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Content Ideas For Snapchat

Hmm, Snapchat… One of the newest must-have apps for marketers and business owners – but it’s difficult to come up with live, in-the-moment content ideas. Here we have come up with some great content ideas that your fans will love.

Tour of the office or place of work

Give your fans and followers a tour of your office, whether it’s home or an actual office. This can work really well for businesses like restaurants, cafes and clubs – but can also be awesome for more artisan products. Show us how your product is made or where you are conducting your services.

Quick questions

Do some quick fire answers in your snaps, one snap can be the question and the next the answer. Consider sending a snap to your followers (extra brownie points if you personalise each one) announcing the Q&A and asking if they have any questions. It’s a great way to engage your following.

Don’t have long winded answers though as people want to consume your content quickly, and snaps are limited to 10 seconds.

You can improve this further by creating a colourful snap with the question in text, and putting some fun doodles around it. Make sure to add these to your memories so you can add them to your story again at a later date.

Arrange a takeover with another influencer

First up, what is a Snapchat takeover? A Snapchat takeover is when you hand over your account to an influencer in your industry, usually for 24 hours, and this can really help you grow your audience. Usually, they will allow you to take over theirs at the same time.

Takeovers allow you to expand your audience and it can be promote in advance. These should always have a purpose, whether it’s your product launch or providing valuable tips to your audience.

If you’re promoting your event, consider handing it over to your speakers before the event and a trusted attendee during.

Product unboxing

Product unboxing has bencome a huge internet craze recently, people love them! I’m actually typing this as a friend of mine is watching a product unboxing video! Why not film yourself unboxing your new products? This gives people a feel of the magic when getting a new product (we all love unboxing stuff, it’s like Christmas!).

At the same time, set up a camera and record yourself at the same time so you can add it to your YouTube too.

Go behind the scenes

We love seeing people behind brands, especially on Snapchat. Showing off behinds the scenes at an event or during product creation can create a lot of buzz and can raise awareness of whats going on . Make sure you don’t post the same things across platforms and encourage people to follow you on Snapchat for exclusive content.

Share tips

My motto is always to provide value to your audience, and what better way to provide value than sharing tips with your followers? What I have found has worked well previously is sending a snap to your audience announcing your tips, and also at the end of your tips, sharing a creative doodle with a bit.ly link to a post with more elaborate tips. The reason you put a bit.ly link is because it’s shorter so people can remember it when they type it in, there are no clickable links in Snapchat. This also allows you to track your traffic coming from Snapchat.

And now a few wise words from Daniel Knowlton, Kent’s Snapchat King and also Social Day speaker!

Daniel Knowlton
My number 1 Snapchat tip is to make sure you are providing unique content. This sounds like a super simple tip right? However, there are still lots of businesses/brands sharing exactly the same content on all of their social media platforms. You need to give someone a reason to want to follow you on Snapchat as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

How are you differentiating your Snapchat content?

Here are some actionable examples you can use;

• Provide your audience with a backstage pass to events, networking groups, conferences, meetups etc. Make sure you are adding value, share what you have learnt, share your experiences and provide tips that others may find useful when they are part of similar experiences.

• Share tips from a new blog you are posting before it is posted anywhere else. I do this with the blogs I write for Social Media Examiner as my Snapchat audience can get the inside info before any of my other channels.

• Share your take on the latest industry updates, be bold with your opinions, don’t be scared to speak your mind. This will help place you as an industry expert.

• Give your audience an insight into your real personality, talk about your passion, be yourself and get creative. People buy from people, not corporate, dull brands.

• Ask genuine questions, Snapchat is a great platform to gain instant customer feedback.

I’d love to connect with you on Snapchat here – say hey and introduce yourself!

If you want to learn more about how you can use Snapchat for Business, check out our blog or see Dan’s Social Day workshop here.

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