Facebook Blueprint Qualifications: Your Questions Answered

Sep 3, 2020


Ask the Facebook Blueprint team your burning questions about the qualifications for marketers on offer.


Blueprint is a Facebook skills and training program that empowers people and businesses to reach their goals with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. People around the world who have discovered Blueprint are developing their skills, testing their knowledge, and establishing themselves as experts in digital marketing. In order to do so, we offer various resources to up-level digital prowess. Facebook Blueprint Certification is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook provides and recognizes.


Becoming Blueprint certified helps people distinguish themselves as highly credible in their knowledge of Facebook products and services. It enables certified professionals to signal to clients and employers that they have advanced-level skills, and allows businesses to identify top talent that can support their marketing goals. Join this session to learn more about the 6 (soon to be 7) available certifications offered within Blueprint, the audiences for which they are designed and the free resources available to help you prepare for them.

  • Kristen Walker Beck

    Learning Portfolio Manager, Certifications


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