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Leading the Way on Twitter

Seven strategies that brands can use in the coming months for their campaigns, showcasing examples of brands that have recently shown leadership and been active with campaigns on Twitter.

Does your social sound right? – the place for audio in a social strategy

As communications and marketing professionals we are tempted to isolate channels – but I am going to showcase how often channels and tactics can work in parallel to provide greater results. Audio should be reflected, amplified and integrated with social particularly as share of eye is so competitive and share of ear is starting to get that way. I will show case examples of activity which has had audio working as part of a social strategy to deliver tangible results. Examples of activity from Penguin Random House, Merlin Entertainments, lingerie brand Freya (not one of ours), The University of Greenwich and others.

How to engage your customers through Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have the most amazing ability to connect to, excite and engage your customers (and your customers’ customers!)… but are you using them to their maximum advantage? You will be after this! In this session, Rhea will talk through the different types of Story and deliver lots of ideas for different types of businesses, to help them maximise their use of this platform within a platform. In addition, she’ll be talking about additional ways to engage and get a response inside Stories, how to get better reach, and how to reach out to others through their Stories too (and find the ones you want to engage with!)

Why Creativity Fuels Social Growth

What is Creativity? The EH Creative Process for social media and examples of it. How you can find creativity in everything. FIVE predictions for 2021. Mystic Adam. I’ll be talking about creativity, what it is and how to enhance it for your social media content. I’ll also show the audience some of our internal creative processes that we use for social campaigns, breaking down and analysing the fundamentals of what makes video content creative. How to find creativity in everything and my five predictions for 2021.

BBC: Digital storytelling

Whether we like it or not the news is all around us – from the moment we wake up it’s on our phones, radios, televisions and delivered to us pretty much 24/7 on a proliferation of channels and platforms that we could have only imagined as little as a decade ago or before Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok were a twinkle in anyone’s eye.

The rise in popularity of SVOD and the likes of Amazon Prime, Now TV and the mighty Netflix has exposed us all to ways of digital storytelling that we have come to take for granted – but how do the publishers, broadcasters and humble production companies of this world keep up with the big-hitters? From roles at FremantleMedia, Channel 4, the Telegraph newspaper and now as a digital documentary commissioner at the BBC, Kim will take a look at how the evolution and focus of content and news providers has changed – from a focus on commercials and ‘saleability’ to concentrating on the stories, the people, the empathy and the editorial. Not forgetting impact and the audience – if your content works on breakfast television, youth VOD channels, rolling news and a global website are you on to a winner or merely watering down your engagement? Are ratings still relevant and if not what are the tangible KPIs in a world that is consistently online?

How to Create a Successful Live Show & Be Confident on Camera.

Haven’t tried live video yet? You should! Learn the tips, tricks and more to become a pro at live video! You’ll learn how to build a live video strategy from scratch, equipment  and setup needed for live video production and real-world examples of what really gets views. Along with that you’ll discover the best way to tell your story and connect with consumers by creating a unique and immersive experience, that increases engagement and builds brand loyalty. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you will leave with a better understanding of live video best practices, fresh ideas to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy and the equipment and confidence needed to create a successful live show.

A beginners guide and masterclass to brands using TikTok

Everybody’s talking about it. Everyone wants to launch on it – and nobody knows what type of content to upload. In my beginner’s masterclass session for brands who want to launch on TikTok you will learn: – What is TikTok and why it is it so unique? – How to define your audience? – How to create a robust content marketing strategy – Influencers, when and how to use them – Ad Products – make TikTok’s not ads. – Key takeaways when looking to launch

What’s Your Social Media IQ? A Quiz!

So you think you’re an expert in social media, huh? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with this social media IQ quiz! If you happen to know as much as you think, you have a chance to win Beats Wireless Headphones, a free ticket to the digital marketing conference DMEXCO, or a $100 Amazon gift card!


Hosts: Tondreanna Esquilin, Social Media Manager, Falcon.io

Belkys Severino, Customer Success Manager, Falcon.io

Does Brand Activism Win Over Brand Neutrality Panel

Is brand activism good for business? The short answer is: it depends. Companies with a purpose are said to have a greater voice and more connectivity with buyers. But even though consumers expect brands to take up societal causes, your political stance or support for that very cause can attract but also alienate customers.

Using social analytics for better campaign measurement

I’m a data driven person. I keep stats on myself, my company, my team, and (don’t tell him) my son. I will talk about how why measuring campaign effectiveness with data is so important in digital marketing. I’ll talk about some of the best ways to achieve accurate measurements, and some of the best things to measure. Finally, time permitting, I’ll present a case study where campaign measurement was used in real, honest-to-god life.

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