The Importance of Adding Value To Your Social Media Audience

The secret to a successful social media campaign is out! and it’s this simple: Give your audience or community VALUE! Is this obvious to you? Or does that confuse you? – Whatever, it doesn’t matter, offering value is the best way to build a great audience and build your influence on social media! In this post i’ll explain why… but first let’s look at the mistake many businesses make:

Many businesses make the mistake on social media of setting up and just posting the occasional piece of information. They don’t post regularly and they are not consistent. But this isn’t the worst mistake. The worst mistake is sharing posts or content that is all about them! They talk about promotions and products and services. They say things like: Check out our new products! or for a service you can trust give us a call and so on. Blah, blah, blah… right?

Ask yourself…. Would I want to read that on social media? … Would anyone else want to read that? And what would make me want to follow a page or social media account? – Even better… What would my target audience want to hear to make them follow me on social media?

These are some of the most simple questions you can ask, but people forget how important these simple questions are.
In all honesty to get people to engage and to want to follow you, you need to be offering something in return. Some VALUE!!

The best way to look at this is to change your mindset around social media and marketing in general. Don’t think: How can I promote myself  or my business on social media but how can I educate, inspire or offer and additional free services to my audience?

What you want is to get people to want to see and share your content, so they want to follow you, they look forward to your content, they want to engage with you and of course to trust you so much they want to be associated with your brand and buy from you.

Once you have an engaged and listening audience, they’ll begin to trust you – this is how you build influence through social media! – Easy right? So what are you waiting for?

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