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Social Selling – Sales Strategy or Yet Another Fad?

Social media is a natural place for humans to be. We’ve been “social” since the beginning of time and now with over 80% of the connected population active on social media we use it to inform many of our decisions at home and at work. So, if this is the case…why are so many businesses afraid of embracing social media in a meaningful and strategic way?
David Watts uses his own journey and case studies to offer 10 points that every business needs to understand about social media and social selling – the risks, the benefits and the journey needed to reap the rewards.

Formula E – Case Study

The Goat agency talk you through how they have developed a global influencer marketing campaign for Formula E in 11 countries and 7 languages. With 10 million engagements and over 134 million impressions from 3300 posts.  Taking you through the strategy and the type of content it takes to generate that level of engagement, how the campaign has been executed and what they have learned from the experience and how you can apply this thinking to your own brand.

How to scale social content in EMEA

Brands have consistently struggled with scaling social content in the EMEA region. The US is easy; one language, one cultural nuance and one set of rules. But brands coming from all over the world (especially Asia) who want to break into Europe fall at the first hurdle. Multiple languages and cultural references combined with different sets of rules online make it next to impossible for one in-house team to tackle the continent. Chris is the CEO of Hey Honey, a social creative agency and content studio based in Amsterdam that services global music, sports and entertainment brands with a young team of only 20 shakers and makers. In this session Chris will take the audience through the following:

  • How to set up a scalable operation in the EMEA region
  • What challenges brands/agency content teams will face and how to tackle them
  • A case study – how Hey Honey grew from 3 people servicing the UK JBL team on social, to a team of 20 servicing multiple brands in the Harman Kardon network across seven different EU countries.

Content Planning Masterclass

Whilst most people understand the importance of Content Marketing, why is it then that many businesses either do it poorly or not at all?

Well, In our experience of creating content marketing campaigns for clients and building the fastest growing content marketing software product, it typically comes down to three things: Time, Creativity and Planning.

Doing Content Marketing well is not easy, but is eminently achievable with the right structure and the right tools. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to create a framework that inspires creativity, creates a consistent publishing schedule and saves a huge amount of time in the process – making quality Content Marketing achievable for all.

Making friends with the algorithms – a social media strategy for engagement

So many brands and marketers are saying that you have to pay to play to get reach on social media these days. “That’s bollocks”, says Hel Reynolds, Social Media Freelance Marketer of the Year. “It’s actually quite easy to reach your key audiences and get them to engage with your posts organically.” In this session Hel will reveal the secrets to engaging content and how to turn reaction to your posts from tumbleweed to totally terrific. Make algorithms your friend!

Embracing disruption: remodelling a legacy brand for a social-first world

Guinness World Records (GWR) has had to embrace disruption to survive and has remodelled its brand strategy to appeal to brand new audiences, growing from a single best-selling book to a multi-platform, global IP brand.

In this session GWR shares the story of its social journey and offers insight on how to curate and adapt a diverse range of content for multiple platforms and advice on how to reach and engage with an elusive Gen Z audience.

Keynote – Twitter

Bruce Daisley talks us through the latest developments at Twitter and we get to ask him questions about his book “The Joy of Work” (Penguin Random House) – on improving work culture – was a best seller before being released. Professor Sir Cary Cooper described it as ‘a joy to read’. best selling business author Dan Pink said it ‘can help transform your work experience’.

Daisley is a champion for using data and evidence to improve work culture. His book – which was commissioned as a follow-up to his number one business podcast, “Eat Sleep, Work Repeat” (also peaking at number 4 in the US) is a compelling manifesto for an era overwhelmed with work pressures.

Previously Bruce has been awarded ‘Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media’ by New Media Age. Campaign Magazine rated him as the top leader in digital media, placing him 7th in the overall media market. In a survey of CEOs and MDs, Bruce was named the “Fantasy Hire” that most leaders would like to make.

How do you engage Generation Z?

Backed up by powerful data this session will look at what is holding the interest of Generation Z, through creating content and delivering through the BBC, Corlotta and Mark will share with you the insights that will help you unlock the secret to engaging with Generation Z

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