Generation Cynic?

Sep 2, 2020


30 Mins

Join this live panel of 18-24-year olds focussing on the topic of trust and brands. It feels like trust is being eroded. Fake news, sketchy influencers or brands making false claims have caused a new generation of cynics. Hype Collective is running a research project, Generation Cynic? looking to understand what drives trust (or lack of trust) specifically around three core areas:

• News

• Brands

• Influencers

Simon will provide a quick overview of our key findings and then run a live discussion with a panel of undergraduate students. Come if you:

• Want to better understand how young people decide what to trust online.

• Want to know how to build trustworthy brands.

• Wonder how student culture has changed since you were a student!

  • Simon Lucey


    Hype Collective

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