Case Study – Making a difference

May 3, 2019


Main Hall

30 mins


Suhit Amin, 17, is a Young Entrepreneur and Founder of Saulderson Media. In February 2018, aged 16, he was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes. 
In between rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, Deputy Head Boy at Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow, achieved six grade As in his Scottish Highers. In this time Suhit was working in influencer marketing at ESL, the worlds biggest esports company, however, his illness motivated him to do something bigger and pursue his entrepreneurial passions.
In July he launched Saulderson Media, a premium talent management and influencer marketing agency based in Scotland. They are exclusively managing a roster of high profile social influencers who are responsible for millions of monthly impressions. Alongside this they work with endemic and non-endemic, brands on creative campaigns, to boost their presence utilising an extensive list of influencers for activation. Saulderson Media has a specific focus on the gaming and esports industry but is also heavily involved with tech and entertainment influencers.
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