Joanne Sweeney-Burke

Joanne Sweeney-Burke is a former broadcast journalist, PR lecturer and CEO in various roles. Apart from being a busy entrepreneur she is also a published author. See She is an international speaker and a highly sought after digital marketing trainer.

Joanne is originally from Donegal but now lives in Galway with her husband and two children.

Embracing the digital age is something that Joanne has done with vigour and passion. Upskilling with a Masters in Digital Marketing and practicing what she preaches at her training courses. She also brings extensive business management experience to bear on all consultancy projects. Put simply when you hire Joanne and her team you benefit from a remarkable blend of media, marketing, communications and business skills.

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My journalistic background and my love for story-telling are a perfect fit with digital. I’m a content and strategy specialist with a flair for creative campaigns. I also love to inspire and empower my students by bringing their skills into the digital age.