Nic McCarthy

Done right, content can be the best and most powerful expression of a brand, the heartbeat of its communications, and the surest way to build a lasting relationship with consumers. As a best-selling editor and content expert for more than 15 years, Nic partners big brands, which include Sainsbury’s, Vitality and Weight Watchers, in creating brilliant all-platform content to grow their business.

Nic started out as a journalist, running some of our best-known women’s titles, including five celeb-packed years at OK!, Editor-in-Chief of New York’s Us Weekly, and glossy monthly Eve magazine. As Content Director of Seven for the past eight years, Nic has parlayed this editorial expertise into brilliant all-platform content to help brands grow. In 2012 Nic was appointed to the Group Board at Seven, working alongside the CEO and CFO to create a thriving business, and making editorial excellence the watchword for the agency.