Digital Mums Co-Founder and Head of Marketing to join Expert Panel!

Kathryn Tyler Digital MumsWe are delighted to be joined by Digital Mums Co-Founder, Kathryn Tyler, and Head of Marketing, Richard Miranda on the Expert Panel at Social Day on 23rd March.

For anyone who is not familiar with Digital Mums, it supports mums in finding exciting new careers they can do from home by upskilling them with in-demand digital marketing skills and matching them with businesses who need their help.

Digital Mums is excelling in not only promoting its own brand through social media but training up talented professionals to become experts in the world of digital media.

Richard Miranda its 20 week training programme, Digital Mums ensures that its graduates finish the course with a firm understanding on how to create, implement and maintain a social media strategy. In order to train up experts in this field, Digital Mums has has become a leader in providing current, up-to-date advice and strategies for social media in this ever-changing industry.

Previous to Digital Mums, Kathryn ran Hackney Social, an east London social media agency.  Read more about Kathryn here. Richard Miranda has been driving brand awareness for Digital Mums for the last two years from the start up phase to working with 200+ students and businesses.  Read more about Richard here.