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Influencing retail – digital talent’s impact on driving sales

Influencers will have the single biggest impact on consumer product sales in the future. In this session Ian will cover the rapid rise in social media influencers and their impact on retail, his experience of working with some of the world’s biggest stars, and the opportunities for retail and consumer brands post COVID.


The session will start detailing the rapid rise of influencers, and their direct impact on retail from a marketing and new product perspective. He will include case studies and explain exactly why these brands have achieved success.


Ian will then showcase two projects he was instrumental in creating, the UK’s largest influencer product brand, Hearts By Tiana, available in more than 2000 stores, and his pop-up shop event which attracted more than 20,000 people over one weekend.


Ian will conclude by presenting the real opportunities for retailers and consumer brands to capitalise on influencers, and the rapid advances in social platforms, to drive footfall and eCommerce sales.


Attendees will have a clear understanding of the impact that influencers have had on product and retail sales to date, and what has driven that success, and opportunities to incorporate influencers and social media into retail and ecommerce in the future.

Don’t build a brand, build a personality

Why do so many brands still get social media wrong? Hannah Anderson heads up a team who reach over 1.8bn people every month through their 80m followers. She will show how your brand can make a huge impact by building in emotive, human creative from the very start of your campaign.

10 Honest Lessons Learnt From Running A Facebook Ads Agency

This session is all about the sometimes brutal reality of running Facebook Ads campaigns. As practitioners, we all know that certain hurdles exist, so what can you do to plan ahead of time and make sure your campaigns are winning consistently.

From the perspective of an agency owner with a view on many different ad accounts of all sizes, this workshop will run through a set of key lessons learnt from running campaigns in sectors including retail, IT and more.

What you will learn:

-What are the common Facebook Ads mistakes and how you can avoid them

-How to pre-empt and plan for issues

-How to know where to spend your money and move campaigns towards a positive ROI

Your audience is talking about you, are you listening?

Surface-level metrics can be valuable but don’t tell the full story and oftentimes you might be in the dark. Do you have the full picture of what people are saying about you outside of your own channels?


By conducting a social listening analysis, you can catch a crisis early, understand your audience as well as your strengths and weaknesses. well as how to stand apart from the crowd.

Met Office: Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you

Our information and messages are important, even vital when conditions are life-threatening, so our communications need to be clear and easy-to-understand. I’ll talk about the way we’ve shifted how we communicate weather over the years. No longer are the majority of people watching weather forecasts on television, at the same time, once a day.

That world has changed. It’s noisy, disruptive and disjointed and we need to be aware of that and constantly adapt how we’re serving up our information. Working much like a newsroom, we’ve introduced and editorial approach to plan and produce designs that go out 24/7 365 across all our social channels.

Getting content published quickly is crucial. Weather information is time-sensitive so we need to be able to react quickly. Rather than specialising in one particular area, we’re multi-skilled content producers in our team. I’ll also give the audience an insight into how we remain fresh and current, keeping close connections with the ‘real world’ – agencies, universities, students, social, fashion, art and trends. A fast paced tour including top tips, examples, a sprinkling of stats and some random inspiration should give the audience a, possibly unexpected, insight into how we work.

Chris Kubby – Fireside Chat

Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus

Returning to SocialDay to complete the “hatrick” Chris ‘Kubby’ is back, Chris is renowned for delivering amazing presentations full of value and humour.  We always run out of time for questions with Chris so we have decided to invite him on stage for a fireside chat where he will be taking questions exclusively from the SocialDay audience.  With his open and honest style, you do not want to miss this session! 

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