Do you know whats included with your ticket?

Did you know, at Social Day you don’t just get a ticket to an event, you get so much more than that.

We don’t want you to come and spend all day taking notes only to lose them, or get our speaker slides and then miss the context they were originally discussed in. We record the whole day and give you access to a recorded version of each session to view online as and when you need to look back on the actionable advice you were given, we don’t jut record the keynotes, we record all sessions. We will also give you access to previous events.

1) book your ticket and join our facebook group, you can meet other delegates and ask questions, it is not uncommon for some of our speakers to get involved and engage here. They will also share tips and advice.

2) Each event has over 8 hours of actionable advice for you to digest.

3) Network with other delegates (Birmingham over 100 delegates, London over 400) We provide the Lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

4) After each event, we go out and socialise, come share a drink with other delegates speakers and the organisers. Get to make some great contacts and have those burning questions you were too shy to ask answered.

5) We give you access to our training hub, with hundreds of articles and over 40 hours of previous event sessions recorded. This is where we also host the latest event videos for you to refer back to, we frequently update with informative articles on the latest developments within social media for business.

Not just an event ticket, see you at the next social day

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