it is you do or what is coming up with your business. It can be a great way to advertise sales too. Use the space to clearly show your message. If you are creating a graphic for your timeline photo, use your brand colours.

Cover photos also have the option of a caption, which can include a link. Put a short and snappy message with a call to action relevant to the photo. Include a link to further content on the topic or an opt-in page to collect email addresses. Email addresses are much more valuable than Facebook likes, though that is for another blog!

I recommend Canva to create your cover photo. It is free, simple to use plus it’s got templates for all Social Media images.

Create Amazing Content

Being heard on Facebook can be hard, especially when you are starting out. To build an engaged audience, you need to research what content your target audience wants to consume and what they expect of your brand. 

If you are blogging, and you really should be, create some unique graphics to help drive traffic to your own website. This is great if you don’t have eye-catching featured images, on Facebook you can upload a photo for the link preview. If you don’t have much of your own content, source some from your peers. Find content that other people have created and share it on your Page, making sure the tag them in the post where possible. 

Short videos are great for going viral (circulated rapidly around the internet) as they are easily consumable. Create videos that are relevant to your business, ie a video blog, funny behind the scenes videos, event coverage… the list is endless. Find out what matches your brand personality and go with the flow.

Avoid posting the same status updates with the exact same copy as this will make it look like you’re spamming your audience. Change the images and the wording of the post, but you can keep the link preview the same. Highlight different aspects of an article, but make sure you only post the same content ONCE every 1-2 weeks.

Stop Trying To Sell

You should never ever focus your page on just selling your products, but providing value to your audience. Whether this value is in entertainment or information, it should be relevant for your audience. Ask your friends and family to share content that they like and encourage your employees to do the same too. This can massively increase the reach, especially for local businesses.

64% of consumers said they’re likely to stop using social media if they’re bombarded with advertisements, and I totally agree with those 64%. Your content should not be coming across as sales-y and as an advert, your audience will become “numb” to it. While I’m not saying don’t advertise your products, I am saying that you should provide enough value to earn that sales pitch. To find out more about providing value and then going in for the right hook (the ask), Gary Vaynerchuk has a fantastic book here. You must become less intrusive.

This leads me on to – don’t piss your audience off. Stop using clickbait (spammy headlines to get people to click). Clickbait is dead. Clickbait is tacky and unprofessional. Although it can increase click through rate, consumers are becoming more aware and will put you down as spammy. If your website link preview on Facebook doesn’t have a great headline, when posting from a Page you can edit the text.

Engage With Your Audience

Facebook gives you a chance to connect with your audience in ways that were unheard of before Social Media. Speak to your audience on Facebook, even evoke a reaction. The more engagement you receive on your posts, the more people will see your content and your organic reach will increase. Try asking questions in a “pop quiz” style, host caption-this competitions or just start a conversation. There is a reason it is called SOCIAL media, it’s for conversations and not for you to talk AT your customers.

By treating your potential customers like humans and not prospects will make it more likely for them to reply, plus adding a human side to your brand also makes it more personal. When your customers comment a question on your post, 90% expect a reply and 32% of those within an hour. Don’t abandon your Facebook page for hours, or at least keep your notifications on. The quicker you reply, the less chance there is that they have found the answer (or a product!) elsewhere.

Never ever ever copy and paste answers to your audience, personalise each and every single one. Make them feel important! What is an extra 20 seconds?

Use Facebook Groups

When you start a page on Facebook, it can be easier to build your audience by posting in relevant groups. There are thousands of groups for pretty much every niche on Facebook, from baking fanatics (shoutout to #BakersHour!) to web development chat. All you need to do is find where your potential customers are spending their time and provide value to them in the Facebook group. Instead of this being from your brand, this is from you so people can connect with you on a much more personal level.

Answer peoples questions and join in conversations while getting to know people, it’s like networking events but you can be in your pyjamas on your sofa! There are thousands of groups out there, take your time finding the ones that are active with engaging members.

I have found that by posting a short summary of a blog post and posting that and the link into groups can often have a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than my posts on my business page.

Tip: Always read the group rules before posting into the group. If you don’t follow the rules you risk being blocked, reported for spam and banned from the group – sometimes this can escalate to being banned from posting for a time.

Facebook Paid Advertising

I love the fact that you can use Facebook and other Social Media platforms for free, but Facebook is definitely something I do encourage you to spend your money on. When you deliver targeted ad campaigns, you can get crazy conversion rates for as little as £1 a day – great for businesses on a tight budget. However, when it’s done incorrectly, it can be like you are throwing money into a pit. You will not see a good return if you just “Boost” a post and don’t specify the audience. Target it as much as you can.

I have run a few tests on the various pages I run on Facebook, and I always try this on a low budget. I promoted a post for just £3 to just the people who like my page and their friends, and people began to engage with my content. For a while after that, as people had previously interacted on the paid post, organic reach was also increased on future posts. I recommend doing this with blog posts that are popular on your website (check your analytics to find your most popular content), and with posts with high engagement previously. The latter will encourage others to interact with the content, nobody wants to comment first!

Facebook advertising can require a lot of testing, what works for one audience may not work for another. You must test to see what works best for your company. If you are not seeing a return from your advertising even after testing, quit while you’re ahead and ask an expert.

Learn your audience by using Facebook’s audience insights. This can give you a much deeper understanding of your audience personas and can tell you what they engage with, what time they are using Facebook, their education, income, location, age and more!


In your Facebook Insights tab on your Page, you can save your competitors Facebook page an easily compare performance. You can see your competitors likes, engagement and how many posts for that week and easily see if you are keeping up with the competition. If they are doing much better than you, see what they’ve been up to and what works then adapt it into your strategy.

Violet Vibes Facebook Insights Demo

Tip: Once you hit 1000 likes, consider just running ads to your current audience for a while, this will build your relationship with them and will drastically reduce cost.

Make Use Of The Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a Javascript or image tag that is placed into the code on your website and tracks clicks to your website, conversions and also builds custom audiences. This means you can target adverts to people who have visited your website, with the products that they viewed. Again, if you are unfamiliar with basic coding and advertising, consult a profession.

If you don’t implement the Pixel, you are limiting the power of Facebook Advertising hugely.

Tip: Consider offering a lead-magnet in your retargeting adverts to collect your audiences email address, this way they’re not just a visitor but a lead.


To be successful on Facebook you really need to connect with your audience and build relationships with them. Make sure you don’t push your products into people faces and bombard them with advertising as this will make them lose respect for you quickly. Providing value can make such a difference to your marketing ROI and you can build your company  AND personal brand along with it.

For more Social Media Tips, Tricks & Guides, find me on Facebook and Twitter.

This post originally appeared on my website 🙂

Digital Mums Co-Founder and Head of Marketing to join Expert Panel!

Kathryn Tyler Digital MumsWe are delighted to be joined by Digital Mums Co-Founder, Kathryn Tyler, and Head of Marketing, Richard Miranda on the Expert Panel at Social Day on 23rd March.

For anyone who is not familiar with Digital Mums, it supports mums in finding exciting new careers they can do from home by upskilling them with in-demand digital marketing skills and matching them with businesses who need their help.

Digital Mums is excelling in not only promoting its own brand through social media but training up talented professionals to become experts in the world of digital media.

Richard Miranda www.socialday.co.ukThrough its 20 week training programme, Digital Mums ensures that its graduates finish the course with a firm understanding on how to create, implement and maintain a social media strategy. In order to train up experts in this field, Digital Mums has has become a leader in providing current, up-to-date advice and strategies for social media in this ever-changing industry.

Previous to Digital Mums, Kathryn ran Hackney Social, an east London social media agency.  Read more about Kathryn here. Richard Miranda has been driving brand awareness for Digital Mums for the last two years from the start up phase to working with 200+ students and businesses.  Read more about Richard here.


New speaker for Social Day!

Katya VarbanovaWith just over two months to go before the next Social Day event on 23rd March in London, we are very excited to announce a new speaker for the Social Day programme.

Katya Varbanova, who joined us on the expert panel of our November event, will be speaking on how to build an engaged social media community for your brand.

Founder of Peri10k, which is swiftly becoming  one of the most influential close-knit Periscope communities for changemakers and thought leaders, Katya recognises the importance of collaboration and networking via social media and is passionate about helping businesses to spread their message online.

Katya has experienced tremendous success throughout her professional life so far, including working side by side with the Managing Director of one of the biggest UK banks at the age of just 23. Katya will also be sharing her tips on how to use the power of building relationships through social. Read more about Katya here.

Amy McManus – Digital Marketing Specialist, owner of AM Marketing and Social Day Panelist


Amy McManus_AM MarketingAmy started off her marketing career in the retail and product launch area of the health and beautify industry. At just 21 years old, she turned around a failing store (Rituals) into one of the most successful branches in its group.

Soon after, Amy won NTBY Europe’s prestigious Product of The Year Award for a health tea she launched within Holland and Barrett’s UK and Ireland stores.

Amy set up AM Marketing in 2012 which recently won a Kent Marketing and PR Agency of the Year 2015 Award for its groundbreaking digital marketing campaigns. Through AM Marketing, Amy specialises in PPC (Google), YouTube and Google Display Network (Display Advertising). AM Marketing has gone from strength to strength and has an impressive portfolio of clients across Europe, the US and Canada.

In her spare time, Amy is big fan of pilates and swimming and believes that a healthy body works in unison with a healthy mind. Combining the two helps Amy focus on coming up with fresh ideas in the ever changing world of marketing!

Amy will be sharing her expertise and experiences on how to leverage YouTube advertising for your business on 23rd March.

Twitter, Instagram & Periscope: @marketing_am

Website: www.ammarketingkent.co.uk

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