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New speaker for Social Day!

Katya VarbanovaWith just over two months to go before the next Social Day event on 23rd March in London, we are very excited to announce a new speaker for the Social Day programme.

Katya Varbanova, who joined us on the expert panel of our November event, will be speaking on how to build an engaged social media community for your brand.

Founder of Peri10k, which is swiftly becoming  one of the most influential close-knit Periscope communities for changemakers and thought leaders, Katya recognises the importance of collaboration and networking via social media and is passionate about helping businesses to spread their message online.

Katya has experienced tremendous success throughout her professional life so far, including working side by side with the Managing Director of one of the biggest UK banks at the age of just 23. Katya will also be sharing her tips on how to use the power of building relationships through social. Read more about Katya here.

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