Rohan Midha

Managing Director, PMYB

Rohan Midha is the managing director of PMYB, the world’s leading creative influencer marketing agency. The 27-year-old entrepreneur from London has a BA Hons Degree (first) in Business and Management, plus an MSc Corporate Strategy and Governance.

Rohan founded PMYB with Chris Wilson in 2015 after they grew football twitter accounts for personal enjoyment, where they began working with influencers. The duo soon realised that they could use their expertise and  began approaching brands with their knowledge. In xxx PMYB was born with a vision to support companies with influencer campaigns that delivered. PMYB quickly grew to be one of the most respected influencer marketing agencies in the UK working with leading companies including Western Union, boohooMAN, Guosto, Barclays, Disney and Groupon.

Through PMYB’s experience Rohan developed the unique Chromo-Influencer™ selection process which identifies the most effective influencers to improve the ROI of our clients. As a result, PMYB is able to guarantee its results to clients.

Rohan’s areas of interest in influencer marketing include: analysing how media consumption is fragmenting like never before; using influencer marketing for clients with precise targeting and proven ROI’s by targeting communities.

A keen sports fan Rohan is also a former international badminton player, officially ranked number 5 in men’s singles at the height of his sporting career.