David Watts


Social Selling – Sales Strategy or Yet Another Fad?
David has held senior sales leadership roles for over 20 years in some of the world’s largest technology corporations. Whilst Holding UK Board positions at Oracle, Siebel, EMC and Sage, David has led sales teams through large scale improvement  programmes to great success. David’s roles have had one thing in common: transformation.  He’s been a “go to person” to improve underperforming sales teams. Never an easy task, he has “flown the plane, while fixing the engine”.
During his last role at an early stage AI start up, he implemented a Social Selling programme that shifted lead generation from event and email driven programmes to inbound with a significant improvement in creation of sales opportunities.
In his spare time David continues to curate a growing iTunes library of over 40,000 songs (many of which have never been officially released) and watching none league football after a series of disastrous managerial appointments at Chesterfield FC.
His LinkedIn profile is here