BBC: Digital storytelling

Sep 1, 2020



Whether we like it or not the news is all around us – from the moment we wake up it’s on our phones, radios, televisions and delivered to us pretty much 24/7 on a proliferation of channels and platforms that we could have only imagined as little as a decade ago or before Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok were a twinkle in anyone’s eye.

The rise in popularity of SVOD and the likes of Amazon Prime, Now TV and the mighty Netflix has exposed us all to ways of digital storytelling that we have come to take for granted – but how do the publishers, broadcasters and humble production companies of this world keep up with the big-hitters? From roles at FremantleMedia, Channel 4, the Telegraph newspaper and now as a digital documentary commissioner at the BBC, Kim will take a look at how the evolution and focus of content and news providers has changed – from a focus on commercials and ‘saleability’ to concentrating on the stories, the people, the empathy and the editorial. Not forgetting impact and the audience – if your content works on breakfast television, youth VOD channels, rolling news and a global website are you on to a winner or merely watering down your engagement? Are ratings still relevant and if not what are the tangible KPIs in a world that is consistently online?

  • Kim Rowell

    Assistant Editor

    BBC Three & BBC News

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