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How To Create a Great Social Media Bio

Hmm, bios! They’re often one of the first things a potential customer sees when they land on your Social Media page – and are more important than many think! It can be the difference between a follow and website visit or potential leads just clicking off your page. To establish authority and build trust with your audience on Social Media you must have a professional bio that reflects well on your business.

How do I create an awesome bio?

You must first think about whether it is a business account or personal account.

If you’re creating an account for your business to raise brand awareness and attract customers, you should make sure to use a professional tone. This means avoiding slang and misspellings. However, even though you must keep it professional – this does not mean it should not be personal. Social Media is about connecting people together, so show people that there is a person behind the brand.

If it is a personal account, you want your bio to reflect your values and what you are passionate about. Why are you creating this profile? Do you want to connect with people with similar interests? Make sure to highlight them in your bio and convey your personality too.

Be crystal clear

Don’t use jargon or buzzwords, this can often confuse your audience. You don’t want to sugar coat your business bio – make it easy to understand. Many people think that by using buzzwords you will look more like an industry leader, however it can turn off many potential customers as they do not understand fully what it is you do.

Use short snappy sentences to get your point across, especially if there is a character limit.

Consider Your Audience

Do you actually know who your target is? If not, I suggest researching them. Find the tone that your audience speaks, and speak directly to them. Speak in their language. If you know someone who is your ideal customer, a great way to do this is by imagining you are talking to them.

Don’t get your bio stuck on replay-replay!

When you’re writing about yourself, it can be tempting to make it longer to make it look better. But – this doesn’t work. Often you will end up repeating yourself in the overview something which you have covered elsewhere on the page. Remember, on Facebook and LinkedIn there are certain sections for you to fill out about your business, so make sure not to put it twice!

Outsource Your Bio

Don’t worry, even the best of us struggle writing about our own businesses. We weren’t all born to write. Hire a professional copywriter, preferably someone who knows you and your business, to write your bio. They have experience in this kind of thing and will be able to put your message across in an engaging way.

Remember: Twitter bios are searchable. Make sure to include some relevant hashtags – but don’t cram them in! 

Why is Live Video More Powerful Than Regular Video?

Video is by far the most popular type of content on the web, Facebook even predicts that most of our newsfeed will be video soon. Instead of reading long blog posts, it’s much easier to digest to information in a video.

Many people are simply too busy to read 1000+ words, yet they can watch your video whilst they are doing other things. Live broadcasts are the same thing. Viewers can have your live broadcast open in one tab and continue to work in the others, and can view it again and again if needed.

But why is live video so much more powerful than just general video content? I did some digging around to find out!

It’s real time and real life

This is what most viewers love, the fact that it’s real time and it’s real life. A live video can not be edited to look pristine and perfect, and so gives viewers are more raw look into your day. Video’s that are recorded, edited and posted up often look to rehearsed and fake which can really put off an audience. Also, the great thing about live videos is that your audience can interact with you in real time and see your body language and expressions, thus enabling them to get to know you better.

You can engage your audience in a live broadcast

Thanks to the amazing livestream platforms we have, our viewers can comment, like and ask questions during the broadcast which allows you to engage with your audience in a much different way. You can answer questions live, have a chat, and even get valuable feedback.

You can create a community

When you livestream to your audience, they feel like they are directly talking to you (which of course, they are!) and thus feel more of a connection with you and your brand. You can create communities when you livestream as often the same people will come online and watch you. You could create groups for your viewers to have a chat in! Gary Vaynerchuk has an awesome community on his livestreams, all you need to do is check out his comments on every stream.

Gather virtual attendees for an event

Some people cannot make events, but often still want to see what’s going on due to Fear Of Missing Out. When you livestream your event, you make your audience feel like they are there with you whereas a prerecorded video doesn’t have the same kind of effect.

Livestreaming is easier than recording and uploading

To connect with your audience on livestream, all you need to do is grab your smartphone and press a couple of buttons, and instantly you’re in front of your audience. This is a much quicker way of producing video content as you don’t need to worry about staring at a screen for hours editing the video to make it look perfect.

Want to stream and upload on a mountain? Go for it!

At a cool race track? Stream it!

Livestream is meant to be raw and imperfect. Plus, you can also save the livestream and use it on different platforms.

Livestreaming can benefit your business is countless different ways, all you need to do is try!




How To Use Livestreaming For Your Business

Livestreaming is a fantastic way to grow your audience, it’s no surprise why it has skyrocketed the Social Media world in 2016. I have been on a livestreaming journey after joining Peri10k, and haven’t looked back since. Whether you’re streaming from Periscope or Facebook Live, live video is so popular because it brings the world together in a more personal way.  From Facebook Live to Periscope, the technology world is focused on live video because it brings us together around ideas, events, and the people that matter most to us.

Livestreaming has brought me new opportunities, I’ve met new people and have expanded my audience way quicker than in any other form of Social Media Marketing. In this blog we will be looking at why you should be livestreaming and how you can implement it into your business.

Why Should You Livestream?

Livestreaming allows you to connect with your audience

LivestreamiIng works so well because it allows people to get to know the person behind the brand. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a full time business owner, you can easily meet like-minded people who are interested in what you have to say or sell.  

Livestreaming engages and grows your audience much quicker

My first ever live stream achieved over 230 unique views and 2 enquiries – and this was when I had no experience. Whether you’re streaming on Facebook, Periscope or on Blab, you can grow your audience quickly and easily, and they will also be more likely to crawl out from under their rocks and engage with your content.

Livestreaming Uses Your Business Time Wisely

So you’re already Tweeting, Facebook and Snapping – you have time to livestream! We all know that it can take a while to see results from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc – it’s more of a marathon that a sprint. Livestreaming can often yield results much quicker.

Livestreaming Provides Value To Your Audience

There is nothing more important than providing value to your audience when marketing on Social Media – you should never just sell, sell, sell. Instead, livestreaming allows your audience to interact with you in real time and they can ask you questions – whilst getting an instant reply. By allowing your customers behind the scenes into your business, they get to see what you’re about, your expertise, and maybe even have a giggle at the same time.

You Can Build Relationships With Your Audience

Building relationships is crucial in your social media marketing strategy, and livestream is a fun way to do this! Livestreaming allows your audience to see your expression and body language, and get to know you as a person. By being yourself you can connect with your customers on a much more personal level, plus you can get to know their pain points a little better. Not only is it marketing, but it’s also very helpful market research for your business.

Livestreaming Can Deliver a Consistent Message

When you livestream consistently, you can deliver a constant message for your brand in unique ways. You should never say the same things over to deliver the same message, instead, find new and creative ways to deliver it. You should deliver visual consistency as well as consistency with your content.

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

There are thousands of people who have made money through creating silly videos (like putting your phone in a blender!) and also livestreaming gigs, there is a place for everyone online. You do not need to be a celebrity to be a popular livestreamer, you just need to let your personality shine through and make sure to follow up with any potential leads.

Okay, so now we’ve gone through some of the reasons you should be livestreaming, let’s look at the ways you can livestream for your business!

How To Use Livestreaming For Your Business

Host A Q&A

This is something that we are implementing here at Social Day. Simply gather questions from your audience about your topic of expertise, and let everyone know when you will be live! We recommend taking questions while you are live on air too as you will likely reach more of an audience.

Stream Live Events

Are you going to an awesome event in your industry? Why not livestream you walking around and giving everyone a tour of what’s going on? This can be fantastic as many people can’t make industry events and will help them see what’s going on, and why they should be there! AND, if somebody in your audience is there – you could even meet up with them!

Interview Industry Thought Leaders

These can be extremely popular with your audience as they will often have questions for the thought leader themselves. Simply create a relationship with a thought leader and ask them when the time is right, it’s as simple as that! You can even get your audience involved and generate buzz around the event by announcing it ahead of time.

Behind The Scenes In Your Business

Do you have an awesome team you want everyone to meet? Get them to join you on livestream! Show your audience what goes on in the office on a Friday afternoon, or maybe what’s going on on the factory floor. The funnier it is, the more likely it is to go viral.

Host Live Mini-Courses

Teach your audience to do something relevant in your industry. Are you a baker? Teach everyone how to bake awesome cupcakes – live so they can follow along with you. Or maybe you’re a personal trainer – you can teach everyone your workout for the day!

Stream A Product Launch

Product launches are seen as VIP events, and so if you share this experience with your audience they will feel more of a connection with your brand.

Livestream You Working

Do you have a visually appealing job? Whether you’re an artist or not, it can be fairly simply for some businesses to make their work more visually appealing. Livestream a cool project you’re working on (check permission with client where needed) and show everyone how it’s done. This can be great for showing off how good you are, and depending on how creative it can go viral.

Join In With Social Media Challenges

There is pretty much always a social media challenge going on, whether it’s the ice bucket challenge or painting on 100 layers of nailvarnish, there are so many different ones! See if your team will join in too, as a team of 5 can be livestreamed daily for each weekday!

Do Special Announcements

Have you got something awesome coming up in your business? This is a great opportunity to livestream! Instead of doing the typical announcement post, announce the livestream to generate buzz and livestream the actual announcement.
There are so many ways for you to use livestream for your business, these are just a few of them. On the 18th August in Maidstone, we have myself, Britt Wyatt (She Who Bakes) and Lucy Hall in Maidstone to teach you how to use livestreaming for your business, click here to find out more!

A Guide To Facebook For Business

Facebook is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) marketing platform in the world, and it is SO underrated and underused. Although it does have a complicated algorithm that is constantly changing, it just means you have to post the content that your audience wants to see. Although it is pretty difficult to get a decent amount of reach (how many people see your posts) organically, with targeted adverts you can increase your reach for an affordable amount.

In this blog post, I’m going to guide you on how to use Facebook effectively for your small business.

Create A Great Cover Photo

The timeline photo on your Facebook page is the main image (apart from your profile picture) that people see when they go onto your page or see a link to it. Your cover photo can speak a thousand words and more, you just have to be a little creative. Your timeline cover photo is one of the main images people see when they see a link to your page or click on it. A cover photo is a great way to show the world who you are and what your business is about. Try to use all the space and clearly SHOW your audience what you do, although writing is allowed. Try to showcase your latest offers or upcoming events.

Use an image to show your audience what it is you do or what is coming up with your business. It can be a great way to advertise sales too. Use the space to clearly show your message. If you are creating a graphic for your timeline photo, use your brand colours.

Cover photos also have the option of a caption, which can include a link. Put a short and snappy message with a call to action relevant to the photo. Include a link to further content on the topic or an opt-in page to collect email addresses. Email addresses are much more valuable than Facebook likes, though that is for another blog!

I recommend Canva to create your cover photo. It is free, simple to use plus it’s got templates for all Social Media images.

Create Amazing Content

Being heard on Facebook can be hard, especially when you are starting out. To build an engaged audience, you need to research what content your target audience wants to consume and what they expect of your brand. 

If you are blogging, and you really should be, create some unique graphics to help drive traffic to your own website. This is great if you don’t have eye-catching featured images, on Facebook you can upload a photo for the link preview. If you don’t have much of your own content, source some from your peers. Find content that other people have created and share it on your Page, making sure the tag them in the post where possible. 

Short videos are great for going viral (circulated rapidly around the internet) as they are easily consumable. Create videos that are relevant to your business, ie a video blog, funny behind the scenes videos, event coverage… the list is endless. Find out what matches your brand personality and go with the flow.

Avoid posting the same status updates with the exact same copy as this will make it look like you’re spamming your audience. Change the images and the wording of the post, but you can keep the link preview the same. Highlight different aspects of an article, but make sure you only post the same content ONCE every 1-2 weeks.

Stop Trying To Sell

You should never ever focus your page on just selling your products, but providing value to your audience. Whether this value is in entertainment or information, it should be relevant for your audience. Ask your friends and family to share content that they like and encourage your employees to do the same too. This can massively increase the reach, especially for local businesses.

64% of consumers said they’re likely to stop using social media if they’re bombarded with advertisements, and I totally agree with those 64%. Your content should not be coming across as sales-y and as an advert, your audience will become “numb” to it. While I’m not saying don’t advertise your products, I am saying that you should provide enough value to earn that sales pitch. To find out more about providing value and then going in for the right hook (the ask), Gary Vaynerchuk has a fantastic book here. You must become less intrusive.

This leads me on to – don’t piss your audience off. Stop using clickbait (spammy headlines to get people to click). Clickbait is dead. Clickbait is tacky and unprofessional. Although it can increase click through rate, consumers are becoming more aware and will put you down as spammy. If your website link preview on Facebook doesn’t have a great headline, when posting from a Page you can edit the text.

Engage With Your Audience

Facebook gives you a chance to connect with your audience in ways that were unheard of before Social Media. Speak to your audience on Facebook, even evoke a reaction. The more engagement you receive on your posts, the more people will see your content and your organic reach will increase. Try asking questions in a “pop quiz” style, host caption-this competitions or just start a conversation. There is a reason it is called SOCIAL media, it’s for conversations and not for you to talk AT your customers.

By treating your potential customers like humans and not prospects will make it more likely for them to reply, plus adding a human side to your brand also makes it more personal. When your customers comment a question on your post, 90% expect a reply and 32% of those within an hour. Don’t abandon your Facebook page for hours, or at least keep your notifications on. The quicker you reply, the less chance there is that they have found the answer (or a product!) elsewhere.

Never ever ever copy and paste answers to your audience, personalise each and every single one. Make them feel important! What is an extra 20 seconds?

Use Facebook Groups

When you start a page on Facebook, it can be easier to build your audience by posting in relevant groups. There are thousands of groups for pretty much every niche on Facebook, from baking fanatics (shoutout to #BakersHour!) to web development chat. All you need to do is find where your potential customers are spending their time and provide value to them in the Facebook group. Instead of this being from your brand, this is from you so people can connect with you on a much more personal level.

Answer peoples questions and join in conversations while getting to know people, it’s like networking events but you can be in your pyjamas on your sofa! There are thousands of groups out there, take your time finding the ones that are active with engaging members.

I have found that by posting a short summary of a blog post and posting that and the link into groups can often have a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than my posts on my business page.

Tip: Always read the group rules before posting into the group. If you don’t follow the rules you risk being blocked, reported for spam and banned from the group – sometimes this can escalate to being banned from posting for a time.

Facebook Paid Advertising

I love the fact that you can use Facebook and other Social Media platforms for free, but Facebook is definitely something I do encourage you to spend your money on. When you deliver targeted ad campaigns, you can get crazy conversion rates for as little as £1 a day – great for businesses on a tight budget. However, when it’s done incorrectly, it can be like you are throwing money into a pit. You will not see a good return if you just “Boost” a post and don’t specify the audience. Target it as much as you can.

I have run a few tests on the various pages I run on Facebook, and I always try this on a low budget. I promoted a post for just £3 to just the people who like my page and their friends, and people began to engage with my content. For a while after that, as people had previously interacted on the paid post, organic reach was also increased on future posts. I recommend doing this with blog posts that are popular on your website (check your analytics to find your most popular content), and with posts with high engagement previously. The latter will encourage others to interact with the content, nobody wants to comment first!

Facebook advertising can require a lot of testing, what works for one audience may not work for another. You must test to see what works best for your company. If you are not seeing a return from your advertising even after testing, quit while you’re ahead and ask an expert.

Learn your audience by using Facebook’s audience insights. This can give you a much deeper understanding of your audience personas and can tell you what they engage with, what time they are using Facebook, their education, income, location, age and more!


In your Facebook Insights tab on your Page, you can save your competitors Facebook page an easily compare performance. You can see your competitors likes, engagement and how many posts for that week and easily see if you are keeping up with the competition. If they are doing much better than you, see what they’ve been up to and what works then adapt it into your strategy.

Violet Vibes Facebook Insights Demo

Tip: Once you hit 1000 likes, consider just running ads to your current audience for a while, this will build your relationship with them and will drastically reduce cost.

Make Use Of The Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a Javascript or image tag that is placed into the code on your website and tracks clicks to your website, conversions and also builds custom audiences. This means you can target adverts to people who have visited your website, with the products that they viewed. Again, if you are unfamiliar with basic coding and advertising, consult a profession.

If you don’t implement the Pixel, you are limiting the power of Facebook Advertising hugely.

Tip: Consider offering a lead-magnet in your retargeting adverts to collect your audiences email address, this way they’re not just a visitor but a lead.


To be successful on Facebook you really need to connect with your audience and build relationships with them. Make sure you don’t push your products into people faces and bombard them with advertising as this will make them lose respect for you quickly. Providing value can make such a difference to your marketing ROI and you can build your company  AND personal brand along with it.

For more Social Media Tips, Tricks & Guides, find me on Facebook and Twitter.

This post originally appeared on my website 🙂

Marketing plans – often too much spray and pray!!

Natwest Enterprise Manager, Nick Howe, gives us a a taster for what’s in store at Social Day:

Untitled design-2As part of Social Day on 9th November, I will be talking about the importance of a marketing plan……but not just any marketing plan.

You see all too often new businesses get tricked into aiming their new venture at as many people as possible, which leads to inefficiencies, wasting precious resources such as money and time and, crucially, not maximising the chance to build up momentum and awareness in your brand.

During my session I will be talking about the importance of focussing not on anyone that could be your customer, but the group of people that is most likely to be your customer. This is where the marketing plan should begin and end, with social media playing a key part in all of this.

So join me and the rest of the awesome speaking line up for Social Day

You can find the full programme for Social Day here. Tickets are just £30 including lunch and networking and can be purchased here. Hope to see you there!

David Shaw – Entrepreneur, digital marketing specialist & Social Day speaker!

David Shaw Social Day 2015David is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Virally, a content marketing tool to get you more downloads of your ebooks and whitepapers.

He is also a whizz on all things digital, technology and how we can create amazing experiences and believes that sales, marketing and technology are all becoming one. To get the best out of all of this, David encourages businesses to win the mind of the customer and put them at the centre of their businesses.

David is a father of one amazing little boy who and lives with his partner of 13 years in Broadstairs, Kent. He is also a passionate Spurs fan!

Check out David’s website for invaluable blog posts and podcasts about helping you to get the best of digital marketing and technology and see him share his exclusive insights at Social Day on 9th November.

Twitter & Periscope: @Davidmarkshaw

Website: http://davidmarkshaw.com/

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