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The Influence Economy is Coming

This session will be about how we measure influence to create the most effective campaigns for brands. In what we call ‘the influence economy’, there is a missing piece between attention and influence. Our research has shown what this missing piece is and how to find the best match between brand and creator.

Wrap-up party: The rise of Gymshark. Timeline by Maybe*

In just eight years Gymshark has gone from a £0 to £1Billion retail business – the first true “Social First” business of its kind. There are many extraordinary things about this story, not least that this exponential growth is happening in a time frame when other traditional retailers are struggling for survival.

This wrap-up party tracks how Gymshark has embraced social media above traditional marketing channels to build a massive direct to consumer business, how they’ve crushed the opposition and reveals key lessons for those with aspirations of hyper-growth through social media.

How to Earn your First 1,000 Subscribers as Quickly as Possible.

Why is 1000 subscribers, such an important milestone on YouTube anyway?

One of the biggest is that it’s 50% of the requirements to get Youtube Monetization and to get accepted into the Youtube Partnership Program. You need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours over the last 12 months to get monetization. In this talk, Rob will share the best ways to earn your first 1000 Subscribers as quickly as possible, along with some ninja tips to grow your Youtube Channel faster.

Make your business fit for a digital world

We are now living in a VUCA world – volatile, unpredictable, chaotic and anarchic. We’re just about getting through Coronavirus but on the horizon we’ve got Brexit, climate change and Artificial Intelligence to knock us off course. Like it or not, there is no more Business As Usual! So whatever the size or complexity of your organisation, you need to make your business agile and innovative enough to be able to thrive in this new, unpredictable landscape.

In this session David will go through the six steps you need to take – Strategy, Culture, Content, Community, Advertising & Data – to start building a tailored, business communications plan and ensure a healthy long-term future for your company.

Rock Your Personal Brand On Social Media

The only true point of difference your company has is YOU – and you’re a lot more interesting than you probably think! I’ll guide you through ways to define, establish, and promote your own unique, recognizable personality on social media in a way that is genuine. You’ve already got all the ingredients – now let’s make you shine!

Facebook Blueprint Qualifications: Your Questions Answered

Ask the Facebook Blueprint team your burning questions about the qualifications for marketers on offer.


Blueprint is a Facebook skills and training program that empowers people and businesses to reach their goals with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. People around the world who have discovered Blueprint are developing their skills, testing their knowledge, and establishing themselves as experts in digital marketing. In order to do so, we offer various resources to up-level digital prowess. Facebook Blueprint Certification is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook provides and recognizes.


Becoming Blueprint certified helps people distinguish themselves as highly credible in their knowledge of Facebook products and services. It enables certified professionals to signal to clients and employers that they have advanced-level skills, and allows businesses to identify top talent that can support their marketing goals. Join this session to learn more about the 6 (soon to be 7) available certifications offered within Blueprint, the audiences for which they are designed and the free resources available to help you prepare for them.

How to build a global media brand just from TikTok

How to build consumer revenue from a media brand not dependant on advertising revenue. How to build audiences on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. How to build a Gen Z brand that extends beyond social and lives on OTT and TV. How to create content and brands on TT that drive true engagement beyond just followers.

Instagram Battle: Paid v’s Organic

Do you really need to ‘pay to play’? Debating the pros (and cons) of paid media and organic tactics on Instagram. Covering a number of new advancements on the platform, this workshop will leave you with practical tips to implement directly into your POE (Paid, owned and earned) Instagram strategy.

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