How to scale social content in EMEA

May 2, 2019


Main Hall


Brands have consistently struggled with scaling social content in the EMEA region. The US is easy; one language, one cultural nuance and one set of rules. But brands coming from all over the world (especially Asia) who want to break into Europe fall at the first hurdle. Multiple languages and cultural references combined with different sets of rules online make it next to impossible for one in-house team to tackle the continent. Chris is the CEO of Hey Honey, a social creative agency and content studio based in Amsterdam that services global music, sports and entertainment brands with a young team of only 20 shakers and makers. In this session Chris will take the audience through the following:

  • How to set up a scalable operation in the EMEA region
  • What challenges brands/agency content teams will face and how to tackle them
  • A case study – how Hey Honey grew from 3 people servicing the UK JBL team on social, to a team of 20 servicing multiple brands in the Harman Kardon network across seven different EU countries.
  • Chris Adams

    Hey Honey

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