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How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular ways to market, and is among the most effective digital platforms. Twitter, when used correctly, can be one of the biggest sources of traffic to your website. The platform is very in-the-moment, and tweets are broken down by location, topic and more by the use of hashtags. But how do you market a business and increase website traffic with twitter? I’ve compiled some tips for you to get started!

Fill out your profile

Pretty much every big website has a Twitter account, and most of them see Twitter as an important platform in the social media marketing strategy. Make sure you fill out all areas of your profile, and make sure to put a link to your website in the correct area. Many people who click on to your profile will click through to your website.

Include links in your tweets

Add a link to your tweet with some text to encourage people to click it. For instance, you may have a great blog post to share or maybe a page on your website, briefly describe what the page is about. Remember, you are limited to 140 characters. Make sure you offer value and also share content from several other websites – you don’t want to keep blowing your own trumpet.

Be targeted

Why are you on Social Media? What goals do you have? Until you have your goals, you can’t make a proper plan for Twitter. For instance; do you want more sales? do you want more traffic in general? do you want more mailing list sign ups?
Each goal requires it’s own strategy, so make sure to only share things that align with your business’ goals.

Use hashtags

A hashtag is a clickable link in your tweet that helps people find topics or areas that they’re interested in. It allows your tweets to be seen by a much wider audience and can rank on Google.

RiteTag has an awesome browser extension that tells you how popular each hashtag you want to use is, so it gives you an idea on whether it’s competitive or whether there is no point using it.This can really help you increase website traffic with Twitter by giving you great stats about each hashtag.

Hashtagify is great for finding hashtags that are related to the ones they use. They are displayed in a great spider diagram which I like to screenshot, print and pop on a corkboard to refer back to. I usually check them through Rite Tag afterwards to make sure they do get views.

Hashtagify.me example
Don’t spam your tweet with a link and lots of hashtags, use a MAXIMUM of three per tweet avoid looking spammy. Also, there is no need to use the same hashtag twice in a tweet.

Use Twitter’s Multimedia Options

Twitter originally began as just texts, no images. However, in recent years they have included images, video and GIFs in tweets. These can make much more of an impact than standard text alone, and if you combine them – you can create a more engaged audience.

Make sure you share relevant images, videos and GIFs and don’t go too off-brand. It’s all well and good being humorous, but make sure any jokes are morally and politically correct (unless that’s the way your brand wants to go).

Provide value

This is my biggest pet peeve on Twitter, way too often I see businesses just promoting their products or services without providing actual value to their audience – no wonder the engagement is so low. Instead, to increase your website traffic with Twitter – you should be posting content that your audience wants to see. Consider sharing articles about the industry and updates, any news that is relevant, humorous videos that are relevant etc – this list is endless. Get creative with the content you share, and make it relevant to your audience.
Make sure to include non-businessy tweets every now and then to add a human touch to your brand too

Reply to other tweets

Use the searchbox at the top of Twitter and search for variations of questions and phrases related to your industry. For instance, for my side business I would search for “favourite mustang” “best hemi engine” “american cars UK” and see if people have asked any questions I can answer.
Always reply to tweets that mention you, and thank people for retweeting you. This can encourage people to click through to your profile and again, through to your website.
Overall, Twitter is still one of my favourite platforms for driving traffic to my website, and by using my tips above – you will see increases in traffic too.

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