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Attention Economy

The topic has become a personal passion for Marcus, speaking on it frequently to global innovation teams in category-leading brands, at some of the most well recognised agenciesĀ and in Cannes in 2019. Recently described as ‘the Willy Wonka of content’ by a client, his energy, enthusiasm and knowledge make him a dynamic and exciting speaker to hear – challenging, instigating debate and entertaining his audiences.

Social Media Content Panel

The content panel will comprise of social media marketers excelling in content and community management. They will take your burning questions from the floor. Panelists include Weight Watchers, who have over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and many more.

Mobilising 1 billion people to take action for our planet

Technology is the single-most powerful weapon in WWF International’s armoury. The charity’s ambitious new strategy aims to mobilise 1 billion people to help set the planet on a path to recovery, with the far-reaching influence of new technologies playing a pivotal role. In an uplifting talk, Alice More O’Ferrall will share some inspiring examples of their tactics from social media to streamed TV and partnerships to peer pressure.

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