Convincing the boss to pay for you to come to Social Day

So you are a Social Media professional, a marketer or someone in your organisation who has been given the task of looking after client accounts or your own company Social Media channels. You want to come to Social Day but need to convince the boss to let you put the ticket on the company or get time off to let you attend.

Staying on top of the current trends, understanding the challenges and looking at where future of social media is going is integral to doing your job effectively.  Social Day offers insight from over 15 speakers, in the format of workshops, presentations and panel debates.  A chance to network and discuss the issues with other delegates who are as passionate about social media as you are.
We understand that convincing the powers that be to take a day out of the office for an event is often difficult, in fact getting you to come out of the office for anything other than annual leave is difficult.  Your dedicated and hard working so why should you take a day out?
1) This event is in London, no matter where in the city you live or where in the country you are, it’s easy to get to! no flights abroad to pop on expenses.
2) Speakers – Workshops and sessions that are run by some of the biggest names in the industry including the Head of Twitter EMEA.
3) Content – Keeping current is challenging in a fast paced market, our programme has been designed to bring some of the key issues to life, Influencer Marketing, Livestream, Video content and Virtual Reality to name a few.
4) Network – no other event offers you the chance to network with so many like-minded social media specialists. We have created ample opportunities throughout the day and have set up drinks reception for after where you can meet new contacts.
5) Video – It’s hard to digest a whole day’s content, that’s why within the cost of the ticket we record every session so you can watch at a later date. When the boss asks what did you get from the event, you can show them!
6) Cost – look at the cost of a days training, you could spend anywhere from £300 to £1500! (which is often not recorded for you to watch back) For less than £150 you get access to some of the brightest minds in Social Media who are going to give you actionable advice on the day!
The full programme can be found here – look out for further announcements!

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