One Minute Briefs: Make amazing things happen through the power of community

Sep 2, 2020



Founder of the Bank of Creativity and One Minute Briefs, Nick Entwistle, will discuss how collective creativity and collaboration have helped to power small quick ideas into hard-hitting viral campaigns. Instinctive ideas created via OMB have sparked campaigns that include the music video and social campaign that helped the NHS beat Justin Bieber to Xmas Number 1. They initiated a viral campaign that helped raise a huge amount of money for Neuroblastoma sufferer Isabella. More recently a one minute idea became a film for the MS Trust, sharing an educational and hard-hitting message about Multiple Sclerosis. And, a campaign with WWF where sports teams and brands from around the world already signed up to show their support! This was all pre-lockdown. OMB has since collaborated with the United Nations , featuring Live on ITV and delivered viral campaigns as the community grew and grew. Now they are regularly trending on Twitter. Nick will share how he is able to make all of this happen through the power of community. By providing a place where creatives can build confidence, contacts, careers and, most importantly, friendships, Nick has created something special. And, when the OMBLES work together, there’s nothing stopping them.

  • Nick Entwistle

    Creative Director and Founder

    One Minute Briefs

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