Growing the biggest social campaign on LinkedIn with £0

May 3, 2019


Main Hall


In June 2017, four people around the world decided to get to know their LinkedIn connections offline. They used the hashtag #LinkedInLocal, which began a campaign that would grow into the biggest ever seen on LinkedIn. Activating hundreds of thousands of users around the world with the same mission, to connect humans. In less than two years they grew the community across over 90 countries, to over 800 cities/towns and did all of it with £0. Come along to learn how they did it.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to choose an idea that goes viral
  • Why making community central to marketing matters
  • How to scale a campaign globally with no budget

Intended audience:

  • Companies that are interested in creating communities
  • Looking for new and disruptive ways to do marketing (B2B&B2C)
  • Those that are interested in influencer marketing
  • Alexandra Galviz

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