Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex)

In 2016 Alex had a quarter life crisis. So after 4.5 years of climbing furiously up the career ladder into a management position by the time she was 24, Alex decided to take a short break from the corporate underworld that turned into full-blown retirement at the ripe old age of 25. She swiftly proceeded to backpack solo through Sri Lanka, Nepal and India for 6 weeks, some say to find myself (Eat, Pray, Love style).

By day Alex teaches people and businesses how to get noticed on LinkedIn, grow their brand and leverage the platform to achieve their goals. In between Alex works with students and graduates, upskilling them via workshops, public speaking gigs and mentoring them into the workforce. By night she turns into a LinkedIn blogger posting her thoughts on her successes and setbacks she’s overcome as a student, graduate, young professional, self confessed introvert and now as a solopreneur in all its raw glory under the hashtag #AuthenticAlex.

As well as doing all of that she sprinkles a little volunteering here and there when she gets the time, mainly focusing on social mobility, mental health and homelessness.

Four things Alex is most passionate about:
– Helping people
– Creating (anything and everything!)
– Personal Development (it’s now an obsession rather than a passion)
– Sharing stories (changing the world one word at a time)