AI and the future of work: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for good

May 12, 2020





AI and the future of work: harnessing AI for good Katie will introduce delegates to the changing world of business transformation, driven by fourth generation technologies such as AI and machine learning, but also the current pandemic.
Delegates will learn about the following:
• The growing importance of AI In business: epochal change/disruptive times, need for agility, self-awareness
• A clear picture of what AI is, busting some of the myths e.g. via Max Tegmark from MIT
• Evidence as to why it’s so important and how it is being applied across different industry sectors. The latest trends and case studies.
• Three core themes: i) Holy Grail of revenue growth; ii) Personalisation Paradox & iii) Importance of data • Explore big issued related to consent, privacy and ethics • Introduce a number of ground-breaking AI for good projects
  • Katie King, MBA

    Published Author, Management Consultant and Keynote Speaker on AI

    AI in Marketing

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