Victoria Taylor

Customer experience combined with digital marketing are not just Victoria’s profession, they are mher passion. When you are so passionate about something, it becomes part of you and your makeup. It is no longer a job, it is a way of life. People lie at the core of everything Victoria does and relationships and experience with people are everything to her.

She is a founder and chief digital strategist of Untwisted Media, with over 10 years experience in online marketing, sales and training. Her strategies have been implemented by personal brands, personalities, bloggers and both B2C and B2B clients.

As an international speaker, Victoria has spoken on a number of stages around the world at digital marketing events and also at a number of niche events for different business sectors. Her keynote talks centre around various digital and relationship based subjects; Customer Experience, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing and Storytelling For Businesses. Victoria also works with the Education Sector delivering talks that educate adolescents on how social media can be used to help with job searching and about the safety issues surrounding Social Media.

Victoria helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to leverage the social and digital spheres effectively through training, consultation, strategy, amplification, influencer and full management services. She helps businesses to put experience at the forefront of everything they do in house, whilst also connecting them with prospects to build meaningful relationships. Victoria helps businesses to understand how to engage with online communities and clients to increase brand awareness, raise their profile and generate sales.

Victoria is a live streamer and storyteller and helps to educate the businesses that she works with, to embrace new methods of Social Media whilst also integrating them with more traditional digital communications. Victoria is a big technology lover, but what fascinates her is how technology can be used and seamlessly integrated to help enable and create meaningful customer experiences.