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Marketing plans – often too much spray and pray!!

Natwest Enterprise Manager, Nick Howe, gives us a a taster for what’s in store at Social Day:

Untitled design-2As part of Social Day on 9th November, I will be talking about the importance of a marketing plan……but not just any marketing plan.

You see all too often new businesses get tricked into aiming their new venture at as many people as possible, which leads to inefficiencies, wasting precious resources such as money and time and, crucially, not maximising the chance to build up momentum and awareness in your brand.

During my session I will be talking about the importance of focussing not on anyone that could be your customer, but the group of people that is most likely to be your customer. This is where the marketing plan should begin and end, with social media playing a key part in all of this.

So join me and the rest of the awesome speaking line up for Social Day

You can find the full programme for Social Day here. Tickets are just £30 including lunch and networking and can be purchased here. Hope to see you there!

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