Charlotte Williams

Founder, SevenSix Agency

Charlotte Williams is a micro-influencer and founder of diversity focused marketing agency, SevenSix Agency. Championing diversity and equality is at the core of SevenSix, which is best represented by the proud relationship with the influencers in their network. The name SevenSix is a nod to the 1976 Race Relations Act, a key statute of the anti-discrimination law in the UK. With almost 10 years working in social media and influencer marketing, Charlotte has worked as a marketing manager for brands such as Hello Kitty (Sanrio EMEA), WAH Nails (under Sharmadean Reid MBE) and as a freelance consultant. During this time, she created notable campaigns such as “Hello Kitty Gang” and worked with a number of high profile brands within the fashion and beauty industry. At the centre of these campaigns are people, faces, colour, responsibility. As a woman of colour, Charlotte is conscious of the fact that in far too many cases the absence of diversity and equality is prevalent in marketing today. After being exposed to repeated cases of discrimination in the industry, Charlotte felt compelled to start SevenSix Agency. SevenSix Agency works with brands on balancing their influencer marketing through diversity and inclusion. Working with a diverse group of influencers (be that racial, cultural, sexual orientation, disability) will bring diverse results.