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Getting Started With Instagram

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Whether it’s the most sociable platform or not it is engaging.
 I’ve had 900,000 likes in 20 month, finding it so much easier to talk to people direct.
So why shouldn’t you enjoy engaging with people who make sense to you?

Social media has to be about you using the relevant technology to talk to the right people for you, so that you can build relationships and communities. 

After that it’s up to you how you take them to infinity and beyond.
What follows is something that will make Instagram enjoyable and engaging.

Getting Started
Create your unique ID, url and name which can be different
Add a brief and informative bio, and add your only live link
Upload a portrait or logo that’s visible when reduced
Check all settings and connections to your other platform profiles
Spend time understanding the interface, functions, setting and filters
Upload a repost app on your phone and connect it your IG profile
Set up and save sets of text and #Tags on a text/note edit app
Follow relevant people and brands viewing and reviewing their activity
Start posting and reposting adding text and #tags from day one.
Enjoy engaging on Instagram as part of everyday life, not an after thought.


Be Yourself
Benefits and value come from engaging with like minded people.
Be consistent, creative and confident while experimenting with content.

Be online like you are offline, listening and interacting all the time being you.

Have an open mind this is your visual ID, show people who you really are.
Post what inspires and influences you as well as your work – it’s your story to tell.

Know Your Stuff
You know your industry, product or service inside out, know who wants it too.
Get to know everything about Instagram by picking up your phone and playing.

Tap every button, hover over every icon, tap every setting and filter know them.
Take time, loads of time on the Explore tab, to see what’s good, bad and ugly.

Know what #Tags are used, abused and fused with content.
Experiment taking photos and filming videos, aim to make people go woooah.

Know Your Networks

Find who knows you already bring them via other platforms.
Use your research into #Tags to be part of new networks and communities.
Don’t be scared to ask for help, give advice while always being friendly.
Be a resource people want to return to and a friend they want to tell others about.

Know Your Resources

Instinct and perception play a massive part of social media, listen to yours.

Apps that help
Repost – Share other peoples posts
Instagram Hyperlapse – Time lapse video 
Instagram Layout – collage within one post
Instagram Boomerang – looping video
Adobe Post – Graphics/photos with text overlay

www.ink361.com – free comprehensive Instagram stats
www.iconosquare – paid comprehensive instagram stats

Enjoy Your Instagram

It’s part of life not to be worked at or seen as a plugin, but part of you.
It’s more engaging when you enjoy it, people see your smile and share it.

 Experiment, ignore what people say learn through use to find what’s best for you.

This will take you and those around you to infinity and beyond.

Mark will be presenting a workshop on Instagram at Social Day London on the 23rd March

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