What To Do With Old Periscope Videos

Periscope is one of the most popular livestreaming platforms available, and recently it has allowed you to save your videos straight to your camera roll! But often you can end up with lots of videos… What can you do with these? Livestreams are not just for single-use, below we will explain how you can reuse your Scopes to generate more leads for your business.

Pop them into your blog

Create a blog post on your website with around 300 words explaining what the video is about, along with any call-to-actions for your viewers. Then attach the video to the blog post. You can do this by uploading to Youtube and then pasting your embed link into the post. By using video in your blogs, it gives your viewers something different to do rather than read, and means if you have writers block – you still have blog content! Make sure the text you add to the post is relevant to the video and encourage comments on the post (if you have them enabled).

Use them as a lead magnet

If you have 3 or 4 Scopes that are around the same topic and are providing lots of value to your audience, you should use them as a lead magnet (otherwise known as opt-in gifts) to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list. This allows the website visitor to get to know you as a person too. Not only will they be learning new stuff, you have a shiny new lead to connect with!

Upload onto other platforms

You don’t need to keep your Scopes on Periscope! When you save them, you can pop them into an app like Magisto or Montaj to create a shiny new video, ready to be uploaded to Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo etc. This helps your content get seen by a wider variety of people.

Create a mini course

This is another great one to do if you have lots on a certain topic, or you did a Scope series on a certain topic. Simply save the videos, put them into one long video and edit it to make it look neat and tidy. This is another great lead magnet, or if it is a comprehensive enough guide, you could even sell it! During these types of Scopes, you often get asked lots of questions so make sure to answer in detail and to provide as much detail as possible to the viewers.

Video FAQ section

This idea is overlooked by so many broadcasters, but it’s super easy to do (though can take some time). Do you find yourself answering the same kind of questions on your Scopes? Save each video and cut each question out, and compile into an FAQ video! Or, you could pop each video onto your FAQ section of your website. This is a unique way for you to answer your potential customers questions, whilst they get to know you at the same time!

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