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Is Twitter testing a new mobile layout?

After Twitter’s stocks have been free falling for a little while, it seems they are trying to make amends with the investors and shareholders alike by testing a new page layout in their mobile app.

As you can see on the image above, they are taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book by including a typical response time. This is brilliant as they have also paired it with a larger call-to-action. It’s unknown whether they are going to allow different call-to-action’s like Facebook does, either way it’s a huge step forward for Twitter.

The next new part is the featured gallery, a feature that I absolutely adore. This means that instead of clicking the tab like your audience usually would, your latest photos are on display already and they can swipe to scroll through. This means that you will have to pay more attention to the images that you are uploading and make sure you are not recycling the same content too often.

Below the gallery is featured tweets, which is what I assume are chosen by the owner of the account, though I cannot clarify this. Featured Tweets are not your own, but are those that have tweeted you. More information to come on this as and when we get it, but this is definitely an exciting feature that could have a multitude of uses.

Last but not least, we have All Tweets which is your Twitter feed. This is all on the first large and is not split into tabs, so your most recent tweets are not what people are seeing first.

Have you seen this new layout in use on any profiles? It sure is exciting! We will keep you updated with these new features.

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