What is the Future of Livestream for brands?

Do you encourage the brands/clients you work with currently to use Livestream?

While most in social media value the boost Livestream can add to organic reach and the added engagement, can it work effectively as a constant in any given media campaign, are brands switched on to the idea? Sure we have seen plenty of amazing one-offs and special Livestreams and we have some of these great case studies featured during the event.

Our panel of experts will be discussing what the future of Livestream is for marketing, how and why brands should be adopting this as a core component in any campaign and the shift that brands need to make towards becoming broadcasters. They will share with you personal experience of things that have worked and lessons learned.

The panel will be hosted on 31/05/18 (on day two of the event)

The Panelists:

  • Nic McCarthy – Chief Creative Officer, SevenC3
  • Kevin Gibbons – Managing Director, BlueGlass
  • Adam Barnett – Client Services Director, ITN Productions
  • Julian March – Managing Director, Media, Games, Video and Entertainment

Charing the panel debate will be:

  • Florie-Anne Virgile, Chief Operating Officer, Citizen Press UK

The panel is in association with our friends at the Content Marketing Association

We are delighted to bring such a wealth of knowledge to Socialday wish such a wide range of expertise from content marketers to media owners.

What about you!

At all of the Socialday panel debates, you will have the chance to join in with the session, we have microphones ready for you to have your say and put your burning questions to the panel. We actively encourage you to be part of the debate.

All sessions including panel debates are recorded at social day and with two streams running if you decided to go to one session you can catch up in your own time after the event. (We record the keynotes as well!) If you have not already booked your ticket get it here:

If you want to see more of our articles on Livestream you can find them in our backstage area!

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