How to drive sales with YouTube creators

Sep 1, 2020



Despite the progress of the last 5 years, Influencer Marketing is still a controversial topic. Lots of brands think it can’t work for them. Often that is because their product isn’t visually compelling enough for Instagram or has complex features that need explanation. Or because brands aren’t inspired by paying Love Island stars to promote diet tea!

However, YouTube is a massive opportunity that’s often overlooked. It is the platform where people watch videos with the sound on, for an average of 4 minutes. To win that attention and cut through the noise, brands should partner with YouTube creators who have earned the trust of their audiences, after years of finding their niche and producing educational or entertaining content.

At Digital Voices, we guarantee results for every campaign – whether that is organic views or sales. During this talk, I’ll tell you how we do it.

  • Jennifer Quigley-Jones


    Digital Voices

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