Social Media Festival Schedule

Check out the line up for the 3 days event! More speakers are being added daily so do check back regularly. Timings are subject to change and a complete finalised timetable will be available soon.

Tiny (The SocialDay bot) opens the event and discusses whats in store for our delegates, takes you through the 3 days, the lineup and how the workshops will work.  Tiny is in charge of the networking at will be giving full details of where the networking action will be.

Virtual Reality has been on the cusp of social media for a few years, as technology becomes smaller and more accessible as marketers we need to understand what is possible.

Sarah heads up Media at Birmingham University and is a specialist in Immersive Storytelling, winning awards for her VR films and documentaries.  It is fair to say Sarah lives VR, she once spent 48 in VR (this included a wing walk)

Join Sarah as she outlines what you can expect from the future, as part of the day 1 theme “future of social media marketing” we have brought together some of the best thought leaders who are already working with brands to implement this technology.

We’ve pulled together a panel where we will be debating the challenges and behaviors of marketing Gen Z.

The theme for day 1 is the future of social media. What better way to discuss this than to consider the future generation.

Artifical Intelligence is developing to all aspects of our life, from bots on websites and social networks to Amazon Echo and Google Home, sophisticated AI has been developed but where is it heading, and what does it mean for social media marketing.  Katie King has been working within the industry on this very topic and will take you on a journey showing you what the future may hold.

A must for any social media marketer who is interested in the future, in the final session of day 1 the AI session will bring a close to the “Future of Social Media Marketing” theme.

Influencer marketing has proved extremely successful for some brands, but how does it work? Harry Hugo founder of the Goat Agency will take you through how Influencer Marketing works, how to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that you are reaching your customers.  Harry will talk you through Influencer marketing 101, He will also be joining the panel later on in the day and is always happy to take questions from the audience.


LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B, but are you getting the most out of it?

Its all well and good using business pages and showcase pages, are you getting buy-in from senior stakeholders internally, or at the client end.  Do the product teams understand how and why they should be sharing campaign content.  Are you creating organic content for product teams to use?

This session will look how you can get buy-in from wider teams and what tactics you should be used to achieve engagement

1. Content discovery – producing content that matters to your industry by using search
marketing tactics.
2. Storytelling with impact – too often companies focus on the “I” not the ‘why’, so you will
learn how to develop a storytelling format that puts the customer, visitor, user, business,
vendor or supplier at the centre of the story.
3. Amplification – what’s a story without anybody to read, hear or watch it? The tactics to
increase the social media reach of your story will tie back to the work you have already done
on search and story creation.
4. Conversion – inspiring your community to react and act.
5. Measuring success – now you have come full circle with my 360-degree strategy, you are
ready to present your results and I show you how to measure the metrics that matter.

Dan Knowlton will be taking you through how to better use storytelling as part of your content mix, how to develop it and implement a wider campaign.

ARe you focused on the message you are putting out or are you thinking about the end user? Vikki is a customer experience specialist and her marketing always starts with the end user in mind. Vikki will be taking you through her very own “experience” working with a leisure business which achieved national/international press and game-changing results for the client, all by focusing on the “customer journey”

Brands still find livestream a challenge, many recognise they should be utilising this as a platform, but it can be difficult to get internal stakeholders involved.

We have pulled together a panel with the CMA of individuals who have been through these challenges and created some of the best live streams to date.

Our panel is ready to take your questions.

Nobody expects a crisis to happen to them until it does, find out in this unique case study how to deal with a crisis on social media.  It’s not always social media that creates the issue, circumstances in the real world often push the social media channels into the front line and become the first response.  find out how and what steps you should take to make sure you are ready.

Learn how to use Instagram Stories as part of your social media campaign, Teresa will talk you through how Insta Stories should form an integral part of any campaign, we will look at how you can grow audience and drive traffic through the creation of compelling stories.

Got a burning question about influencer marketing, how to become an influencer, how to check for Fake Influencers, how do you manage campaign results? This is the session for you. Our panellists all work in Influencer marketing and will be taking questions from the floor drawing on real-life experience to help give you the facts about influencer marketing so you can decide if its right for you.

How to Convert Twitter Conversations Into Customers

We all know that you can engage with your customers on Twitter, but how do you get those sales? Samantha will take you through why Twitter IS excellent for converting into sales. With examples from clients from pharmacies to coffee shops, she will take you through the process of how chatting to real people can result in them buying from you.

The beating heart of any good social media campaign is the content, the panel will be discussing what good content looks like, should you worry about algorithms or just produce the best content you can, they will be giving examples of what has worked well and will also take you through what has not worked well and the lessons they have learned.

Our line up consists of those who do this for a living and don’t just talk on stage about it!

It can be hard work starting an agency, keeping it going and then growing it, Come and hear from our panellist of agencies who have all managed to scale up (significantly) in slightly different ways.

We have Social Chain co-founder Dominic McGregor, Harry Hugo founder Goat Agency and Qasim Majid, CEO of Wow Zone

Listen to how they have scaled up and have your questions answered by those who have achieved sustainable growth.

This session will be chaired by ContentCal the scheduling tool that every social media marketer needs!

It’s getting harder to get noticed online and as a consequence, the costs of online marketing are spiralling. For any business wanting to get noticed, a strong content marketing strategy is critical to driving growth.

But where to start? Well, the best social campaigns didn’t happen by accident – they are a direct result of a well-thought-out, structured and actionable plan.

Having been part of growing a content marketing agency and now building an award-winning social media planning software, this session will give some practical and realistic advice for businesses to punch well above their weight in the digital space.

  • What is SOSTAC?
  • How can this be applied to my social media marketing?
  • Looking at situations analysis, setting objectives based on business and making objectives, defining strategies, choosing tactics to reach your goals, building a one-year, quarterly and campaign plan, setting up measurement dashboards.
  • Using SOSTAC in practice


What will delegates get out of this 
A clear structured way to plan their strategies and campaigns. 
A load of practical tools within the framework which can be applied in different areas from researching/auditing, how to set objectives using RACE framework, understanding the key elements of what should be included in any strategy, free campaign content planning templates. 

In this workshop, we will show you how to capture video footage and edit it, a must for all content creators. This is to help capture footage and pass on to your clients, In most jobs, you will no doubt bring in a professional crew, but do all social media posts need that? In this session, we will look at how to capture video footage for Livestream and those quick videos, in a format that will easily let you help educate clients and key stakeholders in the brands you work with.

  • How to frame a shot
  • What equipment you should use
  • Capturing footage on a mobile
  • Thinking about audio
  • Look at lighting
  • How to edit

Content planning can be difficult especially when you have multiple stakeholders involved, differing sign off processes.

In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively plan and manage your content workflow, adapt to the various sign off processes and do away with email and spreadsheet systems.

How do you grow a brand on YouTube, what is the key to organic growth, this session will take you through real examples of how some of the biggest brands have achieved exactly that.

The director of organic acquisition at uSwitch, Zoopler and Prime Location takes us through the relationship between SEO and Social Media and how we can better improve organic acquisition.  Responsible for some of the largest websites on the net Lukasz has a wealth of experience delivering results.

Jungle Creations are the company behind some of the biggest channels on Social Media, including “VT” and “Twisted”

They generate over 5.5 billion video views every single month. To put that figure into perspective; that’s over two-thirds of the planet’s population!

Jana is head of social (and also a successful YouTuber in her own right) find out how they have built this business in such a short space of time.  Jana will be explaining what it takes to build engagement, highlighting some of the recent campaigns they have created (walkers, Virgin to name a few) outlining what worked well, and why!


You only need to log on to Social Networks to see a wealth of “personal branding gurus” giving you a 10 step process for authenticity and building a 6 figure business. Thankfully, Alexandra is simply authentic, named by LinkedIn as one of the top 25 users on the platform its fair to say that she knows a thing or two about the topic.

Alex will show you how she has achieved this, and what you can do to be original, yourself without looking like everyone else trying to achieve the same thing.

On the tools is the leading community for construction, growing from nothing to a strong engaged community, Lee will take you through the steps he has taken to build the community, and retain audience attention.  What content has worked best, and how continued algorithm changes affect reach and how they address this not just for themselves but also the brand partners.

A look at the continued changes from Twitter, what the future holds and what the recent changes will do to clean up the platform.  How can marketers now get the most out of Twitter, find out exclusively from the head honcho himself!

Andrew and Pete will be closing out the SocialDay festival, like any final act of a festival we are expecting them to bring the house down. Given the last two outings at SocialDay have involved beach balls, rain macs and water pistols we know that they will have something great lined up!

Andrew and Pete will be helping you make the most of your content and how you can create algorithms beating hacks.

McDonald’s has been an integral part of the UK high street since 1974, but on Social, there wasn’t enough positive conversation around the brand. Working hard to be the UK’s best-loved restaurant company doesn’t come easy, so join William Bonaddio (acting Social Media Editor-in-Chief) as he takes you through how McDonald’s have created an integrated strategy to ensure that every social interaction leaves people a little happier. Audience takeaways: – How he created a customer-first social strategy for one of the world’s biggest brands – Delivering creative consistency when working with multiple agencies – Creating content built to generate positive conversation