Met Office: How to deliver time-sensitive information on Social Media

Sep 2, 2020



Our information and messages are important, even vital when conditions are life-threatening, so our communications need to be clear and easy-to-understand. I’ll talk about the way we’ve shifted how we communicate weather over the years. No longer are the majority of people watching weather forecasts on television, at the same time, once a day.

That world has changed. It’s noisy, disruptive and disjointed and we need to be aware of that and constantly adapt how we’re serving up our information. Working much like a newsroom, we’ve introduced and editorial approach to plan and produce designs that go out 24/7 365 across all our social channels.

Getting content published quickly is crucial. Weather information is time-sensitive so we need to be able to react quickly. Rather than specialising in one particular area, we’re multi-skilled content producers in our team. I’ll also give the audience an insight into how we remain fresh and current, keeping close connections with the ‘real world’ – agencies, universities, students, social, fashion, art and trends. A fast paced tour including top tips, examples, a sprinkling of stats and some random inspiration should give the audience a, possibly unexpected, insight into how we work.

  • Ross Middleham

    Content & Social Lead

    Met Office

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